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Really, we won't have to spend $17,000.00 for a TV remote? Only $349.00 minimum. Or $399.00 if you have reduced eyesight. Such a deal! 
Only with the Apple Watch Edition.
Yes, the Apple TV (3rd gen.) and iPhone 4S both use the A5 processor. End-of-life for support of the 4S (and the A5 processor) arrives this fall with iOS9.
Screw cable! I was paying $80/month to watch news and some sports and now pay nothing, using OTA with a TiVo Roamio and Internet with computers and iOS. People buying TiVo hardware today have even less expensive options available than I did. The complete payback time for my system (including a TiVo lifetime programming subscription, 3-year extended warranty, 3 TB internal drive upgrade, external TiVo Stream, and amplified OTA antenna) was <12 months. If you choose to use...
TiVo lifetime is currently $400 after $100 discount (hunt a little and you'll find the code). My complete TiVo system with external Stream, lifetime service, 3-year extended warranty, and 3 TB upgrade (self-installed in minutes) paid for itself in 1 year. A TiVo 3-year warranty costs only a few bucks, if you want it. In 10+ years of use of 2 older models, no TiVo has ever failed on me. Of newer models (Premiere and Roamio), they're running fine. The only TiVo failure I've...
There are a lot of suckers in the world! I have a TiVo Roamio DVR and pay no monthly fees. OTA is free. Even basic cable service can be found in many markets for $20/month. Why pay more than that if at least DVR-level functionality isn't part of the equation?
If the service doesn't offer at least everything a DVR does, then what's the point of paying so much just to be trapped in a different hell?
What has been released about the film seems to depict it as sick or demented, perhaps as a consequence of the character of those who produced it.
Nope, Isaacson did not write that, nor did anyone else. Isaacson quoted Steve's sister's book of fiction based loosely on Steve, based on what she thought she knew of him. The quote is: "He was a man too busy to flush toilets." So even if it is true about Steve, there's good reason. And it doesn't necessarily mean he never or even rarely flushed the toilet... or that he even failed to flush more than twice!  
Go, Samsung! Please. go. away.
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