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Another way to look at this might be that if accurate tracking of iOS users is desired, a fee-based agreement with Apple must be made.
Really, then how did Apple get the units wrong for blood glucose level? Should be mg/dL, not mL/dL https://twitter.com/engadget/status/473527892823904256/photo/1
I'd like the option of preventing individual apps from accessing the Internet anytime, not just in the background. The default for newly installed apps should be "No Internet".After that, I'd like a Little Snitch for iOS.
Video is NSFW, due to just a few unnecessary seconds. Thanks, Mr. Young, I'm sure you were "beneath" that decision.
And yet the new Mac Pro is not much faster than the Mac Pro of 5 years ago.
Only here! How else are you gonna get exclusivity?
Split screen will be tough to make work reliably in only 1GB.
Sadly for Samsung, Apple's patent applications in the health monitoring and smartwatch arenas will start to be published by the US Patent and Trademark Office in just a few weeks, with dates going back 18 months and revealing that Apple has been researching and developing this technology for a great period of time.Fortunately for Samsung, those patent applications will describe just what they need to copy!  
Yeah, Apple's Eddie Cue talked a few times briefly and independently with each of the major publishers during a span of just 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year's holidays of 2009-2010, and they all separately agreed in that brief time to the same, favorable (to the publishers) terms. How is that different from the same terms Apple entered into with music publishers for the iTunes Store? It's different because Amazon wasn't a competitor in the Internet music business,...
Purely wishful thinking on your part, Mr. Shill. Apple has been doing business with truly bad boys--namely Samsung--and that hasn't detracted. The Beats relationship has no expiration date either--unlike the contracts with Samsung.  
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