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Now that the headline has been changed to 1-2 weeks, the Apple Store reports 2-3 weeks. 
The headline says 2-3 weeks but the Apple Store says 1-2 weeks.
AT&T and Verizon customers can opt-out of much of their tracking.Android is a fright. You can't even install an app without tacitly acquiescing to all of its requests to access your personal data, and apps can then run in the background without your permission/knowledge, happily harvesting your personal data.
The $40/mo would be because the newer phone was purchased with a subsidy that has to be paid off with a higher monthly fee. The prices quoted for Google's Project F*it don't include consideration of a potential subsidy either.
Project F*ck it.   "Google says that their handset will automatically switch between Wi-Fi, Sprint, and T-Mobile, depending on which service offers the strongest signal in a particular location."   And if only Verizon or AT&T has signal in a particular location.... F*ck it.
Ahem! The Apple Store shows lead times for the 15" MBP at 1-2 weeks (and all iMacs at 3-5 days). Looks like a Force Touch Trackpad for the 15" MBP and an Apple-controller SSD upgrade for all may be nigh.
Consumers who wanted an iPhone have mostly bought one already. Those who like Android are not looking for an iPhone-like experience... or if they are, they're not getting it with Android.   Did anyone here see the myopic reporting on ABC World News last night about the dangers of smartphone apps? The vast majority of the concern would be for Android devices, yet not a mention of that, and mostly iconic images from iOS were shown. Android is insecure by design.
I believe you mean spyware
The Beats iOS UI is hideous. On Android it's likely the same. I don't know why one would want to jump through hoops for that on a Mac.
The aluminum and stainless cases are made of specially crafted alloys for beauty, durability... and to reject gold plating.
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