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Think outside the brick. When managing a remote OS X or Linux computer, Ctrl and Esc are ["for many, many people"] essential. With the on-screen keyboard being a "soft" keyboard, iOS really ought to provide more flexibility/customizability. (And I'm not talking about anything so silly as keyboard extensions that don't function without being given permission to log your every keystroke and access every resource on your device--this from the "privacy" guards at Apple.)
This is supposed to be a "pro" iPad, but where are the Ctrl and Esc keys?
Google promotes the sale of devices that will never receive security patches, never receive new features that help protect user privacy. Google would like Android customers to believe they're getting something better than an iPhone, yet cheaper.   iOS 9.1 runs on the 4+ year old iPhone 4S. Outstanding job, Apple.
I would expect 3 cores to go along with the 3 GB RAM.
What a great movie this would make! /s   OT: Jobs looked a helluva lot better than Fassbinder
Do those other companies' customers deserve it, too? And why shouldn't Google receive a ton of flak for making it all possible?* *Google even indemnifies Android licensees in patent infringement cases, helping to push Android on an unwitting public.
Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention Apple Music, too, which isn't available everywhere. But you think Apple has infinite resources... or it's just mismanaged? Otherwise your comment is just blathering nonsense.
That's a specious statement that the "best" students stay in academia. Everyone has their personal strengths and preferences. Academia receives relatively little development (product-focused) funding. In EE/CS the most R&D money and greatest potential for monetary reward is in industry--and that's where most of the real-world talent goes. Basic research may be more likely to occur in academic and research labs, but the part that has practical applications is few and far...
Apple may be stretched too thin right now, with new releases of OS X, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, the iPad Pro with Pencil, and continuing improvements to Maps and Siri. Hopefully its engineers will be able to focus on filling in the holes by Thanksgiving or worst-case Xmas.
Those highly prized new graduate students don't realize it yet, but the publications don't make any practical difference in the business world. What they'll typically find at Google is that their research is meaningless in the context of the company's future and profitability. Working like a student inside a company like Google gets old fast, despite the pay.
New Posts  All Forums: