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Couldn't the same be said of Verizon...
Yep, saying Bug... giggles. just makes me a google lovin Apple hatin fan.. Thanks for the quote
Bug... giggles...
It said V added 1.8 million customers while at&t just added 62,000. We can play number games all day long but the statement was still incorrect. So, I can just as easily say AT&T added 2.0 million customers while Verizon just added 906,000.
http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pi...code=financial "Best-ever first-quarter increase in total wireless subscribers, up 2.0 million to reach 97.5 million subscribers in service, with gains in every category "
I don't see where America filed this.
Who said he was going to be put in charge of anything? Why would he be a designer? I bet he would have some integration ideas. The read from you is if they are older than you they are washed up. Give it some time and then you can hear this garbage said about you.
What hate? 1. He's a has been 2. He never outgrew the 70's and he hasn't had anything intelligent to say about the market for 20 years. 3. If I were him, I would want to work for Apple too, since all his other achievements and business ventures have been pretty pathetic. 4. all those new Apple Stores, there must be a few brooms around... I don't think Woz is a good fit for todays Apple either, but that doesn't mean he is of no value in general. All of the negative comments...
Put him to work for one of their partners. That way he would never know what is going to happen until the rest of the world does. [Sarcasm]
AMEN! If you own any Apple product you apparently automatically become an authority on anything and everything that currently or will exist.
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