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Touch ID is both great technology and supported by great marketing. (The proverbial technology/marketing duality you read about in physics class!)Just make sure you're running iOS 7.1.And I fail to see how a problem with one thumb could possibly make Siri any better, since that one thumb is so darned important to you.
Gee, did you ever think Futuremark might not be representative of real-world usage, that Futuremark staff didn't choose the best compiler optimization options, or that the A7 might not be fully exploited yet by Xcode/iOS? In 64-bit mode, the A7 has twice the integer and floating point registers as the Intel/AMD X64 architecture. The A7 can access any byte in the entire iPhone/iPad 128 GB file system with a single 64-bit register, whereas 32-bit systems (like all of...
It might be generally useful for filtering out false touches (touches that are inadvertent).
btw: Sapphire is much more transparent to IR than is glass. 
Now if Florian Mueller would just pull his assets out of GOOG and realize that a few patents can mean all the difference between pwning a market and not pwning it ("Our iClone is as good as an Apple, right down to the very last feature!").
It will be called the Mac Pro Air. Postings on AI will happen milliseconds faster.
Oh, was the /sarcasm flag really necessary? When Apple ships a dual-processor Mac Pro, it will be possible.
Let me know when they offer a dual processor upgrade
Don't tell anybody, but to these 3 wannabes, these ads are actually sad jokes.
The "healthy" environment you live (and thrive) in is controlled in part by government regulations--regulations derived from experimental data.Don't be silly about substitutes for animal models. Just to start with, how would anyone know if computer models (or bacterial models) can replace animal models without having animal data to begin with? No man is an island
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