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Why? Seriously, please explain.
First time in several years I shopped at CVS, just so I could use Apple Pay. Now I have to return the items, because they don't deserve my business. That should be fun, since I didn't use a card and they've supposedly disabled the system. That'll be the last time in several more years I shop at CVS, too. Ridiculously high prices there.
Time to file a complaint with the FTC.   In the mean time, if you're going to choose AT&T, at least buy your iPad Air 2 elsewhere. Heck, even if you're not going to use T-Mobile, reward them for their freedom promoting ways by purchasing your iPad from them.
Diversion for Samsung?
These ads are likely a joint venture by MC and Apple.
N.B. All of the A8X chips with 4 good cores are being saved for the 13" iPad for business in 2015.
Wimp! Even Amazon reports its Kindle sales. Oh, wait.
What happened to Target?
How about Amazon.com?
That settles that!   No wonder the store was down so long this a.m. ;-)
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