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The "new" processors were available more than 2 years ago. Apple could have provided this update over a year ago.   Apple doesn't buy processors at single-quantity retail prices, so it used to be the Mac Pro was a good deal compared to rolling your own. But not now.
For essentially the same price, dual E5-2690 (16 cores, 2.9 GHz) systems yield Cinebench score of 24.7. That's $251/unit. Xeon E5 supports quad channel ECC memory--customers can install 1/3 more memory and still get top performance.
Apple isn't fooling anybody with this update, no doubt just securing their supplies from Intel and huge profit margins. No USB 3.0. No faster, quad channel memory. No eight-core processors (16 cores for the system). No SATA III. No Thunderbolt. The E5645 was launched over 2 years ago. No wonder this "update" was kept quiet. The consumer market isn't everything, but Apple apparently can't chew gum and walk at the same time. My support for Linux just improved...
I have just one word for this rumored line-up: Complicated!
There isn't an LCD panel that looks halfway decent when compared to a good plasma--except for the latest iPad. Apple will have to accomplish a feat of that stature (in a much larger panel) to impress. Unfortunately most consumers seem more attracted to garish color, such as offered by the usual LCD TVs and Samsung AMOLEDs. But then Apple doesn't cater to most consumers. It promises to be interesting.
They should just name it the Samsung Vibrator at all four carriers.
Maybe wear a different hat* while moderating and use your old standard (without the "moderator" tag) for passionate comments.     *hat = member name
I'm what you, El Band, would likely call an Apple fanboy, but still I do feel TS is a bit too much of an activist, rather than being an impartial "moderator."
I can see where a simple mind might come to that conclusion from reading just this article, but this article covers merely a tiny fraction of the areas in dispute between the two companies--areas that include patented designs and patented technologies.
“We are anything but an also-ran trying to copy Apple’s technology.”   Do or do not. There is no try.
New Posts  All Forums: