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That settles that!   No wonder the store was down so long this a.m. ;-)
All of the SSD upgrade options are "PCIe-based". This suggests an Apple proprietary solution... and that there is only one SATA slot in the new chassis, which is why there is no longer a 2x 1TB HDD option (nor 2x 2TB HDD option).
Entry level is priced lower, but the CPU in it looks pathetic (1.4 GHz). Anybody know how the new top-end (dual core) CPU compares to the previous top-end (quad core) CPU?   Apple also seems to have messed up the pricing. The final price is slightly cheaper when adding onto the mid-range configuration than when adding onto the top-end configuration.
Understatement of the Year.
People can do a lot better than Gazelle, which likely paid for this advertisement. Just for example, Amazon trade-ins are easy and will bring up to $433 (in credit).   Shop around!   I personally have come to prefer Amazon over others because it's a painless interaction (knock on wood). I don't like having to argue on the phone about non-existent flaws claimed by a gruff representative for the buyer who wants to give me a terrible valuation after promising a high one....
Paying by check has another security "benefit": your full account information is printed on every one of them. With this knowledge alone, a thief can make an unauthorized wire transfer out of your account, no secret PIN required.
NIH Syndrome
Don't blame Apple or Nokia. Blame the rest of Norway for a lack of innovation.
His comments are the beginnings of just that. A couple times in the interview, though, he seems to be speaking in code to say, "Ignore what I ask for as a public law enforcement official--it's really not in your best interest."
The credit card information is not stored on your iPhone or at Apple. Only when the credit card is originally linked to the iPhone is the credit card information transmitted to the bank, to generate a unique proxy for the card. The proxy definition is stored in private space on the iPhone, in the Secure Element of the NFC chip. The proxy is used in a one-time password scheme for each purchase. Even if a third party manages to intercept and decrypt the one-time password, it...
New Posts  All Forums: