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A $1 fine alone would suffice to satisfy the law.
Yes, and of course Robin Thicke wears the larger size to match his big d.See about 3:12 here (warning NSFW):http://www.vevo.com/watch/robin-thicke/Blurred-Lines-(Unrated-Version)/USUV71300526
And the S6 display was sorely cracked at 120 lbs.
Failing worse than the iPhone shows there's more to making a quality copy (i.e., copying-to-own or "stealing" a technology) than meets the eye.
Q: Why did Samsung request the patent review instead of Apple? A: In its agreement to supply Apple with flash storage, Samsung may have also agreed to indemnify Apple for any liability over patent infringement.
If you can't make efficient LEDs at a reasonable price, do the shuck and jive!
I can fit a iPhone 6+ in my pocket, but barely. How do you fit that TV in your pocket? Or do you just carry it around? Does it consume less energy than an iPad?
How many of the 13 channels will HBO Now include?
IOT Hell, from Amazon.
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