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I've always suspected Larry Ellison was heterosexual, but I'm just not sure. Maybe Tim Cook's actions will one day convince Larry to come out of the closet. It will probably be best if he waits until Oracle is the most valuable company in the world and trading at an all-time high, though.
Just look how many Hues are used to illuminate that room... and it's still dark.   Hues aren't efficient, they're way too expensive, and they're not even recommended for use in enclosed fixtures.
Where there's a will, there's a way.   I firmly believe every member of the consortium knows CurrentC is a TurKey and should be slaughtered for Thanksgiving.
Users who manually downloaded 8.0.1 to update their device via iTunes didn't experience a problem?   This has been reported to be the first time Apple distributed software using its own Internet infrastructure rather than, say, Akamai's.   Glad to know it wasn't a problem of Apple's doing! Apple QC is just fine.
Sapphire may still hold potential. A thinner sapphire cover sheet might be possible, and the electrical characteristics of sapphire are better for a touch display (and Touch ID). Even if the AR coating isn't as durable as sapphire, it's better to have a coating scratched than the underlying glass. Are the coatings on the Air 2 even more scratch-resistant than Gorilla Glass 3? I doubt it--in which case, writing that the AR coating is less scratch-resistant than sapphire...
That's why it cleans so easily, but the display still picks up oil.
"Unlimited" customers are apparently being intentionally throttled, more than the competitive throttling you (and I) experience.
The apparent problem is that "unlimited" customers are throttled down preferentially over metered customers, when they both should be throttled equally in the presence of high demand.
If reports are to be believed, the FTC needs to file another suit against AT&T, for locking Apple SIM cards.
The Air 2 does show fingerprints more, likely in part because the coating attracts more oil and partly because it's more visible against the blacker background. It's not the end of the world, though. The display cleans easily.
New Posts  All Forums: