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Also you need an "Apple Music Connect" account with GarageBand. The music publishers want you to remember: you don't own the music.
Okay, so this is a bit of a stretch... In view of cloud services, more local storage could still be useful. For instance, complete, pre-recorded programs in encrypted form could be silently pushed out by broadcasters overnight or at any other time when consumers have broadband Internet access. Then when the programs are actually scheduled to be aired, broadcasters would only need to push the decryption key and consumers could affordably watch the program even if only...
Basically Sonos will have the service simultaneously with the arrival of the new Sonos-killer speakers from Beats.
That so funny!/sThe patent application is said to consist solely of images--it's a design patent intended to thwart copying and fraud.
Pushing people to rent is ridiculous, especially when the software is such a mess and behaves ever more like spyware. Thankfully at least Acrobat can still be purchased.   Do the new apps even utilize OS X print facilities yet?
What do you think the answer to that question is?  Naturally it won't be as "critical", but for users who are close to maxing out their 32GB storage, it will still be critical.  And I would expect the baseline for some models to remain 16GB for a good deal longer, as the 1.3GB update size makes this practical.
Hideous! No wonder Jony is moving to the UK.
Average $400+K per employee workspace. Yikes! 
A charity raffle would be nice, so the few people who don't have millions of dollars might have a chance to win.
Apple came out with a larger screen iPhone (for the 2nd time, with the iPhone 5 being the first) only after bringing 3rd party developers along to make sure virtually everything--all apps--would work smoothly for consumers.If/when Apple comes out with a stylus-equipped iPad, it won't be considered copying because it will work beyond Samsung's dreams and work so well. Apple will "pwn" the technology. In contrast, Samsung (and Google) try to be first to market, throwing crap...
New Posts  All Forums: