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His comments are the beginnings of just that. A couple times in the interview, though, he seems to be speaking in code to say, "Ignore what I ask for as a public law enforcement official--it's really not in your best interest."
The credit card information is not stored on your iPhone or at Apple. Only when the credit card is originally linked to the iPhone is the credit card information transmitted to the bank, to generate a unique proxy for the card. The proxy definition is stored in private space on the iPhone, in the Secure Element of the NFC chip. The proxy is used in a one-time password scheme for each purchase. Even if a third party manages to intercept and decrypt the one-time password, it...
6.8 pounds??!!!Only 5 hours battery life??!!!Not water/dirt resistant.Almost no stereo separation.WINNING!
What do their golden parachute clauses look like?
As soon as the Apple contract is nullified, GTAT will be making sapphire panes for Samsung, using hundreds of millions of dollars of Apple seed money.
That's not saying much. Logitech Boom FTW
It's a win-win situation for the NCL (National Concussion League). Kaepernick should claim innocence due to frequent hits he's taken for the League's benefit.
With the imminent release of Yosemite, this has to be a Mac-centric event. (Apple doesn't want to have to support new hardware under Mavericks, too.)
Whatever happened with (to?) the people who spread false rumors of Steve Jobs' early demise, in 2008-2010?
That's because Google has already searched your e-mail for you.
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