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The Tab Pro has a display that's about 25% smaller than the iPad Air, yet it's only 0.2mm (2.7%) thinner? And what a waste for those extra pixels that humans can't normally see. It all just adds up to shorter battery life. Sorry, Samesong, iPad Air remains best in class, considering hardware alone.
That's good to know but also know that doing so decreases the chances of a jury's decision standing up to appeal. "Unjust" is in the eyes of the beholder. If a jury wishes to have their decision stick, then they need to stick to the law and follow instructions as much as possible (still without guarantee, of course).
Yes, it is troubling that there are no American television manufacturers.
Lately I'm seeing all sorts of Tab 3 giveaways. Apparently they didn't sell well over the holidays... or even now. (No surprise really.)
In the late 90s, an IBM executive was observed traveling with a PowerPC Thinkpad that could triple boot Windows + MacOS + AIX.
My takeaway message from the posting of workarounds is that Apple doesn't foresee a fix being provided anytime soon.
This guy's relationship with Apple is probably why Goople released information about its eyeball sensor several days ago.
Google goofed Big Time in buying MMI, because overnight it made Google a manufacturer of devices that infringed Apple patents. With Google a standalone software provider, without the manufacturing component, the best Apple might do now is (somehow) implicate Google as a facilitator/accomplice/conspirator to patent infringement by the companies that do still make devices running Android (for as long as that lasts). I don't know that anyone or any company has ever been found...
I used a Nest for a summer. It did the job, but for supposedly being so smart, it was also pretty stupid (and annoying with its automatic, inappropriate temperature adjustments). So I returned it. I replaced it with a high-end model from a company that has been suing Nest's ass for multiple instances of patent infringement.
Sapphire sounds great. And that was a great misdirection on the curved screen! Sammy and LouGie bought into that crapola hook-line-and-stinker!!
New Posts  All Forums: