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Yes, it's evil, because it undermines and threatens our freedom. Google is also known to disregard intellectual property laws.
Stop wasting time and get crackin', Jon!
Germany is impressive, but Germany also doesn't have a ginormous military to nurse. However Germans do have to pay something like 10% tax off the top for their chosen religious organization--someone else here might be able to correct/clarify this point.
An additional problem created for the live-in workers: idle minds.
I know several people who listen to audiobooks while commuting. Can you imagine that?
The big news here is that the lucrative books are available in an open (unlocked) format (ePub). Brava to Rowling. The audio version should be read by Rhys Darby.
In other words, Apple wishes to replace Nokia's SIM technology with a free one? What a travesty that would be.
Not surprisingly, it appears Daisey's off-Broadway show has been yanked. (hooray) http://www.publictheater.org/ http://www.publictheater.org/images/...sstatement.pdf
Pathetic. He's only sorry he got caught.
Same here. The customer probably has to see a clear benefit to filling out a survey, such as getting a freebie the next time they come in.So where does a major (generalized) risk from surveys come in, if surveys don't seem to be completed?Only if the c.c. number is available (both technically and legally) to the merchant. The customer's name, phone number, and address are yet other matters.How much of the NY Times article is potential/theoretical and how much does Target...
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