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In addition to greater strength than glass, sapphire has better electrical properties for use in capacitive touch displays and can be used in thinner sheets for even better performance. A precision caliper gauge and scale could be used to ascertain the density of the cover to see if consistent with sapphire.
Apple wouldn't be working with Adobe to transition customers to Lightroom, unless something significant will be missing from Photos (and legacy Aperture under Yosemite) for a very long time.
I also can't imagine in a million years Google using Knox, so I ask: what's in a name? This looks to me like a public relations ploy negotiated by Samsung and Google. Samsung agrees to discontinue its silly UI work, Google continues to indemnify Samsung in lawsuits, Google develops "Knox" into a properly implemented security solution that's maybe easier to deploy, and everybody looks real chummy and "innovative."
Is it a phone? I haven't read anything about the demo showing the Phone Fire operating in phone mode.
Ratchet = code word for rat shit   Bezos = code word for 3-d bozos   Fish sticks = code word for fish sticks
Ahem.... Honeywell is the leader, going back way before Nest. (See Honeywell's easy-to-use Prestige 2.0 and new 3.0 thermostats with remote access, plus the innovative new Lyric.) Nest has been jumping through hoops trying to catch up and circumvent Honeywell's long-standing patents.The Nest is a nice looking lump on the wall, but it's UI is on par with the Samsung Galaxy Gear.
That app does work well! (I couldn't care less about the WC but don't mind sticking it to ESPN or any other broadcaster who requires a TV subscription to access Internet streaming.)
Apple should instead pay Kanye 100% of the revenue from iTunes Festival (i.e., zilch, nada, not even front page promo time).   By the way, I would hazard to guess Kanye Werst has violated a confidentiality agreement by disclosing this. I would also hazard to guess Kanye is extremely jealous of Dr. Dre. 
Man, I'd like to see that on a Phone Fire!
Most people won't want to be stuck in Amazon's limited world. The Phone Fire will not sell well--even worse than Kindle Fire about which we have no sales figures.
New Posts  All Forums: