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actually it's not a bad idea as long as the rates drop since voice will no longer be part of the package ... yeah, i'm sure that'll happen!
I'm an apple user and have used iPhones in the past but have switched to HTC and now on their second generation phone. Unless things change with the next iPhone, I may have bought my last one. Very happy android user.
surprised john didn't ask Siri where he could get "boned" tonight ...
makes sense - AT&T sucks ... independent of the phone using its "service."
Just curious - will this make for a better phone use experience?
Ha, ha. It's always good to start the day with a good laugh!
There is ABSOLUTELY no evidence that these devices interfere with nav or comm equipment. The rationale was that since the FAA didn't know, they didn't want to take a chance. Yep, sounds scientific and engineering practice.
This is how Nokia celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Titanic ... poetic isn't it.
Guess this must have affected all 10 users.
Technologically, the iPhones are failing behind but thanks to poor marketing on the part of Android and the market fractionation of manufacturers, Apple has been spared - for the moment. Life cycles happen and it will happen to Apple as well.
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