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I never heard a word out of Forstall's mouth that didn't sound like it originated from Jobs. When one is going through what Jobs went through, it helps to have an energetic surrogate, but now that Jobs is gone...
with the R&D and manufacturing paid for by Apple, thank you.
you're dreaming... you might call it a nightmare.
Bump that! Cash907 is just talking out his/her heinie.
Better in terms of resolution, yes, but since the unaided eye can't see the pixels anyway on the iPad with retina display, the question is whether the Nexus 10 display has as good (or better) color accuracy and brightness--and how long the battery lasts at normal brightness.
A processor that's twice as fast is a "tweak". The iPhone 5 was an "incremental refresh" too. Ha-ha! Gotta preserve that market equity! Spin-spin-spin!
"among others" It might be held up by further licensing deals (that also require software development and debugging).
Apple is a "low-volume player" because there's no need to shout. Apple products speak for themselves.
At least it's another good bargaining point to get preferred pricing from Intel!
Amazingly there's been no noise about Bertrand Serlet sitting among Apple executives at the iPad mini keynote. He left the company last year.
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