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But consumers haven't been able to golf on Mars until now... err, until 10 years from now... or whenever this HoloLens b.s. actually ships. It's going to be really great to clear out all of the furniture in your apartment or house, so it will look like you're really on Mars! If only Microsoft would figure out a way to hide the corners of the room and windows so they don't underlay the fantastic imagery of the Martian landscape.
It is certainly a marketing gimmick. And "hologram" might be the right word, but not for the reasons Microsoft is so overbearingly suggesting. Any hologram involved would be static (fixed at the time of manufacture), perhaps used to beam separate images into the eyes, not a dynamic hologram of computer-generated, 3d imagery.
Who would blame you for not understanding, when such a massive media campaign has been launched to re-educate us? I know, we have such an intelligent, investigative technology news media, they can't all be wrong. But take a gander at the wikipedia page describing holography. Take a close-up look at a hologram. Note the speckling and whorls in the stored, static 3d image. That "noise" is the stored interference pattern of light. That noise then diffracts light to re-produce...
Show us the holography.Show us the buttons on the right side that control brightness, etc.
After the first 1000 times "bouncing around", the intensity of the light will be <0.1% of the original source, essentially invisible to the eye. The HoloLens is complete vaporware. Even if it theoretically uses holography or holograms, then it does so merely using one or more static holograms to guide light, not to create dynamic imagery in 3D space. Note the companion Wired "advertisement" that states, "Sensors flood the unit with terabytes of data every second, all...
Speaking of doing just fine without Flash, here's where to get an uninstaller for Mac OS X. http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/uninstall-flash-player-mac-os.html   (Note the page still hasn't been updated to mention Yosemite, but it works anyway.)   Edit: You're welcome!
"Real artists ship."--Steve Jobs
Perhaps Microsoft could produce a combination iPod, phone, and Internet communicator, and not announce it prematurely, too.
Golfing on Mars! I'll buy!!!
We won't know about possible patent infringement either until Microsoft starts trying to sell it. They can demo all they want without issue, but once they start using or selling HoloLens... then we'll get a better idea of just how innovative Microsoft was.
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