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Countless dozens!
Google is only open about research that's inconsequential... which is most of it.
How long until this app and others listen in without your permission? (Samsung "smart" TVs already do it.)
Come and gone. I hate to think of a world in which Samsung crap dominates.
The new made-in-USA Mac Pro contains Samsung SSD, too. I'd like to see Apple use more reliable memory, from a U.S. manufacturer, than cheap Samsung TLC.
If ever a company deserved a boycott, in so many ways it's Samsung. "We lose money the old fashioned way. We earn it."
You make good points, but I suggest you consider Apple has been slow to migrate to larger displays because the company wants to minimize the additional burden on developers and ensure legacy apps don't break. Advantages of the iOS ecosystem include not just the number of apps but their consistent behavior. In contrast, Android is known for being a heterogeneous mess. It's advantageous to everyone--Apple, developers and customers--for Apple to make slow, deliberate moves....
I believe you're in a tiny minority in your assessment of the Jobs biography, but Isaacson's insights, yes, they are crap.
No, Jobs just saved Pixar from the grave, and gave it the resources (at great personal financial risk) and freedom to become the greatest animation studio.
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