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Let's see the offer! Let's see how much money Samsung is making on the deal, or if this deal is just being folded into their $13 Billion advertising budget.
Why bother with patents then? Why offer billion$ and then call the patents worthless?Suck it, Google!
The jury is tasked with weighing all of the evidence, including the compensation of expert witnesses.
Either way works for Samsung: either a patent is invalid or Samsung used a method that circumvents the patent. Both approaches are being used by the defense. I believe in a civil trial such as this, when it comes to the question of "Did Samsung infringe or didn't it?", the jury needs only to decide whether it's more likely than not--i.e., whether it's even infinitesimally more likely than a 50/50 chance or not. This is not a criminal case in which it must be determined...
Martin Rinard is a complete ass-tool to suggest the patent examiners didn't know about or understand the fundamentals of WAIS. MIT should fire him.
The Next Big Turd Is Already Here
Microsoft and Apple have long had extensive cross-licensing agreements, including in the mobile device arena. Thus there's far more reason to believe this development was a result of a collaborative effort rather than reverse engineering.
Florian and you are neglecting the fact that Apple has settled with other major players in mobile hardware, Apple can legally be discriminatory in its pricing because its patents are nonessential and Samsung chose to infringe, and Samsung is the only major player that hasn't agreed not to copy Apple's designs. Under those conditions, $40 each is a very reasonable--and legal--demand to make of Samsung.Remember: it's a free country and Samsung doesn't have to accept the...
It's found its way to all of the major news media.
Au contraire, Mueller has historically been pro-Apple and recently became anti-Apple, pro-Samsung and a developer of Android apps. He used to make sense but his recent writings completely distort the legal situation, as indicated here on AI. He claims to have no equity interest in Apple, Google or Samsung, but there are many ways to have a conflict of interest; IMHO he is not being forthcoming about a conflict. To change one's opinion about Apple's ability to have success...
New Posts  All Forums: