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Do you believe everything Sean Hannity says? Larger players typically have an advantage to begin with, but Net Neutrality won't allow them to make special deals to squelch smaller players.
How many people previously turned away from using AT&T broadband because they block port 25*? Well, no more.     *Port 25 for support of personally/privately operated e-mail servers.
Sure, just like you had to get a license for your landline telephone... NOT. Keep up the FUD, it really adds to our opinion of you.
Great news! Now ISPs will have to deliver the speed we're paying for, whether it's for Netflix or the Rock Garden Network. No double-dipping and no special, under the table deals allowed.
From browsing the oldest cited patent, #7334720, which was filed rather recently (2006), a three-pronged defense can be imagined: (1) obviousness rejection of the patent; (2) rejection due to prior art; and (3) the claims describe a common method of doing business, with the difference being it's "done on a computer", which is insufficient for receiving patent protection. However, the problem here is Texas.
EMV are also interested in security/minimizing risk, using fully audited technology. Hopefully Google and Samsung obtained the blessing of the EMV group before making their recent mobile payment deals. not that I care.
Are you a Luddite?
How that 64-bit stack going for Samsung?There's still TSMC to make the A9, even if Samsung forgets how to do it.
Ignorance is bliss
New Posts  All Forums: