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So home button will likely stay at least through iPhone 7/7s
Exactly my thought. Until Apple introduces a sort of "Network" permission for apps, nothing really prevents them to transmit anything available on the device (through public and/or private APIs).  And the network permission should not be dummy yes/no to ALL, but yes/no to an explicit white list of domain names requested for access.
 "Catch up"???Who creates software for Win32 nowadays besides Microsoft? Seriously? 
 Wonder, when you are detaching your surface keyboard where you usually put it?  :)
Ok time to cut the internet cord from Comcast
At your service:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/183244/apple-continues-to-dominate-with-massive-86-share-of-handset-industry-profits/40#post_2634368
Or if there will be one, it will have to be called "YASJM"
This is an ALL time (user base) report updated every quarter. So even a half-percent change represents a significant short term shift. For Apple it did not count iPhone 6s sales, so the drop is due to their seasonal release pattern, usually Apple catches up in subsequent quarters.
Because Google is the only reason why they are still alive?
anyone who want...To have a 4.7" screen in a form factor of iPhone 4?To have a 5.5" screen in a form factor of iPhone 6?To have a 6.5" screen in a form factor of iPhone 6+?
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