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Samsung is clearly losing money so rapidly it can't afford to innovate in ways that actually make a difference (other than marketing to the naive ).
All part of the experience!
I love what Putin is doing! 
That's why I would never (and have never) hooked a TV up to a LAN. (Update firmware via USB instead.) Years ago already, Samsung was called out for sending user data back to the mothership.
OT: did u see the news that the Google Nest thermostat now has voice control? Who knew it had a microphone and was potentially monitoring everything said? Like the Amazon Echo, listening to the programs you watch (and when) and identifying them by audio signature, noting which commercials you stay quiet for and those you fast-forward through, your reactions to the ads, etc.
Bose had better have some goods to back it up. Otherwise call the new service Bose Bores.
As a registered developer, Apple asked me a few months ago to accept the terms of Family Sharing. Without reading the legalese, I took this to mean apps sold by developers who didn't accept the Family Sharing terms couldn't be used by more than the organizing AppleID. Does anybody know how commonly developers have accepted the Family Sharing terms? Has anyone seen an app that isn't usable by a family member?
Ok, you go clean up the mess.
IIRC shortly after the EFF report was released, Whatsapp made a big todo about their new e2e encryption. Doesn't matter to me, though, because AFAIK they still demand your complete contact list.
He's just jealous of all the talk about Sorkin's new movie.
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