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"server grade" or not, while I can appreciate the desire to backup to a single drive TC what are you getting? IMO, all you are doing is slightly improving your odds of recovering data. Personally, I just RAID 1 the system now at a minimum and move on.
Well, I am well into 6 figures, not poor or ignorant and I support tens of thousands of apple products. You sir are a perfect example of why new customers don't want anything to do with many apple fans and you give fans a bad name.
IT does not support OS X. IT does not have access to the machines. Did I say IT does not support OS X? A company with over 750,000 employees (of which only about 3,000 use Macs) doesn't have an "IT department"
No disrepect taken at all. This is nothing but an internal issue - Even though we are a huge company our OS X clients are unmanaged and unsupported. Not something that I and others have not tried to change several times. So, we will have users immediately asking for it and maybe just telling them no for now is the answer. Just trying to be proactive as much as our situation will allow.
Apple has announced that it will be distributing Mac OS X Lion exclusively through the Mac App Store and not in retail packages using optical discs. So, for those in an enterprise where everything goes through a purchasing group. How are we going to get users upgraded as they wish to without them signing into their itunes account and ordering one license at a time with their corporate card (which is against company policy) and then filling out expense reports?
Why not? Many 50" televisions sell for about what an iPhone does without a contract and people don't seem to have a problem buying one of those every year or two just because "They have to". Just say'in.
If true, that would not apply to Apple
If I wanted a white iphone I would just get a white case.
They are following orders, something you do in the military. If they do not want to follow orders they should not sign up Now imagine the US with no military or a draft. Airborne!
I heard they were going to be bankrupt
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