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Really, you think this would be very hard for Google to achieve? After the secure erase function in most Android smartphones was found not to be secure at all? I actually think it would be impossible for Google to achieve.
yup, because when Apple does it, it will be easy to use and broadly compatible with myriad third party apps, not just a tick-mark on a feature list with a wanky implementation.
The "new" technology will be called SuckID. Google's innovation in this space will be to suck your fingerprints into the cloud.
Apple getting ready for WWDC!
Mac and Linux developers are suddenly targeting Windows? BS. How much did Micro$oft pay for what amounts to just a press release?
Jeb looks bigger to me.
You're absolutely right! All the naysayers could talk about was how darned huge the document was, when in fact it included a lengthy table of contents, every page of actual content contained only about 100 words heavily indented, with much of the text consisting of line numbers along the side. What the negative publicity did was convince the public that it was a daunting a task to read... so don't bother... take our word for it, it's awful! Well, it wasn't a difficult...
Pray tell, how does that work?
Unless you're a veteran, the Federal government probably doesn't provide your healthcare.
ACA vs. Apple Watch is a false choice.   Many healthcare providers dislike the ACA because of the additional administrative burden. The general populace might be against it because the ACA has increased the demand for doctors without increasing the supply. Nurse practitioners have become higher in demand to help fill the void, but they often order more tests than necessary to cover their asses--and probably misdiagnose at a higher rate--which can increase healthcare...
New Posts  All Forums: