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For people who aren't ready to start wearing glasses, the low-contrast artwork and text in the new Music app are also a step backward.
Good riddens. Google sux.
I loved how not very long ago Google put Mt. Whitney near Lake Tahoe, roughly 300 miles off!   I think Apple should configure Maps to display more information. Often when iOS6 Maps locates me by GPS, the map is so zoomed in and/or sparse with information that I really have no idea of what's around me or where I am.
Bill Gates is retired. How can you blame Apple for lousy Android-based hardware? Since when did Google offer to license to Apple its services at a reasonable price and without the privacy invasions?
Forget specifications, as they are meaningless in the face of performance. All other smartphones sold in the U.S.A. lose badly to the iPhone 5 in performance. No Android device operates as fluidly or efficiently as the iPhone. And Apple doesn't have a monopoly on batteries, silly!
Nope! Samsung used to produce iPhone displays, but LG makes them now. Samsung used to make the flash memory for Apple, but Hynix does now. See a pattern here?
LCD will be superior to plasma one day. People have been saying that for at least a decade. Which technology is better never actually matters. What matters is whether you're using the best technology available. Or in the case of Samsung, not so much. In that respect, Samsung is way ahead of Apple. /s
I call it crappy.   Note that Samsung recognizes full well how crappy the S III display is, as evidenced by the color adjustment made in the published "It doesn't take a genius" ads: http://cdn.gottabemobile.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/SAM12172-PrintWSJ10.87x21_copy_610x1179.jpg   In person, the unadulterated image looks more like this: http://cdn.pocket-lint.com/images/G150/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-touchwiz-ux-ui-0.jpg?20120504-154218   EE-YUCK!   (and that doesn't even...
Improvement in factory automation plus rapidly increasing labor costs abroad and higher transportation costs offer hope that manufacturing capability/capacity will return to the U.S.--closer to consumers (hopefully still). In the mean time, drink your slurpy while you can.
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