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Microsoft and Apple have long had extensive cross-licensing agreements, including in the mobile device arena. Thus there's far more reason to believe this development was a result of a collaborative effort rather than reverse engineering.
Florian and you are neglecting the fact that Apple has settled with other major players in mobile hardware, Apple can legally be discriminatory in its pricing because its patents are nonessential and Samsung chose to infringe, and Samsung is the only major player that hasn't agreed not to copy Apple's designs. Under those conditions, $40 each is a very reasonable--and legal--demand to make of Samsung.Remember: it's a free country and Samsung doesn't have to accept the...
It's found its way to all of the major news media.
Au contraire, Mueller has historically been pro-Apple and recently became anti-Apple, pro-Samsung and a developer of Android apps. He used to make sense but his recent writings completely distort the legal situation, as indicated here on AI. He claims to have no equity interest in Apple, Google or Samsung, but there are many ways to have a conflict of interest; IMHO he is not being forthcoming about a conflict. To change one's opinion about Apple's ability to have success...
What's with that ignoramus Joe Nocera over at the nytimes.com today? How much is Samsung paying him under the table--or is this quid pro quo Samsung receives for spending millions on ads in the NY Times? He states Apple refuses to settle its intellectual property disputes with other companies, when it's only Samsung that Apple refuses to settle with because Samsung refuses to commit to not copying Apple designs. Apple has settled long ago with virtually every other major...
Take-home lessons here: (1) It took a huge team of experts at Google to re-invent the Apple-patented technology -- the technology is non-obvious even to experts in the art (2) Google invented some of the disputed technology before Apple patented it (3) Google did not publicly disclose the technology until after Apple filed for the patent(s) (4) Apple invented the disputed technology before Google re-invented it (5) Apple wins the patent because it was first-to-invent...
Have you blown a neuron?
Samsung pays the media too much for advertising, so the story sure bears repeating, doesn't it? Samsung is sleazy. Pass it on!
Yeah, Samsung's smartphone marketshare is even smaller than their tablet marketshare! /s
A lot of self-righteous know-it-alls here! NFC might be translated to LE BT but would otherwise be basically correct. Samsung will be all over this stuff when it's announced, but good luck copying! Yes, Samsung is really feeling it. 
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