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I like the idea of requiring a password. This should also help prevent IAP that are done without the users knowledge for those developers with less scrupples.
Nope is there for Windows. The itunes.msi changed, but everything else appears to be unchanged.
Give it some time, I wasn't seeing it either. I think some replication needed to occur.
IMO yes. 10 posts in and the thread is alreadty degrading. I like the ability to view on the TV, but don't want to go down the road of needing this cable for this, that cable for another thing, etc
Sigh... Bad part is there are plenty of consumers that buy this garbage.
I guess there are some manufacturing proccesses to make this as easy as the current shell? Seems like a high labor/machining part to make. Even if the mold is excellant you are still going to have some level of machining to clean it up. Also, the current shell is pretty thin and I would guess CF would be a lot thicker in relative terms. I don't clai mto know a lot about making carbon fiber parts in mass.... Logisticaldron makes some good points a couple of posts up...
Maybe 5 year olds shouldn't be handed a $700 cell phone that could allow them to make purchases. Just 1 opinion. I don't blame apple. I do think some parental controls (by the device and parents) could help this particular situation.
I am not aware of the technical challenges with tethering, but I agree. Don't treat it like an add on feature and then also charge for the data used for tethering.
Interesting how Verizon just has shortcomings, but AT&T is far from perfect
I agree and have been going this for weeks. Yet, the entire thread assumes otherwise....
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