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The joy of a monopoly.
Beats likely has such a high fraction of "paying" subscribers because of the link to AT&T wireless accounts, where users can get 3 months free. Will have to see what fraction keep paying after the 3 months expire.
The Parrot is in the "why bother?" category.
The Parrot looks terribly unstable. How could one stomach monitoring it via a head mounted display?   Compare it to the stability and range of the Phantom 2 with 3D gimbal mounted GoPro3+ camera--with twice the battery life, too.
 ART eliminates the API with the Dalvik bytecode interpreter but doesn't change the Java language API.  Yes, the reverse ruling is all about copyright. Fair use will next be determined with instructions from an appropriately informed jurist. Android is going somewhere alright!
A lot of wishful thinking there, based on an apparent lack of understanding.  Wholesale copying of the API is unlikely to be judged as "fair use", particularly if it's for commercial purposes. And Google neither replaced nor rewrote the API. The penalty for willful infringement of a registered copyright can be triple the damages.
Google is so gosh-darned "innovative"   Go, Larry*!!!!!!!!!!!!      (*Ellison that is)
Super-resolution images only if you hold the light-weight device even steadier than you have to already.
The Galaxy displays are not just big, they're gaudy.  Samsung displays blow out color in an effort to appeal to an adolescent mentality (their own ).
1. iBeacon 2. (Bluetooth = Precision) + (iBeacon = widespread accessibility) = Pervasive detailed tracking If you don't understand that, you don't know tech. Most likely, though, you're just being obtuse.
New Posts  All Forums: