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thank goodness - that should affect all 15 users ...
Ya know, somehow I don't seem to have much sympathy for the brutalized chinese worker. Once again - interventionalism at work here. If the workers in the worker's paradise are being abused let them deal with it but in the meantime and since they've stolen our jobs, I plan to take full advantage. As the old saw goes "get while the getting's good."
Sad - the Great Yellow Father is near death. Another example of the Big not adapting to the Now. Lousy management. As said in the song - Please don't take my Kodachrome away - but they did.
Hit the nail on the proverbial head - give me a phone with the options I need/want and a frickin' battery that will last the day!
If true we have an example of "more is less" ...
you missed it ...
A vulgar term for the male appendage that can be placed in an Acer, a Taiwanese slang term for your pooper.
Oh my, be still my beating heart ...
I'm a MAC user and I can tell you that every upgrade presented "driver" problems. On the upside - most were updated in a very reasonable period of time.
Free phone my a$z - I'd paid $299 for my Evo 4G and am bound to sprint for two years. I don't need people playing peek-a-boo with my own property. Good for the lawyers!
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