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Hideous! No wonder Jony is moving to the UK.
Average $400+K per employee workspace. Yikes! 
A charity raffle would be nice, so the few people who don't have millions of dollars might have a chance to win.
Apple came out with a larger screen iPhone (for the 2nd time, with the iPhone 5 being the first) only after bringing 3rd party developers along to make sure virtually everything--all apps--would work smoothly for consumers.If/when Apple comes out with a stylus-equipped iPad, it won't be considered copying because it will work beyond Samsung's dreams and work so well. Apple will "pwn" the technology. In contrast, Samsung (and Google) try to be first to market, throwing crap...
And it will still be running Android OS or ZitOS or whatever Samsung calls it. Such a waste.
M is for "Meatloaf again?"
Samsung and LG may have demanded Apple pay far too much for OLED panels, in order to keep a competitive advantage to themselves (or be highly profitable in the unlikely event Apple would agree to the high prices).
Brillo my ass. You couldn't Android Pay me to use that.
I wouldn't mind paying Apple, but they're asking way too much, their top end is too limited, and their privacy measures aren't explicit enough.* *Does Apple hold the keys, too, or does only the user have the keys?
Google [reportedly] claims lossless, not near-lossless. If it's lossless, why even mention it? If it's not lossless... [groans]
New Posts  All Forums: