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Cars? In San Jose? (Farms? In Berkeley?) That would be quite a trick if Apple could build cars in office space.
Apple is still #1 in sales of smartphones without backdoors.
Rather restrained actually. It's about time someone called out Google for using such a repulsive color.
@revenant: Google is different in that it more often still holds the encryption keys to user data sitting on its servers. This allows Google to rifle* through user data whenever it desires and share the data with authorities (or partners), in situations where Apple has no knowledge of the user data and is powerless to share. Apple Pay vs. Android Pay are the latest areas of contrast, in which Apple has no knowledge of what the user buys but Google knows it all. One of...
Smartphones don't kill people, crazies do. The government should be held liable for not implementing an application and screening process for people to get a smartphone.
IMHO Apple's Milanese Loop is totally worth splurging for. It's the most comfortable, infinitely adjustable and waterproof.
The mini 3 already has TouchID. I would put an improved display at higher priority than 802.11ac and FT. The mini's display has been mediocre at best from the beginning.
2 GB RAM to enable split screen apps would be the most important upgrade.
By copying design and features, Samsung suggesting its smartphones were everything Apple's were means damages should be a function of the total profit.
Xiaomi got a huge boost to its business by copying Apple and not being stopped by Chinese authorities. Barra also seems to think we're dumb enough to think a phone designed and manufactured in China and running Android offers a secure, reliable platform. It's bad enough Apple hardware is assembled in China, without a Chinese company designing and overseeing the manufacturing, too. Well, you can fool some of the people/droidettes some of the time, but not all of them ever....
New Posts  All Forums: