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Especially in the disability insurance business, the insurance companies love it when you cancel! Maybe the best part of the ACA (affordable care act or "Obamacare") is no more exclusions for pre-existing conditions. So if "something crappy" happens and it doesn't kill you, you can still get health insurance.
On the HHS side of things, regulators are corrupted by their vested interest in stable employment, generous salary and retirement.Despite what we might think we want, doctors do need to know bureaucracy, at least to give patients appropriate, quality healthcare, such as knowing coding tricks. Good, conscientious physicians know the costs of assays and treatments and order them rationally, rather than over-ordering due to incompetence or to cover their ass and increasing...
I wonder what the leaked Healthbook UI looks like to someone who is color blind.   I care more about the functionality behind the UI than changes to UI elements.
Try incompetence, self-serving interests and corruption on the government side, helped in part by big money from the insurance companies. When they entered graduate school, most physicians had no idea the amount of bureaucracy that was going to be put in the way of their helping patients.
Because it's illegal (in the U.S. at least) for insurance companies to possess full medical records and to possess any genetic information.
AT&T does this under its "Next" program. Compared to a subsidized plan, Next is convenient but it's not as good a deal for the savvy consumer, because you have to immediately turn in your old device which otherwise could be retained, unlocked and/or sold.
Apple is closing down this avenue, so only Apple will know your whereabouts... and can improve iAds and iBeacons accordingly. I expect Google will do the same. Neither company likes to entertain freeloaders of the data they collect on users.
Just like Google won't share such information either. Apple isn't demonstrating a distinction between it and Google, other than implementing a mechanism that Google hasn't yet for maintaining proprietary tracking data on users.
Another way to look at this might be that if accurate tracking of iOS users is desired, a fee-based agreement with Apple must be made.
Really, then how did Apple get the units wrong for blood glucose level? Should be mg/dL, not mL/dL https://twitter.com/engadget/status/473527892823904256/photo/1
New Posts  All Forums: