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I assume that with all this competition the prices of Apple products will come down?
was this worth the filing and attorney's fees?
I hear the fat lady .... BB - you had a good ride but like others before you, you could not adapt because of your management's inabilities to ( fill in the blank ).
have you no "faith?" I'll bet there are a lot of kids in the US would gladly change places with their Chinese counterparts.
If I read this correctly I would be embarrassed to have my corporate name attached to this nonsense. This may be the beginning of the end as there are no new ideas. Next Apple will develop an ass sensor designed for the analysis of flatulent discharges. On second thought, that may not be such a bad idea.
The end is near, I hear the fat lady ... great run while it lasted ...
This should be fascinating - another debacle on the way ...
Yep, just like Ferrari, Bentley and the like. They're small players too. Poor Steve - all that money has gone and ruined whatever is left of his brain.
Ho hmmm. Day late and dollar short.
Help me understand - what's the problem?
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