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Eh, That is called an enterprise app for internal use and not even the issue. Those are easy. Now, take a app store app and deploy it to thousands of devices without each user having to have an iTunes account.
Yes you can, however you are still at the users mercy to agree to install the profile. Again that may not be an issue for some, but some companies like to know that a configuration is set regardless of whether the users desires to follow instructions or not. We all know users always do what they are told and follow instructions right One of the projects I was involved in was for about xxxxx (We'll just say thousands) of iPads and one of the requirements was that the...
OS X server is not going to manage iPhone/iPads. We are not getting much help from apple for enterprise deployments. Having to create our own methods and procedures. You can manage many settings such as disabling the camera as was previously mentioned by using a config file created with the iPhone config utility or a MDM if you spend the money for that 3rd party solution. How do you get config files onto each device if you have tens of thousands? Email it and trust the...
I have been using hotspot for several weeks on AT&T with 4.3 beta with no issues. So how is this news?
Okay, gotcha. By lowering the quality of the media.
I could understand caching, but how do you compress video and photos that are already compressed with any significant reduction?
So, this points out what we already know? Can't wait to see testing of Verizon "trouble spots" in the future. Oh, that's right Verizon doesn't have ANY trouble spots. And... while I understand San Fran has been getting the short stick in reference to performance of the iPhone from AT&T not everyone lives in this 1 city. There are plenty of places where Verizon (or any other carrier) has poor service as well.
"The new Personal Hotspot feature" If this is so new where is Internet Tethering?
How so? I see $40 for 4gb of data and $5 for tethering. The rest is just complaining just to complain.
Funny how AT&T's smartphone ETF is called insanely high yet V's is higher.
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