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But but but Sony Xperia 5X has 800 PPI, how come iPhone is still better? 
  What is actually missing in a new Apple TV is Safari. A lot of content is available nowadays for stream in mp4 format which is hard to access without being able to navigate within a browser. I could imagine VLC player would release an app for Apple TV one day, but then you will have to type in the url of a stream to watch.
It is simple, ~500 million iPhone users are sold by Facebook to advertisers. This income in turn is used to develop Android version for the remaining ~2 billion.  
 I appreciate the fact that Sony made it waterproof, but sorry dude, this is where its "superiority" ends, and your delusions begin.And I am not even talking about the lag that Sony/Google notoriously unable to fix despite of the dedicated "butter" projects.
 Not defending Google in anyways, but to be fair 23.5% of Google Play users is roughly similar to 100% of App Store users if you convert it to headcount.
Maybe 4K is supported silently as well?
I think the Air was just shifted to March, waiting for 3d-touch which is for now being "tested" by a crowd of iPhone 6s owners.
Movies and games would be sweet on this one. Too bad there is no 3d-touch until Pro 2 next fall.
Don't be judgmental to the guy. There are plenty of those never-forgets from Apple too: antenna-gate, maps-gate, bend-gate, chip-gate... to name a few /s
 So all-you-can-eat music subscription is included within the same monthly price? Apple should give away top-tier iCloud space option for free to Apple Music subscriber, but even that would not much what Google is trying to offer.
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