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Under the law, corporations ARE 'people' with most of the same rights as humans. As for RIM - the end is in site.
Somebody in the marketing department needs to be fired. You don't take your pants off after releasing a main stream product after 30 days! Another tablet going down in flames.
Woo - hoo, a bigger screen. I got to trash my yr old and go with this! When they come up with a world phone that I can get at Sprint, give me a call.
At it's best. No worry about oppressive government interference in raping the customers - not like her in the US.
yeah, like there's a reason they'd want to do that!
Soon's as Sprint offers an iPhone will be the day the EVO goes in the can.
... but it's art! Are you a neanderthal or something?
Run for the HIlls - Ma Bell is back. Say no to this merger from Hell.http://forums.appleinsider.com/image...ies/1oyvey.gif
these people are defective but that should not prevent that from doing serious time in jail with the "general" population. I'm sure that will be a pleasant learning experience for these jersk.
I was thinking of Lotus' Symphony! Rather embarrassing don't you think. Anyway, my Android EVO is gone as soon as Sprint gets the iPhone!
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