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One exception to OLED > LCD may be when displaying a mostly light image. LCDs consume their least power for white images, whereas OLEDs consume their least with black.
And Samsung and LG won't be the only major OLED suppliers in town either.
You can bet the biggest makers of OLEDs, Samsung and LG, ask Apple to pay a hefty premium for their OLEDs. However, LCDs continue to improve and current iPhone LCDs are excellent. OLEDs can still be a little bit better, just not with the default color profile Samsung chooses for its devices, to appeal to 2-year olds.
User yer noggin'. Put them all in a junk folder and move it to the last screen, a screen of its own.
Whatsapp can't be installed without allowing access to all contacts, so I guess Samsung has made that decision for every S6 owner. Perhaps they'll install SuperFish, too.
Because you know other websites will publish it "as is", but here on AI, the rumor can be countered with some relevant factual information.
Dan Lyons shows the difficulty of earning a living when you're not much good at anything but basic writing. The only real option is to be a shill.   Yes, Lyons wrote the piece before the "leak"... in anticipation of the release.   "[Google's] long-term plan is to become an artificial-intelligence company" or anything other than search, because the search patents are soon expiring along with the company's main revenue stream.   "[Google] even hired renowed AI guru Ray...
People are catching on. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/03/21/obama_and_google/   And the search patents are expiring!  
You, sir, lack a sense of humor. I probably know more about the Apple Watch than you do about your navel.
That 25 Mbps is to ensure a steady stream at 20 Mbps.  20 Mbps for 2 hours is 18 GB, not 30 GB. As 4K becomes more the norm, the cost of delivering 4k service will be factored into everyone's bill. (My service provider allows up to 500 GB per month without complaint, which is almost 2 hours of 4k video per day.) In other words, if We the People use it, we'll get it.
New Posts  All Forums: