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How is that relevant? Patents are not supposed to be issued for obvious methods.
  ??? Are you serious ???   Software companies want copyrights and patents. Look what copyright law got Oracle in its suit against Google over java: Google was busted for copying 9 lines of original java code.
Posner is an incompetent, activist judge. He should never have taken this case. He has basically admitted to not have done his job and should be removed with prejudice.
Silly, a company can't be full of shit, but Vic Gundotra is.
Google could just as well call it version 4.2 "Melted Ice Cream Sandwich".   And good luck updating to the next major release with that.
Has anybody here seen an IGZO display in person? How good do they look, compared to IPS? How does their power consumption compare to IPS? Tallest Skil, please tell us how insanely perfect IGZO is.
Oh, I get the $299 now. With NFC support, you'll be able to check in at the airport or pay at $tarbuks with your Nexus Q, merely after finding a spare power outlet. And Googs will get to catalog all of the NFC-enabled devices that come and go in your house, for an added sense of privacy that only Googs can provide.
Yeah, I'm going to pay $299 to watch a Google brainiac peel a banana and let friends and family mess with my playlists.  
That doesn't mean he's infallible or wasn't in over his head on this case (my opinion).
The new non-retina MBPs are advertised as supporting dual-link DVI (with an appropriate adapter), but the retina models are not. Yet the retina models are advertised as supporting 2560x1600 pixels on up to two external displays and Apple no longer sells a monitor at that specific resolution. (Apple mini-displayport/thunderbolt monitors are 2560x1440).   btw: Can mini-displayport/thunderbolt monitors not be daisychained, in which case the non-retina models might still...
New Posts  All Forums: