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$862M buys a lot of weed!
Any significant differences can be "fixed" in the 9.1 update.   Hello, Volkswagen? 
Agreed. The deep press edge swipe is difficult without a case and ridiculously so with a case. Callus-inducing.
I view that as an advantage to living in China. People generally shouldn't be using Google surreptitious services.
At least in Mail, "trackpad control" (TC) can be invoked anytime the keyboard is displayed, even after logging keystrokes. It makes perfect sense that this works and works well, because individual keystrokes aren't logged until the finger is released. If one performs a long deep press, the press isn't logged as text and the keyboard goes into TC mode. Scrolling also works up/down through long documents, scrolling faster and farther by moving the finger near the top/bottom...
Well, la-di-da, la-di-da. Verizon having fun now.
If you care about privacy, don't backup to iCloud; Do an encrypted local backup via iTunes. Restoring to a new iPhone from iTunes is also much faster than from iCloud, and your account passwords will get restored, too, from an encrypted backup. If iTunes says your computer has insufficient free storage for a backup, make sure you've deleted old backups that are no longer needed. (Instructions for this are easily found on the www.)
You call it stupid. I call it a man on a mission. I've been there with the mentality and I know many others who were, too. A person sees their calling in life and nothing is going to stop them from achieving greatness. That said, I look forward to seeing the Sorkin film and will interpret in my own personal context.
I'm wondering if the "tooth" doesn't mainly derive from the Pencil's nib, and not from any substantive change to the display surface, as Apple will be selling replacement nibs for it.
Bring it on Big T!
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