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we may have hit the "peak" of the iPhone frenzy. I switched (because ATT was so lousy) to HTC EVO and how have the LTE. I'll never look back ...
I've got NFC on my HTC LTE 4G - haven't figured out how to use it or where?!
What!? This proves it - there is no god.
good points but they're getting squeezed in both directions - competition and customers - a real pain in the a
no, staffed by well scrubbed missionaries ... Willie Robme would be proud!
I have the Sprint version (EVO LTE) and it replaced my EVO 4G. MUCH better, faster and great screen. Great phone in my opinion. Left the iPhone at 3G and haven't looked back.
Sorry a $250 thermostat? No matter how "cool" it's still a programmable thermostat. My top of the line wired thermo controls fans, heat, cooling programmable for each of seven days? I mean, come on now. Is this a real product with a real need excepting those that need a non-Apple Apple product?
It's not sad - it's just another version of the Zune - meaning "soon to be dead" iPad knockoff ... Better MS should take money and burn it in the middle of their parking lot.
"general consensus" is redundant - that's what a consensus is - general agreement.
well seeing that you're such a putz, I wonder how many incoming calls you get anyway.
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