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Diet Coke = tasteless
There's only Cote's words and actions! 
The torus is to contain a circular racetrack.
Disassemble, reassemble. Saw, glue. Whatever it takes! Never had a dissatisfied customer. (No customers yet.)
The FAA rules also kill my plans for a new moving company: One Guy and a Drone
iCloud pricing reeks of "We will not be taken advantage of!", when it's customers that are being taken advantage of, both with the pricing and the experience.
Could we please have a refresh to the Mac Pro? Intel has been providing v3 Haswells for about 6 months already. Steve would approve of Feb. 24th for the update.
Only in China
I highly recommend it! Over-the-air broadcasts work great and the substantial money saved can be better used elsewhere--not to mention your time can be better used elsewhere.
Forget live-only access. I have a frigging several-gigabyte workstation in my pocket with access to high-speed Internet nearly everywhere. With OTA, cable or satellite, we can pause or record to a scrappy TiVo for later replay, rewind, FF, etc. So why not on our computers and mobile devices? espn3.com is viewable live and in replays on my computer, so this $20/month is to watch it on my iPhone but live only. What a sad joke. I guess I'll just have to screen share with my...
New Posts  All Forums: