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Galaxy Tab S - the one with the blown out color
"manage expectations" => not as magical as many people have been expecting
Such copycats at Apple! ;-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_barges
The clue in the invitation is likely just the giant Apple, signifying the big iPhone(s) to be announced. (No iWatch?)
And I thought you were an Apple fan! Of course, that's what we're supposed to see. As always, for real Apple fans, the question is what message or inspiration did Apple hide in the invitation?
The image looks like a finger pressing a flexible display--and from the tagline, maybe with haptic feedback.
Now that's beautiful!
TMS!   (too many 'shrooms)
$50 off is "slashing" the price of a $600+ device?
Caution: Pushing too hard can lead to hemorrhoids.
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