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If an employee signed a non-compete clause, poaching them could be illegal, depending on what they're tasked to work on and when.
Clarification: With its well-designed and executed Apple Pay system, Apple got the carriers, hardware manufacturers, and Google off their butts with mobile payments. I think it marvelous that Apple released Apple Pay from out of the blue, after enduring critics and competitors slamming the company for not including NFC. Little did the competition know they were being set up to be "checkmated", if only for a while.
Boring? That would describe Boyhood. The rest were largely quite interesting. This has been one of the best years for movies in recent history, not for the glitz and glamour but for the creativity and depth.
Apparently you care enough to echo the original claim. Like a trial attorney, why ask more questions when you got the answer you wanted and any further questions might spoil your argument? Same for me... I got the answer I wanted.... it doesn't look like Samsung has a relevant patent in the country where it matters most. I'd suggest you're at the disadvantage.
Nope! Until proven otherwise, I consider Samsung's claim to be effectively debunked by Apple's lack of citation in their patent application. The U.S. is the first and best place in the entire World to patent, by the way, and regardless, patents published in other countries constitute prior art.
Anything for MBPr owners experiencing image ghosting?
Rather than hearsay from a company as well-respected as Samsung [cough, choke, puke], we really would just like to see a link to the relevant Samsung patent from 2005. I don't see any such patent cited in the references for Apple's new patent, and it would surely be frowned upon (understatement of the year) by the USPTO if Apple had omitted mention of a relevant patent in their application. Set us straight, Gatorguy. Did I miss the citation or is Samsung full of sh!t?
Lenovo was already a security problem: Made not just in China but by China.
No need. LoopPay is already screwed.
That's the same sort of crap that was dished on the public by competitors after the original iPhone announcement in January 2007, during the six months prior to Apple shipping the greatest technological innovation ever. Now, an Apple car is far more than six months away--there's been no announcement from Apple after all--but nobody should ever believe they can't be replaced--least of all GM.  GM killed the electric car because of union pressure.  Electric cars just don't...
New Posts  All Forums: