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You neglected U2-gate. And the song U2 performed at the keynote was not the coolest song ever. Coolness can't be bought and isn't forced--this is the misconception Cook seems to have, perhaps out of insecurity of his own coolness. He's not cool, and that's perfectly fine, as long as he doesn't try to be something he isn't.
8.0.1 killed my 6 Plus (searching... for network and Touch ID doesn't respond).   GRRRRR!!!!
Screw cable tv
Oh, well, a 60% loss to Samsung is a good start.   The display costs might be way off. Rumors were that the failure rate on making the 5.5" displays was particularly high, far higher than its proportional increase in size.
My guess is: no! The iPad Air 2 will support display of 2 apps running simultaneously in 1 GB memory each, for 2 GB total memory. As a developer, if your app runs without problem in the 1 GB of an iPhone 5-6, you'll have no problem (and Apple will have no problem supporting) your app running side-by-side with another app. If Apple can make inroads on the iPad Air's display like they did for the iPhone 6 Plus... WOW, I can't wait!!!!
My guess is Phonearena just isn't a representative test for the A7 or A8. These are very different processors from the rest (64-bit is just one aspect). Power consumption of microprocessors correlates well with the square of the clock frequency. Other things being equal, a chip operating at 2x the frequency of another would be expected to consume 4x the power. The A7 and A8 operate at far lower clock rates than the competition, yet outperform them. The A8 has far more...
Just saw 9to5Mac points to an ilounge.com posting from 3 days ago that suggested the possibility. My observations are qualitative and only based on one use of the 2.1A charger, but it looks like the last 10% (going from 90% to 100% full) goes slow again, as though the speed of charging tapers off. (Likely a programmed behavior to avoid overcharging, overheating or damaging the battery.) Going from 17% to 80% was certainly much faster than with the iPhone charger.
Yeah, like fer sure, man. Give us some more results, so we can conclude.
When is DED going to suss out the facts behind the privacy and security risks of giving keyboard extensions Full Access?
Anybody else notice the 6 Plus charging basically twice as fast when using an iPad 11watt charger? This is nice, considering its much larger battery.   Does the iPhone 6 also charge faster? I don't recall seeing such behavior with the iPhone 5 or 5s.
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