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Wow, not only does the title indicate RIM will lay off 40% with no real fact for proof, but some of you already seem to have them layed off now.
I absolutely love the spin on this with little detail really known. Obviously the resellers are 100% at fault and deserve anything that happens.
If you believe 96%... ROTFLMAO
Whoops, we didn't mean to do that. Poof....
These comments - Wow.....
I'd say that is you can complain about 99 cents as if the world is ending your life must be pretty well protected. Unlike most of us, a one time 99 cent cost is pretty forgetable unless you just have to be angry about something.
Last I saw this was not applefansonly.com Are we supposed to pledge allegiance to apple just to have an interest or opinion? If so, I must have missed that in the sign up.
I agree!
At least at first blush I don't see apple needing to buy all of that real estate in order to get their target audience to buy ebooks. Doesn't make much sense to me.
Well, VZ welcome to the lack of information AT&T has been dealing with since 2007.
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