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Indeed. I love the AT&T will be crushed comments. It keeps me laughing.
Good grief. Based off of this snippet of chosen information posted here you might think AT&T was performing horribly. How about the following per the CEO - * Best 4Q and year wireless net adds in history * ARPU growth for 8 straight QTR's * Almost $20 billion in mobile data annualized revenue. Tripled from 3 years earlier.
So.. after the first year you don't worry about screwing up while flying a plane full of people? I am going to assume you don't mean it quite like that. So, just messin...
Some clarity - as long as this article is accurate.http://crenk.com/how-does-steve-jobs...-income-helps/
Same here.
Old fart
Any idea on the release date for the iOS? As well as any possible new iTunes version? I can only guess late Jan./early Feb.
Personal Hotspot is nothing more than renaming Internet Tethering and adding the ability to connect to an AP in the same screen. Still works just fine on ATT.
Just like the world that Verizon is better and Apple can do no wrong Don't see the point, AT&T has been supporting Android, iPhone and other data users. Verizon simple supporting Android data users doesn't mean a whole lot to me.
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