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Maybe because SSDs aren't that fast yet. PICe is more than enough for now.
Didn't Apple invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Sharp?
Well, this is good news. The holiday season this year was looking to be a disaster.
It's perhaps easier and cheaper for Apple to develop Aperture X than to fix Aperture. Or perhaps Aperture is dead.
Too funny!
/Users is still hidden after this update on my server. Rebooting afterward had no apparent effect either.   So I downloaded the .dmg from Apple and "manually" installed a second time. That fixed it.
How innovative
The bug question is for anyone to answer. In my opinion, it's a real nuisance, so I deem it a bug, because that's what it is to me, a bug.
How do you know Apple didn't consider the purchase and was outbid?
The joy of a monopoly.
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