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See page 80, likely to be from Susan Kelly Barnes, former Controller of the Macintosh Division at Apple, VP and CFO at NeXT: "She considered the Appointee to be a person of high integrity who was ethical and honest." "The Appointee was well off and had more money that [sic] he could spend in a lifetime and his chief concern was how that wealth would be used after he was gone."
That must really cheese Eric Schmuck.
What's fair? Apple's patented multitouch technology isn't part of any standard but Apple's own. Therefore Apple should charge Android manufacturers 200% of the handset selling price. Oh, and sue the cr@p out of Googola if the merger is allowed.
The tweeted HiDPI mode was 960x540 resolution. What's so "Hi" about that?
Reporters and money-grubbing dramatists alike are failing to report that Foxconn originally had an "incentive program" for employees to commit suicide: a sizable fortune paid in compensation to each family of a suicide victim. The company eliminated these massive payments and (surprise!) the suicides stopped. But who wants to ruin an entertaining story?
You've heard of the yin and yang? They're depicted in the Korean flag. Well, what you've identified is the ding and dong of Samsung.
If the product is as well-crafted as the commercial, no one will be waiting in line for that POSS. (piece of samsung sh!t). What did hiring a Farrelly get Samsung... besides an expensive mess?
fwiw: a cochlea has nothing to do with the signal processing, other than being part of the "Fast Cochlea Transform" trademark name.
FWIW... After updating a remote system via control panel, Screen Sharing was unable to connect (Lion to Lion). Applying the combo updater to the target system seemed to fix it.
Agreed. Unlike Steve's tragic "death day", Apple can celebrate his birthday every year with a special event (seminar, award for innovation, etc.).
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