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You guys are aware that the issues were primarily an inability to get a response from Apples servers right? In the first paragraph you spoke of activation issues. I have to point out the obvious that AT&T does not activate iPhones. Apple does. I believe that at the time it was required to activate the device in store. All that meant was iTunes was opened in activation mode and the device activated much like a customer COULD HAVE DONE at home as long as Apples servers were...
So then there is absolutely no basis for complaining about any activation day issues on AT&Ts website then. Sounds like we are just already making excuses. It's okay is we don't have voice and data at the same time. It's okay if VZ's website is already showing issues on announcement day. Mind you, I could care less, but these are topics they you guys went on and on and on about when it was AT&T.
I can tell you with 100% certainty that AT&T in store iphone demos DO NOT use a MicroCell, Femtocell, etc.. They are activated and also connect to a wireless AP in the store.
You know what I mean. Before they are being ordered - pre order... Good for you and your friends.
Well, that doesn't give you a warm fuzzy when we are already seeing issues at preorder. I thought VZ had all of this time to make sure there would be no hickups?
Here we go... AT&T is doomed....
It's called clearing inventory. It's done every year. You can choose to think it is something else if you wish.
It's called a speakerphone. They work pretty well...
You said "maybe it was obvious to everyone that she wasn't mentally stable." The two are not the same thing at all. So it is not a spade. I have a nervous disorder (ADHD) and it has nothing to do with it being mentally unstable. Your attitude in your response speaks miles about you. Get over yourself.
I take offense to you saying she was mentally unstable due to a nervous disorder.
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