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I don't recall ever using AT&T as my search engine. Keep Google usage confined to search, that's as far as I can stomach going.
Remember: Google doesn't play the patent game, and they didn't pay $12B for Motorola Mobility just to get its patent portfolio. The fact that MM sued Apple was just a joke. Really it was. (Unfortunately for them, the joke was on Google.)
How about an article on AI about how Apple has decided not to issue security updates for OS X versions prior to Mavericks?
No, it's not--the blogs that say it is a bargain fall all over themselves to make it look that way. However, it's kinda tough right now to build a system with 6 TB2 ports or to build such a powerful system that's that small. If that's what you need, you'll have to buy the new MP. If you've got a few custom configuration skills, you can build a more powerful and more (internally) expandable system for the same price or less.
You've never seen the Honeywell Prestige. It's intuitive, like having an iPod touch on the wall, and it does what you tell it, not what it (wrongly) thinks is right.I'm not a Honeywell rep. I'm a severely disappointed, former Nest customer who is very happy with the Prestige.But you can go ahead an love your fancy doorknob all day long.
Honeywell thermostats have done that for years before Nest, for both heat and AC. Also starting the fan a tad early. The Nest menu system seems a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Gear menus which have been trashed in the press. I could never remember how to access what. The Nest UI is kludgy for everything but setting the temperature.
Do you hear that, Sonos?   OT: Nest is not smart. It's just easier to install--except for entering your wifi pw, which is painfully tedious. (Not that other thermostats are difficult.)
Thanks, Fox, for ensuring I don't waste 4 hours watching a dumb football game.
If not enthusiasts, Other World Computing (obtaining a discount for trading up to a faster CPU, just like is often done with memory upgrades).
The dual GPUs has already made the lack of a dual CPUs option less of a concern. Just like 9 is less than 10.With the new Mac Pro design, Apple chose to target the video production market, using every marketing angle and gimmick at its disposal, including (presumably) full support for the dual GPUs by FCPX. In the general server realm, Apple has ceded the battle; hence, no dual CPU option.
New Posts  All Forums: