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So, what has been the holdup in production? The Watch is janky enough that I have zero interest in waiting weeks for delivery.
IMHO the black one looks too big for the (presumably) male wrist in the first photo. Are they made like hotcakes?
The 42mm size looks to be too large for most people.
No rug rats in my house. I have no need for any form of Disney Channel and do not wish to subsidize those channels. The promise of the Internet is to avoid this kind of thuggery.
The studios don't approve of PT either; and hence the ISPs don't approve.
If supplies are constrained due to the innards, Apple will be wise to make the most expensive models most readily available. Want an Apple Watch on launch day? Buy the 42mm rose gold Edition.  
Locked in a safe, I hope.
A $1 fine alone would suffice to satisfy the law.
Yes, and of course Robin Thicke wears the larger size to match his big d.See about 3:12 here (warning NSFW):http://www.vevo.com/watch/robin-thicke/Blurred-Lines-(Unrated-Version)/USUV71300526
And the S6 display was sorely cracked at 120 lbs.
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