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Grandpa? He's younger than Jobs.
If I am reading your reponse correctly I would have to agree. Apple may not have helped me much but they have been rather curious about what I have been doing. The problem is I am not (or my employer) going to just hand Apple answers for other businesses (including our competitiors) to use.
You're right. However, it would have been pretty cool if apple had put a package together including XServe and an Apple type MDM solution for iPhones and iPads. That would have been just another appliance to install into a data center(s) and would have likely increased XServe sales to boot.
We tried that route months ago for app store apps. Apple said no. Violated apple agreements. I am not talking about enterprise apps being an issue. Those are easy and not an issue at all. In talks with over a dozen app developers and apple they would have to rewrite their app in a manner that is significantly different from the one in the app store in order to NOT violate apple agreements. I don't pull this stuff out of the air and yes I have read those documents and...
God I hope not!
I'm not asking for anything, just discussing. We are already creating our own processes. I did however add some quick comments in bold to your inquiries.
Provisioning or configuration profiles? Provisioning profiles notify the users that it will expire. The app will continue to function until it expires. We have had situations were we had to turn the date back on the device because a new profile could not be delivered quickly enough. Typically a new provisioning file (enterprise apps) would provided to the user to install (sometimes the existing one has to be removed first). This is another thing that doesn't go well with...
I hear you, but so far the MDM's such as MobileIron just allow you to basically say these apps are approved. Then there is Boxtone which doesn't meet our needs at all. So we have talked to numerous developers. They are not facilitating the deployment of the non enterprise apps to the devices in an automated manner. I've had numerous calls with Apple and vendors. Simply put they can't, anything done today to try to distribute app store apps would be a violation of Apples...
It's not that black and white. How are you going to control that? With a bunch of words in a policy? This stuff is real easy to say just go do this, but when you actually go apply it this is not that simple.
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