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OT: is Florian Mueller a complete sell-out or what?
This news would be enough reason to not waste time having TSMC tool up for A7 production. To paraphrase Schiller, Samsung must really be feeling it now.
I agree, those data look fishy. Show us another, independent source.
Maybe the revamp is also designed to avoid patent infringement?
Maybe Ive will see the light when the presbyopia starts to kick in. He's currently 47, so it should be any year now. Yeah, sure, the world can wait.
Jobs' wrath makes as good an excuse as anything else, no? Kind of self-serving (and typical of Google), no?   Ideally, the fine would be increased to $100B, which would put Google out of business and leave Apple just fine, thank you.
Samsung CEO is now looking for the Korean word for harakiri.
What do you expect from a company that builds smartphones that look like miniature refrigerators?
I wouldn't know but it looks like the Phantom 2 can do that with optional waypoint hardware, but only for the life of its battery (about 25 minutes max.)
You need to check out 1080p video obtained with the Phantom 2 fitted with either a 2D or the new 3D gimbal mount and a GoPro Hero 3+. The whole shebang can be purchased for about $1700 with FPV controller and produces results that are simply fascinating to watch. Range is about 1 km and includes go-home GPS capability.
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