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This makes excellent sense. Build numbers may have started at 100 (triple digits). And check-ins are happening all the time, so multiple builds per day could be very helpful for developers wanting to test ASAP. Some build attempts may fail and have to be restarted, too, and still receive a unique build number of their own. I would hazard to guess virtually all Apple developers work nearly all weekends. Just a few years ago, builds would take a day (if they succeeded), but...
Thanks to 16-core Hackintoshes at 1 Infinite Loop, Apple builds OS X faster and more often.
Polypropylene tubing behind it? What do you suppose that's about?
Amazon's wholesale discounting was built on Amazon's web dominance and designed and intended to hurt any-and-all potential competitors. This is akin to abusing a monopoly to exert leverage over another market niche. Selling product at a loss can never be justified by the government.
I've seen no such cap on AT&T with my iP5.
If Apple is presented with a problematic, jailbroken device, I believe the burden of proof will reside on the consumer, not Apple, to show that the jailbreak isn't responsible.
Off-topic: Outside of the military, when have you ever heard of the federal government cutting employees other than through attrition?
This is bad for Apple in terms of PR, whether the effect on sales will be measurable or not. The general public doesn't recognize a distinction between FRAND patents and the rest. I'd wager that the ITC didn't fully take into account FRAND licensing practices, but the ITC just gave some number of people reason to believe Samsung has at least as legitimate (or illegitimate) a business as Apple.
While you're at it, Larry Page would like you to e-mail your medical records to someone--anyone--so Google can study them.
Really, gecko inspired? Why don't you show us? I believe it's called Velcro in other parts of the world.
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