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Not if you don't let it. Your own personal, private IMAP server is still an option... if you've got one.
Apple Notes is my favorite because it saves to my IMAP server, keeping confidential information backed up and confidential.
The nipple rotates to a right angle* to provide succor to the Apple Watch in nightstand mode.   *Bite on that, Mr. Newson.
I disagree
A good fraction of the apps on my iOS devices have no business accessing the Internet--at least on a regular basis--that I care about. iOS has privacy protections for the microphone, photos, location, calendar, etc., but not for Internet access. Basically the only control for Internet is Airplane Mode, which disables Internet for all apps... and might have its own workarounds once Airplane Mode is disabled, even if the app of interest has supposedly been killed. On OS X,...
No matter. I'm sure the CD is available elsewhere to download, for those who can't find it through one of the regular streaming services.
Yawn. ABC doesn't unlock for cable cutters, never mind that the content is (for example) free over-the-air to TiVo users for on-demand viewing.
This is Jony's delicate way of saying, "Don't poke your eye out with it!"
you can't get class action status without sales.
I predict this won't happen with the iPad Pro and the Pencil... not the least of which is because nobody can get their hands on the Pencil.
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