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get ready to blow taps ... it's over.
... and they'll need to spend every penny to move that dog ...
I'm with you - suspect alot of HTC's problems arose from making crappy products. I've bought my last one.
[QUOTE=KnightoftheWord;2088401]Maybe you should watch more SNL, you might just gain a sense of humour.... snipped ... there is NO way you will gain a sense of humor watching that very tired old program. It might have been good 25 years ago but it sure as hell blows today.
Isn't he dead? Yet?
no but the lips to which you refer were not located on her face.
[QUOTE=CogitoDexter;2080958]Actually, I don't think this claim is entirely without merit. A clean plate-glass window that has no visible frame and goes from ground to ceiling is, essentially, invisible. I've walked into such things before, albeit with no after effects beyond bruised pride, and I'm no dunce about modern architecture (it was my first choice of career). In the UK, such plate-glass 'walls' generally have patterns or lines ... Is that because UK'ers are...
Do a Rumsfeld on her - pay her off on the courthouse steps assuming she's still alive 8 yrs from now.
No, the lawyer who took the case is a joke ...
how 'bout you posting a pic of your puss?
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