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Thank you so much for calling out Microsoft--and the worthless media--for their misuse--and mindless parroting--of the word "holography"! Yes, Microsoft demonstrated a 3d visualization tool for augmented reality, but it does not use holographic principles. Holography isn't just 3d imaging (and it isn't tied to augmented reality, although augmented reality may result from the use of holography). The word holography characterizes how 3d imagery is created and viewed and...
Have you looked at BitTorrent Sync?http://getsync.com
Come on. Let's give Google a little lovin'! http://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-1224/product_id-19997/Google-Android.html   How many of these are 1000-day exploits? How many Android handset owners haven't any opportunity (or clue how) to patch them?
I'm available!
Best defense is not to buy their homegrown products. Let Apple do the auditing of its own products.
And Lenovo? They all need inspection and auditing before sale in the U.S.
If Apple hadn't cited the plaintiff's patents in its own patent applications, not only would that have been stupid, it could have landed Apple in trouble with the government. Since Apple was granted a patent on Cover Flow, the patent examiner clearly thought Cover Flow was distinctive and inventive.
TAG Heuer has entered into a partnership with Apple. 
Jobs was a pragmatic salesman. As technology or market conditions changed, so did he. And Apple/Jobs will do anything to avoid the Osborne Effect.   The "iPad Pro" will certainly be usable without a stylus, but to use the device to its fullest, you'll want one.
Now that's pathetic! In 32-bit mode, none of the 64-bit advantages are available, such as double the number of integer and floating point registers. But I'm sure the 5433 cost more--which is good for Apple!  
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