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FYI: Galaxy S5 LTE-A (not shown in the table) scored higher than the iPhone 6 Plus.
Google is "far more secure" and way ahead of Apple, except when the NSA comes calling or when Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are looking for some laughs.
How does Samsung's test demonstrate greater strength, when both Samsung and Apple test to the same 25 kg of force? This video makes Samsung look like wimps.
With each new role, DiCaprio has been playing increasingly vile characters, so I knew the Jobs gig wouldn't pan out. Leo is currently studying for the role of Eric Schmidt in the movie version of How Google Screws.
Everybody has a price. And I'll bet Samsung was willing to pay a small fortune to interfere with Apple's plans. The two low-lifes deserve each other.
MS is distancing itself from the disasters known as Windows 98 and 98ME. And Mac OS X has been so successful. Plus Yosemite is only 10.9.   Lookout: the next release of Mac OS X will be known as The Terminator (maintains California theme, with Hollywood tie-in)
It's not too early to kill the desktop.
Apple has a target of reaching iOS 10 just in time to name it iOS X, a meld of iOS and Mac OS X.
Don't do FB, except as someone else. Don't install FB on any mobile devices.
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