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No bump on my iPhone 6P. But then I keep in a lightweight, thin profile case, just like most people. Who knew? 
A common marketing tactic is to set a high retail price and advertise huge discounts. Look for 2-for-1 deals on the S6!
Does the S6 run a complete 64-bit stack and 64-bit apps? Will it ever? What will the lag time be for receiving Android updates from Google? Will the S6 run Adobe Flash? Over time, doesn't everybody shrink the feature size of the chips used in their products? Doesn't AMOLED still burn through battery when displaying light colors? How close will the S6 need to be held to make sure all of the pixels are really there? Will Samsung still ship with a blow-out color profile to...
Samsung also cloned the non-replaceable battery.
Don't believe it. All else being equal, the GPU requires more power to push more pixels.
Fixed that 4u
Title II has been around since 1934. All of the cable companies and their attorneys know it well. Check it out here, starting on page 35.
OT: Most often in commerce, FOB = Freight On Buyer.  The buyer is responsible for shipping.
Even Alexander Graham Bell would be offended.  
Then please provide a coherent rationale for why Net Neutrality is meaningless or whatever it is you believe.
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