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The anodized aluminum Sport is matte, whereas the Edition is shiny, but this has little to do with the appearance of their respective colors, which are very different. In person, the "rose gold" Sport is light pink and has almost no warmth--I call it pink; the rose gold Edition is very warm in appearance--I'd call it a reddish shade of gold. On a retina display, Apple's website has the two watch models looking quite similar in color, but IMHO only the Sport edition is...
Skullduggery has nothing to do with it. In person, the colors of the rose gold Watch Edition and Watch Sport look nothing alike. The Edition looks gold with tinge of rose/pink, while the Sport looks just pink (light pink). People who haven't seen them both in person have no solid basis for commenting about their similarity. Okay, I'll ask the big question: Is Jony colorblind?
Of course, you're talking about the color of the rose gold Watch Edition, not the rose gold Watch Sport, which is just pink with no gold.
People, please stop posting characterizations of what "rose gold" looks like if you've not seen the "rose gold" aluminum Apple Watch Sport in person, which is expected to have a color matching the "rose gold" iPhone. The rose gold Watch Edition is an entirely different color (mostly gold with a tinge of rose/pink) from the rose gold Watch Sport, which is decidedly pink (light pink, not a saturated pink). Most guys will not want to be seen toting a pink iPhone, and the...
Because of all the smart@sses in the Apple Kingdom, I've re-worded my post to make it clear I'm talking about the color of the device and that it's light pink.
To my eyes, there is no gold color to the rose gold iPhone and Apple Watch Sport cases. It's pink anodized aluminum... along with sophisticated marketing. Most guys who buy it will be severely disappointed. To my eyes, under the Apple store lights, the anodized color is a light PINK. Go to any Apple store where the rose gold Watch Sport and rose gold Watch Edition are on display. They look very different in color. Only the latter contains real gold and any appearance of...
Steve Jobs will be hosting next week's keynote.
Google loving to wow investors with nothingness, VP10 might look like @ss compared to h.265
Apple has brought back a well-suited voice talent for these commercials.
Nothing is truly free. Participating in this test program will be a huge waste of time. Yeah, sure, it's a nice phone but it still runs Android with all of the many issues that come with it (and what it doesn't come with, like decent support). I hear the thing still bends like butter, too.
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