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Anybody know if the Fire HD is LTE only (i.e., no 3G or EDGE)?
Prices will naturally come down, but remember HD != retina. Get a refurb. iPad 3 right now from Apple for $150 more.
It happens lots. Surprised? Get yourself an LTE tablet and see first hand. Or tether your laptop to an LTE device.   Intelligent buffering, eh? I guess others see it as a problem, too. It would truly be helpful to have intelligent buffering be standard/ubiquitous, not something one has to worry about installing and using.
Uh, that's $50 for a year of service and 250 MB data usage per month every month of the year.
Vastly increased data usage occurs before the user knows it, especially when migrating up from a 3G platform. On LTE, the pregnant pauses to buffer a newly requested video are much reduced and, before you've gotten very far into the video, the entire file has been downloaded--even if you have no intention of watching more than a few seconds. Result: completely wasted bandwidth and $$
Not a factor for a lot of people because those desiring GPS haven't looked to the Kindle yet.   What would it cost to add a-GPS when Amazon is already charging an arm and a leg just for an extra 16 GB and LTE? The high end model is hardly a bargain. Oh, you might think it's cheap because you're comparing it to older hardware, but realistically (and historically) the price is expected to drop 50% per year for the same features.
It makes perfect sense. The Internet with all its flaws and newly found security exploits will be there, but no fixes from Amazon. App developers will have a fun time supporting multiple generations of HW and OS, with no hope of deficiencies and bugs ever being fixed. New features available on new HW won't be available on old HW even if the old HW would otherwise be capable of supporting the new features.   Amazon does treat Kindles like the razor vs. razorblades model,...
Still no GPS? Bezos doesn't care about making money on the HW because, in part, with the introduction of each new generation, support for the previous generation will get dumped. If Amazon charged much more, owners of the previous generation would become irate.
What's seamless about these earbuds? They most definitely have a visible seam. Every website running this story is mindlessly parroting a falsehood.
A large fraction of Samsung's customers aren't loyal, thanks to their poor quality and poor support. Samsung is all about market saturation, rather than steady solid growth. Too bad it had to take a major lawsuit for the company to finally learn this:   "History has shown there has yet to be a company that has won the hearts and minds of consumers and achieved continuous growth, when its primary means to competition has been the outright abuse of patent law, not the...
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