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Dan Lyons shows the difficulty of earning a living when you're not much good at anything but basic writing. The only real option is to be a shill.   Yes, Lyons wrote the piece before the "leak"... in anticipation of the release.   "[Google's] long-term plan is to become an artificial-intelligence company" or anything other than search, because the search patents are soon expiring along with the company's main revenue stream.   "[Google] even hired renowed AI guru Ray...
People are catching on. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/03/21/obama_and_google/   And the search patents are expiring!  
You, sir, lack a sense of humor. I probably know more about the Apple Watch than you do about your navel.
That 25 Mbps is to ensure a steady stream at 20 Mbps.  20 Mbps for 2 hours is 18 GB, not 30 GB. As 4K becomes more the norm, the cost of delivering 4k service will be factored into everyone's bill. (My service provider allows up to 500 GB per month without complaint, which is almost 2 hours of 4k video per day.) In other words, if We the People use it, we'll get it.
With Blu-ray you're talking lossless quality 1080p. 1080p over the Internet uses lossy compression but needs only 5 Mbps. 4K over the Internet will need 20 Mbps, which is within many people's service level.Youtube has several 4k demo videos, of varying quality. Try them out at your local computer store where a 4K monitor is available. The good ones look a whole lot better than 1080p.
Really, we won't have to spend $17,000.00 for a TV remote? Only $349.00 minimum. Or $399.00 if you have reduced eyesight. Such a deal! 
Only with the Apple Watch Edition.
Yes, the Apple TV (3rd gen.) and iPhone 4S both use the A5 processor. End-of-life for support of the 4S (and the A5 processor) arrives this fall with iOS9.
Screw cable! I was paying $80/month to watch news and some sports and now pay nothing, using OTA with a TiVo Roamio and Internet with computers and iOS. People buying TiVo hardware today have even less expensive options available than I did. The complete payback time for my system (including a TiVo lifetime programming subscription, 3-year extended warranty, 3 TB internal drive upgrade, external TiVo Stream, and amplified OTA antenna) was <12 months. If you choose to use...
TiVo lifetime is currently $400 after $100 discount (hunt a little and you'll find the code). My complete TiVo system with external Stream, lifetime service, 3-year extended warranty, and 3 TB upgrade (self-installed in minutes) paid for itself in 1 year. A TiVo 3-year warranty costs only a few bucks, if you want it. In 10+ years of use of 2 older models, no TiVo has ever failed on me. Of newer models (Premiere and Roamio), they're running fine. The only TiVo failure I've...
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