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By controlling the Apple corporate image, Cook stands to personally earn more than the total revenue from all of Sorkin's films combined. Who's the opportunist then? Whatever you think, Cook is certainly not an impartial bystander.
I've seen the rose gold Apple Watch Sport, which is pink, and been assured by Apple store employees that the rose gold iPhone will be identical in color and finish.
 We all know the gold iPhone isn't actual gold either, but it is gold in color. (The rose gold Apple Watch Edition is also gold in color, with rose added.) In contrast, the rose gold iPhone and Apple Watch Sport are not a shade of gold but are pink, and that's my point. What is so difficult to comprehend about it, other than the insane marketing by Apple?
The geniuses are those who blindly push the rose gold iPhone as being rose gold in color instead of the light pink it is.
Edit: pardon me, you did mean the normal gold. [Congratulations, you are soon to be disappointed. The color is light pink, not the promised rose gold. Almost the entirety of any copper or gold tint you may detect in pics is either photoshopped, simply inaccurate, auto-color-correction to yield a better flesh tone, or reflections of skin or other beige-ish objects nearby. Smooth versus matte finishes aside, the rose gold iPhone color looks nothing like the color of the rose...
Apple's build quality and materials seem top notch, but I don't see the Watch as being such an attractive design. (I don't care for super chunky peanut butter either.) The design is kinda directed by the need to fit whatever necessary into it though.
Yeah, and Jony Ive sleeps in a 3-piece tux./s
Taken to the next logical conclusion: You can't fake a credit card with a real credit card.
So glad you asked, because I don't like it. Is that your personal opinion or the results from solid research? Otherwise my personal opinion is: you're very wrong. If you happen to be correct, then my belief is people (including you, which surprises me) are exceedingly ignorant. I happen to care because I don't want my purchasing, political, etc. decisions to be gamed by others or my rights slowly whittled away by fat cat corporations that have access to too much personal...
In the updated Safari, I don't want "Open in New Tabs", which shoves yet another set of tabs into the current window along side the existing tabs. I want the classic behavior, "Open in Tabs", which replaces all existing tabs with my selection. Anybody know how to restore the old behavior?
New Posts  All Forums: