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The Internet is just too hard for the geniuses at Google, and so is the smartphone business. When the only way you can make a buck is by screwing people behind their backs, maybe you need to find another line of work.
Kinda off topic, but I figure the rumors of the Mac Pro's imminent demise were merely a ploy to clear inventory.
(Secret internal memo ordered all RIM employees to buy a playbook.)
Or perhaps it was the large cash payments that "pushed a few workers over the edge".
OLEDs???? OLEDs look awful, especially from Samsung. Absolutely terrible color accuracy and contrast control. Sure, gum drops look delicious, but people look like aliens.
I've never seen a Samsung display that didn't produce garish images. It's hard to believe Apple couldn't do better.
Investigations into employee work conditions didn't get serious until just recently.
China will overlook the trademark issue if Apple will stop investigating work conditions.
The two companies' operations may not merge, but Google is taking on a very real risk of being held liable for MMI's actions in the marketplace. Piercing the corporate veil.
Ohhh, too bad for Google! Now they're going to have to go through with the merger.
New Posts  All Forums: