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Often the wait lines at Comcast customer service centers are also ridiculously long. Basically the company hasn't invested to develop a modern support infrastructure.
Speaking as a customer of both, there is no comparison. Comcast is dreadful and Charter is decent. At least that's been my experience for many years.
Who is the 5K 27" iMac retina targeted at? Consumers.
WTF? I have a 4K 32" monitor and 4K material looks fantastic!For a movie-theater experience, I sit 6 feet from my 1080p set and wish it were 4K, which still might not be enough. I don't want to see pixels ever.
Really, you think this would be very hard for Google to achieve? After the secure erase function in most Android smartphones was found not to be secure at all? I actually think it would be impossible for Google to achieve.
yup, because when Apple does it, it will be easy to use and broadly compatible with myriad third party apps, not just a tick-mark on a feature list with a wanky implementation.
The "new" technology will be called SuckID. Google's innovation in this space will be to suck your fingerprints into the cloud.
Apple getting ready for WWDC!
Mac and Linux developers are suddenly targeting Windows? BS. How much did Micro$oft pay for what amounts to just a press release?
Jeb looks bigger to me.
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