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you mean she was banging steve?
where's the line? I've got a couple of grand saved up. Will I be ok?
Without question, the UI of the WinPhone has got to be the very worst of the worst? Who's idea was this? Steve Ballmer?
Someone who is convinced that he's better than the 99%. He's not alone in this attitude. Being rich does not assure that you are human.
no, still being built and sold in the US ... but more importantly ol' Steve didn't want no dents or dings. Apparently there were no "crips" working there either.
After reading this I think I'll stick with my HTC EVO 4G ...
Well, it never was much of a piece of hardware. The market recognized that early on and that's why it failed. MS simply pulled the plug on the brain-dead device. Nobody will miss it.
Exactly my question - rounded glass face? - is this a technical innovation that the consumer can use to some advantage or have they run out of ideas for the new models?
I'm sure the Chinese authorities will be all over this and protect Apple's IP!
there is a third group - DOA and RIM is about to join that group.
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