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Don't believe it. All else being equal, the GPU requires more power to push more pixels.
Fixed that 4u
Title II has been around since 1934. All of the cable companies and their attorneys know it well. Check it out here, starting on page 35.
OT: Most often in commerce, FOB = Freight On Buyer.  The buyer is responsible for shipping.
Even Alexander Graham Bell would be offended.  
Then please provide a coherent rationale for why Net Neutrality is meaningless or whatever it is you believe.
Do you not have any idea what Title II is about?
Do you believe everything Sean Hannity says? Larger players typically have an advantage to begin with, but Net Neutrality won't allow them to make special deals to squelch smaller players.
How many people previously turned away from using AT&T broadband because they block port 25*? Well, no more.     *Port 25 for support of personally/privately operated e-mail servers.
Sure, just like you had to get a license for your landline telephone... NOT. Keep up the FUD, it really adds to our opinion of you.
New Posts  All Forums: