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MLB uses the lack of AM/FM in cell phones to coerce baseball fans to pay for streaming service.
LOL!!! I can only surmise that there's a confidential Apple discussion thread on this topic that at least one person here has now divulged against the terms of the NDA to which they agreed. Well, I'm not a party to that discussion. My information is first hand and no NDA applies.  
Displays shows only 30 Hz refresh available under 10.10.3, but showed both 30 and 60 Hz under 10.10.2. My 4k monitor supports 60 Hz operation at 3840x2160 over DP 1.2, and did so beautifully under 10.10.2.
10.10.3 took away the splendid HiDPI modes and 60Hz refresh rates with my 4K monitor and Mac Edition video card available with 10.10.2 and SwitchResX. This supplement does nothing to resolve that.
Sustainability is sustainable for only so long.
What d'ya bet Karl Baby has never loaded an app on the iPhone himself.
@midwestapplefan: the Phantom 2 is incredibly EASY to fly and I expect the 3 to be even easier. It is important to start with freshly charged batteries, always follow preliminary procedures before take-off, and not go anywhere near pushing the battery's limits. It's easy to ask too much of the drone during maneuvers, too, so just behave yourself, don't go too fast in a crowded area, and you'll be fine! With practice, one can have hours of uneventful fun (one 15-20 minute...
Combined with the occasional 20-25% discount on iTunes gift cards, Apple is then sometimes losing money on the Apple TV.
Forget the intentional supply constraint theories. I believe Apple is making units as fast as possible (however slow it actually is and for whatever reasons), but the most important thing at this time is to get developers on board... to convince developers that the Apple Watch is The Platform of choice. With any new platform, it's a chicken-and-egg problem--apps vs. customers--and Apple is doing its darnedest to fertilize that chicken.
Do you represent Apple, bunky? Stop bitching about Apple customers, bunky. The customer is always right.4 weeks? Sometime in June could be 11 weeks. If you do represent Apple, then how about giving us a clue as to why more units are available sooner?
New Posts  All Forums: