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Apple's attorneys need to provide evidence of this--ASAP.
Nobody would license patented technology if not for the fear of an injunction or civil suit. Patent holders alone are responsible for enforcement of IP laws. Without consequences, infringement will happen all the time--not just when Samsung does it. What makes Samsung so special? Yes, it would have been possible to be even more successful than Apple has been. Looks like the judges are using information not presented as evidence in court (AAPL's high valuation). Perhaps...
Intel dual-core mobile processors can support up to 16 GB, but not without using slower chips. Sadly Apple seems likely to continue spurning this as an option, keeping 8 GB of the faster memory as the max.
Prepare to see a demo of the Apple Watch used to authenticate with OS X and to alert Phil Shiller that his MBA has been stolen.
I don't need viruses in my pocket or in the house.
What, no mention of robots?
Anyone buying an S6 will certainly want to accessorize it!
That would be 4 hours of battery life with a 10-minute charge. I got more than that easily with my 5s and get more than that easily using an iPad charger with the 6 Plus--close to 1 hour of battery life for every minute of charge.
My case is clear and simple. I see everything... and it's beautiful.Never ask what Steve would do. Steve and Tim could afford to buy a new iPhone everyday*, but not the rest of us. *Why do you think Tim showers with his Watch? Is it because it's water resistant? No, it's because he can afford to! 
I see Bendgate in Samsung's future!
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