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Uh, what company mentioned in this article isn't cutthroat all the way to the top?
Far from it. A-dud would be the one who is butt-hurt, from the injections. I do derive pleasure from the highest-paid team in baseball losing so often, though. Let's see if the NYY pay A-dud his $6M bonus, too.
Don't bother. Gruber is more interested in glorifying steroid monsters.
Samsung... making it possible for a smartphone to bend even easier.
Samsung... pushing the limits of what is possibow, with impossibow materiows.
This is a bad thing?
If everyone cancels their pending Watch orders at once, you might be able to write Apple a check for $200, with free shipping included.
In some cases, mere template and datatypes can convey much of what's needed to reverse engineer a product (or key elements of it). This information can be gleaned from a single source file or portion thereof, yet a single dump from Microsoft's tool might include many source files. If you don't understand the need for secrecy in product development, then you're not developing (or investing) in a competitive field. And if you're wondering why Microsoft would care, consider...
I guess you haven't seen how little a vastly larger iPhone battery costs in single quantities at retail from third parties. Let's say the IHS estimate is off by 50%. That still means the low-end Watch components cost less than $42. Oh, did Cook say the estimates were much too low? I thought he meant too high.  IMHO Tim Cook's statement was made to avoid outside estimates undermining Apple Watch sales at a critical moment in the device's history when more sales (and...
You don't know what's in the dump! The dump will likely contain human readable text ("pure code"). Parsing is an integral part of any code editor. If the editor crashes, Microsoft will want to know why. The user's code will be sent to Microsoft, kept on file indefinitely, under who-knows-what security, for browsing by who-knows?
New Posts  All Forums: