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Jobs was a pragmatic salesman. As technology or market conditions changed, so did he. And Apple/Jobs will do anything to avoid the Osborne Effect.   The "iPad Pro" will certainly be usable without a stylus, but to use the device to its fullest, you'll want one.
Now that's pathetic! In 32-bit mode, none of the 64-bit advantages are available, such as double the number of integer and floating point registers. But I'm sure the 5433 cost more--which is good for Apple!  
Maybe Samsung will finally have a 64-bit processor, more than 1-1/2 years after Apple dumbstruck the competition with the A7.
In other words, Samsung was first to market with a scaled down display that used itsy-bitsy icons. For some reason Apple didn't choose to emulate that!
Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, how about Apple updating the Mac Pro to Haswell v3 Xeons? And a pair of Xeons would be very nice.
What's he growing in the petri dishes?
That's 1M users^H^H^H^H^Hcustomers who download the iOS user guide every week.
Samsung is clearly losing money so rapidly it can't afford to innovate in ways that actually make a difference (other than marketing to the naive ).
All part of the experience!
I love what Putin is doing! 
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