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I wouldn't believe it. Another of that company's products is advertised on Amazon as using DDR8!
Naturally, Apple has a $1B credit line with Samsung!
TS was certainly referring to a different battery life issue that doesn't exist. ;-)
God, I hate such head-in-sand responses as yours. All of the "I never got one ever" responses are typical, but the infantile stuff like yours is absolutely ridiculous. Rather than hope Apple will work to stem a problem, you seek to have the problem ignored and spur those who are bothered by it to have to shout even louder.
I received one of these spams, just like in the photo, a few weeks ago. Very annoying! I delisted my most commonly used e-mail addresses from iMessage, in the hopes this doesn't happen again. (I still receive e-mail spams very much like it.)
Rulings like this are why people try hard to settle out of court. Problem is Samsung wouldn't agree to not copy Apple designs, so no agreement was possible... and Judge Koh just rewarded the copyist.
Hello, side-by-side apps--on the Air 2, that is!
The NFL would have to pay me (a lot!) to watch such drivel.
Surface user does virus scans all the live-long day FTW
Not very nice of Apple to do this the day after the sales tax holiday in several states.
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