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256K of lossless isn't a backup. iTunes Match doesn't deal with video. Maybe you need to read that again. You do nothing for Apple sales, btw.
 I do have iTunes Match and, unlike you it seems, I know it doesn't backup lossless copies of audio files. My iTunes library also contains several videos, which iTunes Match does nothing with. The total is well over 500GB.
Well, 99% of people who don't care that Apple holds the encryption keys might be cool with it.
iPhoto collection (with only a few videos) is 500GB aloneiTunes library is well over 500GB (Apple lossless rips). Besides, why would I entrust personal data to Apple, when they hold the encryption keys? For much of the data I wish to replicate, I use BitTorrent Sync. BTSync isn't a recommended solution for iPhoto or iTunes, and I don't use it for that, but for other important files, it works great.
No deal. 1TB is too small.
Joan Rivers could, too. Now, call your doctor for some penicillin.
Shhh... Apple quietly acquired Pied Piper last month.
Galaxy Tab S - the one with the blown out color
"manage expectations" => not as magical as many people have been expecting
Such copycats at Apple! ;-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_barges
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