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Nest has only a proximity sensor to know if you're at home or away. If the Nest isn't located where people commonly traverse, the sensor is useless.Honeywell has been in this business far longer than Nest and has many patented technologies that Nest has tried desperately to work around.
Sounds like the Nest I had, which isn't as smart as advertised. Honeywell Prestige 2.0 FTW
iMacs aren't fast enough.
Haha. I'd call videographers an extreme minority, too.Apple BLEW IT with the new Mac Pro.  Get over it. 
I'll never let up on pointing out how limiting the design decision was behind the new Mac Pro. A lot of legacy Mac Pro users could care less about those "monster" GPUs but cared a lot about the dual processors, PCI slots, memory expansion, etc.
Shortage of TB2 chips is very plausible, as Sonnet has only been shipping the more expensive Echo Express III units and won't be shipping the less expensive Echo 15 units until August.
Time for a price cut!
But if you don't need/want those "monster" GPUs, because let's say you're not a videographer, the Mac Pro is far too expensive. A dual processor (24 core) linux system that's twice as fast can be built for less.
Especially in the disability insurance business, the insurance companies love it when you cancel! Maybe the best part of the ACA (affordable care act or "Obamacare") is no more exclusions for pre-existing conditions. So if "something crappy" happens and it doesn't kill you, you can still get health insurance.
On the HHS side of things, regulators are corrupted by their vested interest in stable employment, generous salary and retirement.Despite what we might think we want, doctors do need to know bureaucracy, at least to give patients appropriate, quality healthcare, such as knowing coding tricks. Good, conscientious physicians know the costs of assays and treatments and order them rationally, rather than over-ordering due to incompetence or to cover their ass and increasing...
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