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Hearsay evidence
How about people who access the Internet through any ISP (e.g., via Charter broadband) get access to Comcast services via AppleTV and a subscription purchased through iTunes?
Jobs' letter doesn't indicate the team being sought by Google, but it would seem to have been important (to both companies). Apple had likely already assembled an iPhone team, and Google wouldn't have decided to buy Android overnight but its interests/intentions might already have been well-known to Apple executives. Most of what the iPhone team was developing could have been still secret, and if any member of that team had moved to Google, even with confidentiality...
Monitors that support 4k at 60 Hz over HDMI won't be available until HDMI 2.0 hits the shelves. Prices of high-quality 4k displays should come down dramatically in the next few months.  HDMI 2.0 will make moving your computer into a separate room cheaper, too, because lengthy Thunderbolt cables are pricier than HDMI.   This Sharp monitor contains an expensive IGZO panel, not cheap TN or moderately priced IPS.   Why wasn't the Sharp tested with a Radeon 7950 in an early...
Evernote, OneNote, Android. A rose by any other name is still spyware.   Operate your own webdav server.
And this is not reported in the NY Times or WSJ because... ?   (Hint: which company pays a ton for advertising and which company is believed to be capable of paying more?)
You won't hear Samsung calling it a "free" pass! They pay beaucoup advertising dollars in order to receive blindly favorable press.
Just slightly off-topic... Originally I experienced significant difficulty with Touch ID. It would work okay for a few hours up to a day or so, after which I'd need to retrain the system completely--and even train on the same digit multiple times (up to the limit of 5) in order to get a decent rate of recognition. Overall the Touch ID experience was unreliable enough that I abandoned its use. Recently I revisited Touch ID in iOS 7.1 beta, and I am elated to report Touch...
Poor Samsung
WhatsApp is a beautiful acquisition for Facebook, because WhatsApp won't do diddly-squat until a user gives the app access to their entire contact list. Suckers!  
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