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AT&T charges $20/month extra for iPhone tethering plan but the option extends the data plan by 2 GB to make a total of 5 GB per month (plus $10/GB overage). This is much cheaper than paying an extra $50/month to support a hotspot, not to mention avoiding the extra hardware cost and weight. Furthermore, if you receive an AT&T FAN discount, the tethering data plan may be discounted to where it costs only $8/month more or just over a quarter of a dollar per day (plus taxes...
Why would an innovative company like Apple want to enter the discount book business and get mired in individually pricing thousands upon thousands of publications? The agency model is the only one that makes sense for Apple, but the DOJ says that can't be allowed. WTF?
Yes, the message is clear: the Samsung experience is every bit as good as the iPhone experience. Customers should note Samsungs even have rubber banding! I know, that's a small point, but being a feature-complete-copy really drives the message home.   The Honorable Lucy Koh should note it, too.
I have missed having something exciting to check out at Apple stores this summer.
Translation: "If we fix this gaping security hole, then we'll feel pressure to fix all of the other security holes we so carefully crafted. This isn't good for our business or the NSA's."   Reminds me of Microsoft and Windows, where the security holes were features.
FRAND licensing was fine with Samsung... until an innovator came along and disrupted the market.   Pity.
What's the old saying, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink"? http://corp.sonic.net/status/2005/01/27/new-dsl-reverse-dns-tool-1764/   My recollection is Megapath also provides reverse DNS but I don't know if it's directly user-configurable or if it requires a phone call to support.
Re: customizing the Internet, Google personalizes search results and news listings, not just ads.
If it did, that would be a bother, but it's not likely to be significant when upstream data rates are as slow as they are.
Google and Yahoo are not the rule. They're just companies who must abide by the laws and regulations. If the public doesn't hold them accountable, we can only blame ourselves for the consequences.   Check megapath.com, too, by the way--they're not Northern California-centric like sonic.net currently is.
New Posts  All Forums: