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Uhhh, sometimes you use the phone for a PHONE CALL and that's where AT&T sucks ...
is that like a colon cleanse?
Peter Chou takes one in the behind - I'm glad. Evo 3G is the crappiest phone I've ever used.
This is the UK - contrarian leadership of the EU!
Another example as to why religionists of any stripe need to be banished from human contact.
Maybe the Rabbi should speak to the issues of the Middle East where perhaps he has some knowledge other then expressing this awkward expression of his ignorance and religious intolerance.
on the other hand, it's nice to hear a CEO admit to a mistake ...
Your girlfriend in town?
if they continue to dumb down the OS then they can call the next one "pussy."
Yeah, that'll happen when it's 72 degrees, clear sky and mild breezes in hades.
New Posts  All Forums: