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Why hasn't Apple pushed a patch already? It takes more effort to construct a press release than to patch. And it's not like pushing an album out to everyone that relatively few people want.
Oh, obviously. If they didn't have an iPhone 6/6+, they had no issue. Obviously. Just a few million iPhone 6/6+ customers were vulnerable, and fortunately for the vast majority of them, Apple pulled the update before they could grab it.
The iPhone 6/6+ is unreleased hardware? 
Gosh, I feel so lucky and privileged to have experienced the bug... and lost an entire afternoon in recovery, not knowing what or when Apple would do anything about it.
That is terribly disturbing. I wish I hadn't seen it. Let the Ballmer Center for Disadvantaged Platforms pay for it.
The behavior ought to be universal across all 6 Pluses, but many people might not know what to look for. I've noticed stuttering in the graphics. Some of this might be caused by diagnostics inserted in the original release of 8.0 that will eventually be removed, but I kind of doubt the effect of diagnostics would be so extreme. 
Of course, 64 bits registers aren't needed for that, but they do make addressing 128 GB of storage more efficient. The 64-bit ARM instruction set also supports twice the registers (32 integer and 32 floating point) for even greater speed. This is twice the registers of Intel's latest Xeons. That's much of the reason why the A8 processor in the iPhone 6 is basically as fast* as Samsung S5, despite having half as many cores and running at a vastly slower clock rate (for...
He has to!  Google is contractually bound to pay Samsung's legal fees and judgments from the Android lawsuits. There is simply too at stake for Schmidt and Google not to be evil.
Can anyone confirm actually having done the above to maintain 8.0.1 and that it fixed their iPhone 6/6+? (Note: it's OPTION key that needs to be held, not Command). (Unfortunately, I've already gone back to 8.0 and am restoring from an initial backup, but for the sake of anyone who hasn't yet...)
Waste of money and time.
New Posts  All Forums: