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My sense of the 6s Plus vs. the 6 Plus is that focusing is slower and less accurate with the new model in moderate to low light. My 6s Plus camera does a lot of "hunting" and often takes a fuzzy photo under these conditions. (Not likely a "defective" unit either, since the same behavior was seen on two different 6s Pluses.)    I do have Live Photos turned off. Yes, hopefully what I'm seeing is addressed in a sw update.
No, are you a member of the Thought Police, too, along with Apple?
Coverups can be worse than the "crimes". So much moolah at stake, particularly on Apple's side.   Why is Tim Cook allowed to mouth off (and win awards) but Josh Begley (author of Metadata+) isn't? Concession to the CIA and NSA?
Not at the prices Samsung likely wants to charge for OLED. OLED is Samsung's only positively distinguishing feature. They undoubtably would want to charge Apple a very high premium for it. The LCDs Apple uses instead perform well enough.
The cost of the lost privacy is higher than that. Who knows if Google profits directly from the hardware sale? It might be important enough for Google's public image (and feelings of self-worth) to sell at a loss. That's why I don't put much stock in these prices. Under the Google umbrella, these devices are all part of maintaining advertising revenue, paid for by higher prices for the items you buy. If Google is involved in your purchasing decisions, you will pay indirectly.
Lower prices for the Google products are offset by the increased surveillance.But just like with Apple, if you ever have trouble with your flagship phone, you can get help at the Google store. 
6P is made by Huawei... now there's a winner, if you don't care about reliability, security or privacy! And it charges at the same speed as the 6[s] Plus with the iPad charger. Wow, that's how to impress people who have any awareness about these products.   I am so impressed with Chromecast support for 5 GHz wi-fi, too. I really didn't think that would happen until 2020.
Sorkin hasn't seen the factories and Cook hasn't seen the film. I guess they're even in that regard. Cook still makes way more $$
By controlling the Apple corporate image, Cook stands to personally earn more than the total revenue from all of Sorkin's films combined. Who's the opportunist then? Whatever you think, Cook is certainly not an impartial bystander.
I've seen the rose gold Apple Watch Sport, which is pink, and been assured by Apple store employees that the rose gold iPhone will be identical in color and finish.
New Posts  All Forums: