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Surface user does virus scans all the live-long day FTW
Not very nice of Apple to do this the day after the sales tax holiday in several states.
I see myself as already grown up (and so would anybody else!) but I enjoy feeling like a kid. Buying Apple products brings out that feeling. Marketing
Not bad, but a little too frenetic. And how dare Apple presume to know what I think?
Russia is afraid of a sales ban. Tough beans, Putin.
With a laminate, try the inside. 
Google's recipe for crap
It's a common mistake... I do it all the time with rumored iPhone 6 parts... he scratched the wrong side.
Come on now, there must be a way for EU countries to make more money off Apple!  
The original Beats designs were (IMHO) ugly and obnoxious, but the latest models look good and sound good. Critics are loath to give the company a second look and a second hearing, preferring instead to continue the old carp.
New Posts  All Forums: