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It's not too early to kill the desktop.
Apple has a target of reaching iOS 10 just in time to name it iOS X, a meld of iOS and Mac OS X.
Don't do FB, except as someone else. Don't install FB on any mobile devices.
Well, Google does have the inside track, considering its offer has already been accepted and "just" needs government approvals. Just say No Waze, man.
Either them or LoG.That is why you will not see an AMOLED panel on an iPhone, iPad or anything else. The Koreans wish to charge a premium to Apple, since Apple won't let them copy.
At least 2 or 3 were damaged (not broken!) in this production.  Are you talking about the 6 or 7 others (at most) out of millions sold thus far? In contrast, all 3 of the iPhone 4's I owned exhibited the "holding it wrong" behavior--when held normally. The bumper was a welcome gift--worked great, was lightweight, and provided all of the protection I needed.
Wrong.The video is a complete fraud. He could not bend the phone with his fungal hands without the phone having been bent to begin with. And how that initial bend was introduced is never described or shown. Multiple phones were used in the production. Look at the two phones, each with different damage, in his hands before and after the jump cut that occurs at about 2:40.It helps to see in the introduction that the phone wasn't originally bent at all, if you view the video...
The fraudster was clearly able to bend the phone with his hands, BUT a slight bend was already present. The structural integrity of the phone had already been compromised (off screen) before he attempted to bend the phone manually. He provides no real information about what it took to create the initial bend. His introduction is intended to suggest the slight bend was created merely by carrying the phone in his pocket, but he doesn't say the bend was actually created that...
I wonder why Apple doesn't implement it over wi-fi for all Macs, since they have it working over wi-fi between iPad and iPhone. (I keep BT disabled mainly for better battery life.)
Handoff activated?   OT: I can now receive (and can accept) cell phone calls on my iPad that were directed to my AT&T iPhone (6+). Both are running 8.0.2. The iPad does have cellular hardware, but receiving calls requires the iPhone and iPad being on the same Wi-Fi network, independent of having the cellular modem active. I can also make phone calls to landlines from the iPad using the FaceTime app. FaceTime says it's using my iPhone to route the call. 
New Posts  All Forums: