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"Real artists ship."--Steve Jobs
Perhaps Microsoft could produce a combination iPod, phone, and Internet communicator, and not announce it prematurely, too.
Golfing on Mars! I'll buy!!!
We won't know about possible patent infringement either until Microsoft starts trying to sell it. They can demo all they want without issue, but once they start using or selling HoloLens... then we'll get a better idea of just how innovative Microsoft was.
That's good! Or maybe HollowLens.
Thank you so much for calling out Microsoft--and the worthless media--for their misuse--and mindless parroting--of the word "holography"! Yes, Microsoft demonstrated a 3d visualization tool for augmented reality, but it does not use holographic principles. Holography isn't just 3d imaging (and it isn't tied to augmented reality, although augmented reality may result from the use of holography). The word holography characterizes how 3d imagery is created and viewed and...
Have you looked at BitTorrent Sync?http://getsync.com
Come on. Let's give Google a little lovin'! http://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-1224/product_id-19997/Google-Android.html   How many of these are 1000-day exploits? How many Android handset owners haven't any opportunity (or clue how) to patch them?
I'm available!
Best defense is not to buy their homegrown products. Let Apple do the auditing of its own products.
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