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Damn!!! This is going to be totally upstaged by the Apple Beats announcement.
The SAMI acronym should've been saved for something with lasting value.   Reference design => nothing really developed yet, but we're First! (until the Apple patent applications begin to show up from 18 months prior)
It would be nice if Apple would ask us to opt-in to each new beta test period.
The Nest thermostat looks nice, but the UI is awful (on par with the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch), its intelligence isn't, and its connectivity is limited. Honeywell does much better with the Prestige 2.0.
Now we know why Google bought Nest. This is all too funny! OMG, the copycats at Google. 
"Honest, Boss, I was just trying to see if the company office documents might contain a virus."
Uh-oh! The patent expires in less than 4 years.
You should be using duckduckgo.com!
Google's "core competency" is copying people's stuff and letting the legal department take care of it later.
It's been a long time since a major Apple hardware product wasn't assembled in China. CTO builds are still 2-3 weeks. I hope this has just been growing pains, not a sign of the best we can do in the U.S.
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