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AT&T does this under its "Next" program. Compared to a subsidized plan, Next is convenient but it's not as good a deal for the savvy consumer, because you have to immediately turn in your old device which otherwise could be retained, unlocked and/or sold.
Apple is closing down this avenue, so only Apple will know your whereabouts... and can improve iAds and iBeacons accordingly. I expect Google will do the same. Neither company likes to entertain freeloaders of the data they collect on users.
Just like Google won't share such information either. Apple isn't demonstrating a distinction between it and Google, other than implementing a mechanism that Google hasn't yet for maintaining proprietary tracking data on users.
Another way to look at this might be that if accurate tracking of iOS users is desired, a fee-based agreement with Apple must be made.
Really, then how did Apple get the units wrong for blood glucose level? Should be mg/dL, not mL/dL https://twitter.com/engadget/status/473527892823904256/photo/1
I'd like the option of preventing individual apps from accessing the Internet anytime, not just in the background. The default for newly installed apps should be "No Internet".After that, I'd like a Little Snitch for iOS.
Video is NSFW, due to just a few unnecessary seconds. Thanks, Mr. Young, I'm sure you were "beneath" that decision.
And yet the new Mac Pro is not much faster than the Mac Pro of 5 years ago.
Only here! How else are you gonna get exclusivity?
Split screen will be tough to make work reliably in only 1GB.
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