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The New York Times did a lot to promote Daisey's broadway show, seemingly without having performed any fact checking. Very disappointing.
Perhaps Google should rename it "Google Business." They're not playing around, after all!
Any relevant prior art also needs to have been publicly disclosed (prior to Apple's patent filing). If an individual or company had similar technology but hadn't disclosed it, they can still use it themselves, in spite of Apple's patent(s), but it doesn't invalidate Apple's patent(s) or patent rights. But the individual or company must still possess documentary evidence of the prior existence of the technology.
Scrolling through lists on the Apple TV with the iOS touch interface in the Remote app is backwards from Lion: swipe down and lists scroll up, swipe up and lists scroll down.
Will 2-year coverage be included in the price in Italy?
Like everybody else. iTunes has its name for historical reasons and is a strong trade name that shouldn't be dumped on a whim. You can bet Apple has been working on a suitable replacement for years. What's Google's excuse?Absolutely. Where is it? Oh, you mean Android? What's healthy about it?
They couldn't come up with a better name than that? Taking cues from a dying RIM's "Play" book? It sounds like something only a 2-year old would be interested in.
Yessir, peelin' away that corporate veil!
Perhaps "compatible with LTE" means the frequencies, encodings and such can be used, but not necessarily with the best (e.g., highest-speed) performance characteristics.
Apple doesn't exist and we all just develop for Windows instead.
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