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You know you're just trying to stifle dissent in an area where you stand to personally profit. I know very few people who are not concerned about the amount of their "cyber lives" that is tracked by Google. Now we're talking about technology--that Apple is fervently advancing--which will allow pervasive tracking of our everyday lives. It's already being done to a degree with Wi-Fi. Bluetooth (or some other wireless technology) will add an even more pervasive character....
Precision + Accessibility = Pervasive
Users will be most unsatisfied with future smart watches when they utilize wireless technology (e.g., Bluetooth) that allows the wearer to be tracked (hacked?) everywhere. This is the downside (downfall?) of iBeacon. It's why every iOS update turns Bluetooth back on.
Probably at Burning Man. At Google, you're a zero unless you've attended a Burning Man.
Nothing complicated about it... the Google executive team is simply spacey.
I considered building a jetpack almost 50 years ago--decades before Google's founders were even a gleam in their parents' eyes. And I reject thousands of ideas every year. Just last night I decided to forego another beer. Anybody care to invest a few billion $ in my personal innovation factory?/s
I've read that the jury found willful infringement on 3 of 5 patents.
If Google is indemnifying Samsung, that seems like a nice reason to impose a punitive award of triple the jury's assessment. Can't have companies thinking they can infringe others' IP just because it won't cost them anything.
Source?You use the word "likely", which suggests you're merely hoping/conjecturing.
Yes, imagine, because that's far different from the reality. This device will only provide reasonably accurate results if what you're testing is in its database. If that salty, greasy spaghetti sauce at Olive Garden hasn't been quantified, then there's no telling what results you'll get--other than cardiovascular disease.
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