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And it will still be running Android OS or ZitOS or whatever Samsung calls it. Such a waste.
M is for "Meatloaf again?"
Samsung and LG may have demanded Apple pay far too much for OLED panels, in order to keep a competitive advantage to themselves (or be highly profitable in the unlikely event Apple would agree to the high prices).
Brillo my ass. You couldn't Android Pay me to use that.
I wouldn't mind paying Apple, but they're asking way too much, their top end is too limited, and their privacy measures aren't explicit enough.* *Does Apple hold the keys, too, or does only the user have the keys?
Google [reportedly] claims lossless, not near-lossless. If it's lossless, why even mention it? If it's not lossless... [groans]
Yeah, sure. This gives me even more trust in Google. Edit: or has Hooli entered into talks with Pied Piper again?
You're talking now. But 6 months from now, if Apple does 4K, we'll see a stampede to it.
Speak for yourself. I'll watch 6 feet from my TV for iTunes and blu-ray @1080p.
Often the wait lines at Comcast customer service centers are also ridiculously long. Basically the company hasn't invested to develop a modern support infrastructure.
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