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Nope, Isaacson did not write that, nor did anyone else. Isaacson quoted Steve's sister's book of fiction based loosely on Steve, based on what she thought she knew of him. The quote is: "He was a man too busy to flush toilets." So even if it is true about Steve, there's good reason. And it doesn't necessarily mean he never or even rarely flushed the toilet... or that he even failed to flush more than twice!  
Go, Samsung! Please. go. away.
It's difficult to tell when you're kidding. I think you are. Maybe. Nah, you're serious.
How about an update to the AEBS that includes long-range Bluetooth for whole-home communication with the Watch without even having to have an iPhone nearby? Or normal-range, consumer-oriented Bluetooth beacons for this purpose (and more)?
Check out the imdb.com reviews of the movie. Wow.
Mentioning just dpi shows you're ignorance. The color saturation, accuracy and reflectivity of the mini display are horrible.
The mini's display has indeed been an embarrassment.
Apple's attorneys need to provide evidence of this--ASAP.
Nobody would license patented technology if not for the fear of an injunction or civil suit. Patent holders alone are responsible for enforcement of IP laws. Without consequences, infringement will happen all the time--not just when Samsung does it. What makes Samsung so special? Yes, it would have been possible to be even more successful than Apple has been. Looks like the judges are using information not presented as evidence in court (AAPL's high valuation). Perhaps...
Intel dual-core mobile processors can support up to 16 GB, but not without using slower chips. Sadly Apple seems likely to continue spurning this as an option, keeping 8 GB of the faster memory as the max.
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