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Without Steve at the helm, it's douchebags gone wild!
Are people starting to hate their cell phones again?
Perfectly ordinary location for a thermostat! 5 thermostats. You have 5 zones?   I'm not surprised by your energy savings this summer, even though I probably have a smaller house. I save more energy with Honeywell because I don't need to set the temperature too high or too low just to circulate the air periodically. And I'm even more comfortable because the Honeywell can control humidity. Furthermore, the Honeywell has a battery operated wireless remote that I can place...
A terrible job was done cleaning up the audio, when it could be a whole lot better. The result is almost unintelligible. People think that just by using Audacity they're a pro--hence the name, I guess! Yup, the tape hiss was removed... along with a lot of information. Better equalization of what's been posted can help but it would be best to start with the original rip.
Honeywell Prestige 2.0 is much easier to use and is far more functional and capable (apart from lacking motion detection) than Nest 1 or 2. For instance, temperature and humidity readings are provided both indoors and outdoors at your house (not just somewhere in your zip code), multiple wireless remote temperature+humidity sensors can be configured around the house, humidity can be regulated by an optional dehumidifier or existing AC, and the Honeywell color touch panel...
Since the Motorola Mobility acquisition, Apple is now ready to sue Google directly over Android and FRAND issues.
Anything to buy time. Buying time pays big rewards in more consumer sales.
2050? That's fine.
Not exactly. Macs are more open than iOS devices, so it's possible (albeit inconvenient) to downgrade a Mac. Furthermore, Apple routinely provides security updates for older major releases of Mac OS X.
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