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One of these smart pen systems (one that requires specially printed paper with dots) has an option for recording audio. When you go back to your notes and tap around on what you wrote, it begins replaying the audio recorded at the time.
If it doesn't say, then it probably doesn't matter. The pen and receiver likely communicate using LE or some other low-energy radio system. Syncing with your iOS or desktop is a fast, transient activity in which energy efficiency wouldn't be a concern.
It works with iOS and Mac (and Windows). The receiver can also be clipped onto an iPad and the pen used with a plastic nib to draw on the display. The original Equil can be found at close-out price of $100.
The killer app is that Amazon will be airing TV and radio ads that not only demonstrate the Echo but simultaneously order a bunch of unwanted stuff through existing owners' units that are within listening range of the TV and radio. Watch your credit card bills, people!
If only iCloud storage was as private as the devices tied to it (Apple still holds the crypto-keys.)
Not years, just 23 months.   The exclusivity will end tomorrow if every member of the consortium drops out today.
LOL  Amazon already beat them to it!
If it's true there's no penalty for dropping out of the CurrentC consortium, then every member should just drop out. I'll bet the exclusivity clause gets deleted not in months but tomorrow.
Baled out, eh?
Sometime in 2015? I hope they don't over work themselves.
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