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Only 7.8M?
In my dictionary, "track" is a four-letter word.
In my experience, Yosemite is the best major update I can remember. And I'm running Server, too. (Normally I wouldn't update my Server systems until .2 or .3, but the "desktop" version of Yosemite was working so well that I took the plunge at .0 and had very little trouble--far less than when updating at .3 in the past.)
Universal is the go-to studio for shoving out stuff. Apparently the script doesn't trash Jobs enough and Sony gave up on finding a way to do product placement.
Slo-o-o-wly put the gun on the table, Mr. Cole, sir, and let the kid go.
Plus I hear Walmart is price-matching Air 2 for just $99!
You know the old saying, "If you can't beat'em, stab'em!"
The Honeywell Prestige (and newer Prestige 2) thermostat has had this capability for years and is much easier to use than a Nest. The Honeywell also avoids the inaccuracy of "learning" people's comings and goings when they move about places within the house that Google... I mean Nest... can't see you. I tried a Nest and it was frequently not turning on the AC when it should, just because it couldn't see down the hall and around a corner that someone was in the house...
I'm not used to reading sideways. or diagonally.
The competition should be scared. Everyday there are moments I think the Air 2 is almost too fast. The A8X is simply a monster!
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