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It's not just apple it's any of the companies who make these types of products. Seems simple enough that once a device is reported as lost or stolen that the service provider issues an order to destroy the firmware. Used to have thumb drives that did just that if you exceeded the number of log in attempts.
A joke, yes? From a company who hasn't produced a single version of Quicken for MAC anywhere near as good as the Windows version. I know, I've tried each and every one of the MAC versions and immediately went back to Windows. And this guy's on Apple's board? I don't get this at all.
ho hmmm
Installed nets around the building? I guess Marx was right about the worker's paradise.
Ho hmmm, maybe i just don't get it but is there a need being filled here that otherwise is not being served at the moment?
Actually the Chinese need protection from their own farmers and government. Thousands of dead pigs polluting the water source for the City of Shanghai and now thousands of dead ducks.
Maybe they need to google "soul" and see if that's consistent with their corporate strategy.
Another "Zune" - adios amigo ...
No, the guy's a jerk. I'm switching to Bing ...
I got a headache from reading this "column."
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