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Nobody here has likely seen, let alone touched, a Surface, but reviewers uniformly heaped high praise on the hardware, and the major software issues all appear resolvable. Looks like it just needs a few key apps, like the ones mentioned by reviewers, and Surface will be a great device for business customers. Go ahead and slam it for now. MS has resources.
No, really?
Highly doubtful. Refurbished iPad 3s weren't available until months after introduction.   There's just no denying a refurb. iPad 3 is far more functional than the iPad mini, for just $50 more.
The iPhone also comes with a free, integrated tracking device.
Setting a high price avoids supply constraints Apple likely faces.
What's in a name? It's natural for him to want to maintain sales and keep Apple's revenue high. Thanks to him and others like him, many people may have recently bought iPad 3s that will be returned. Soon we'll see them on the refurbished list for $120 less.
The iPad 4 is still a lunk due to its honking battery which is required by its gorgeous, power-sucking display. Your choice!
I'm sorry, but 1024x768 sucks even at 7.9" and especially so at $329. Get a refurbished iPad 3 for just $50 more--or a Kindle Fire HD for $30 to $130 less. Yeah, so the bigger iPad 3 isn't as portable, but it is a pleasure to look at and generally easier to use.
Shows how solid the Samsung firewall is!
I believe they meant "legitimate" in the Todd Akin sense of the word.
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