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OMG who cares! They want to use slave labor, that's fine by me. Let the chinese companies deal with the chinese government. Somebody must have missed a "payment" to a local bureaucrat and now they will pay!
Made in China. Nothing else to say here. Move along.
guess "better late than never." These companies need to stand up against the New Gestapo. I didn't sign on for their cooperation to turn over info on me to the government.
I don't think this is a medical device as it provides no diagnostic information but provides only a method to store information from an approved medical device. Having said that, sounds like a solution in search of a problem.
It always amazed me that an ebook from Apple or Amazon for that matter was always so expensive compared to the hardcover version. I refuse to believe that producing, storing and shipping represent such a small fraction of the total cost of a book. Guess profit margins for ebooks are calculated on another formula such as how much can we squeeze the customer til he goes back to hardcover?
Leave it to the US government to permit the destruction of our manufacturing industry in the name of globalization and now they will attack those company's who availed themselves of this. As Pogo said many years ago "we have met the enemy and he is us."
You actually believe that the "free market" is operating here? They're a monopoly and therefore subject to regulation. Deal with it.
At last something sensible from John McCain. People might argue this is beyond the scope of government intervention but the cable and satellite companies are monopolies. Should this bill pass just wait and you'll see that the bulk of the stations everyone watches will wind up costing as much as we are paying now.
I'm still having problems with the benefits of "leasing" software for $100 per year when there are no major updates for several? I think I'll continue to buy and hold onto what I have (Office 2011). I'm not envisioning any major additions to what is already available.
yeah, yeah, yeah, just wait til the MS store opens in the Chicago area. You want crowds? (sarcasm alert)
New Posts  All Forums: