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Only in China
I highly recommend it! Over-the-air broadcasts work great and the substantial money saved can be better used elsewhere--not to mention your time can be better used elsewhere.
Forget live-only access. I have a frigging several-gigabyte workstation in my pocket with access to high-speed Internet nearly everywhere. With OTA, cable or satellite, we can pause or record to a scrappy TiVo for later replay, rewind, FF, etc. So why not on our computers and mobile devices? espn3.com is viewable live and in replays on my computer, so this $20/month is to watch it on my iPhone but live only. What a sad joke. I guess I'll just have to screen share with my...
If Tesla employees can't be recruited it's more likely they feel Tesla options are worth more--more likely to skyrocket (no pun intended).
Perhaps one day a full CarPlay system will include a 360-degree LIDAR scanner that continually compares what it sees to what's in iCloud  and submits updates in real time, keeping Apple's "ground truth" data always up-to-date, maintaining a comprehensive real-time traffic database for routing of all CarPlay subscribers, and performing collision avoidance from all angles.
Way too expensive, they're still making the mistake of bundling crap channels, and nobody has mentioned the availability of replays.
Why would they? It's just software. Some background to the original question: Elsewhere on the 'net, it's claimed flags and star ratings are lost in the migration to Photos. Are "hidden" flags lost and the (previously hidden) photos uploaded? Are hidden photos sequestered somewhere more private than the cloud? Do users have a choice in this (other than not migrating to Photos ;-)? Inquiring minds want to know.
How are "hidden" photos treated? Are they uploaded to the cloud, as well?
Yet it's become more expensive! Even $30 for 1GB is ridiculous. AI, you didn't mention the overage fees. They used to be $10 per GB, but clearly that's outdated information, given the new "discounted" rate schedule.
IMHO the bass performance of all of these speakers is more of a distraction than an accurate representation of the original signal. Hard to listen to for long--unless you're high and dancing.
New Posts  All Forums: