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I guess you were looking for a Samsung-style "Wow" effect, such as a store full of apps that don't work properly on the new form factors. Unfortunately for you, the million or so iPhone apps will all look and work great from day 1, because of the preparation Apple and iOS developers already made. You're right, though, we've gotten used to this level of comfort with Apple products and don't really think about it any more.
Why do keyboard extensions have to have Internet access? Seriously, why can't they at least do a few things intelligently for the user, without having to have Full Access? Why does Apple place the burden of allowing Full Access to users who are mostly naive about security/privacy? Is Apple responsible for this all-or-nothing situation? It would seem so!
Find My iPhone has nothing to do with backing up your photos. Your statement is completely wrong in that regard.If you de-select Photos from the iCloud settings, only the photos in your Photo Stream album are deleted from your iPhone. The photos you took on your iPhone or synced to your iPhone remain intact. The photos in iCloud also aren't deleted by your de-selection action, but they will expire and be individually deleted from iCloud as they each reach 30 days of...
This kind of 3rd party threat to privacy and security is one of the principal reasons I've stuck with iOS, recommended iOS, and not even entertained the thought of jailbreaking iOS in eons. Swiftkey has absolutely no business requiring Full Access before letting me change preferences. Where was Apple in the review of that policy? Where will Apple be when (not if) Swiftkey's systems are hacked?
Beautiful! Not everything. Just most everything. Swiftkey even wants access to my Contacts to "establish a base for your personalized language model." B.S. Users can't even change the default preferences without giving full access, which is absolute hogwash. Whoopy-big deal if these keyboards are locked out when entering data in password fields. There's a lot more in my confidential information than just passwords. With 3rd party keyboards, there are just too many fingers...
Oh, we trust the safety measures. We don't trust inactivating the safety measures. Giving third parties "Full Access" is b.s. In fine print at the very bottom, Fleksy's configuration page reads, "Keyboard apps require full access to sync your preferences." Well, I don't want my preferences synced, at the risk of revealing everything I type to a third party. None of Fleksy's preferences can be changed without enabling full access. And that is just complete B.S.
Huge disappointment   Why did it take until now for this information to surface?
No, a patent holder does not need to be a practitioner of the invention. They can try to license the technology instead.Limited-time patent protection is awarded by the government in exchange for public dissemination of innovative ideas that otherwise might never be developed (or as quickly developed) or publicly disseminated. Once a patent expires, everyone is free to utilize the invention.
AT&T is likely to count wifi calls against your plan minutes, just as they count microcell minutes.
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