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(snipped) "Meg couldn't lead a creative, highly driven engineering vision to fruition due to having none of these qualities in her." The author here has hit the nail on the head. Technology leaders have disappeared to be replaced by Harvard MBA's and bean counters.
no, I think the question is "should we straighten up the deck chairs?"
... and dead by November.
could be ... both are two fat bas***ds who can't seem to separate fact, fiction and political leanings.
yeah, my UPS guy said the same thing. The screen is magnificent and the dictation feature really works well - so far. Still wish the OS would permit bulk deletions of emails though.
duhhhh, it's the phone company I think ...
Does it matter that they're late? When you're dead, you're dead.
I'm speechless - your comment was brilliant!
not really - the borrower always has the advantage in that the borrower got the money and the lender hopes for repayment. The chinese may do us all a favor if they stopped buying our debt anyway.
Congrats on their decision. We need other companies to follow their lead. We need to foster the idea that science and technology are "cool" and worthy of pursuit. We used to honor people of science not make them the butt of geek jokes as we do now.
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