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Wow, this thing is ugly and probably useless too.
Just double? Why not to quadruple? So even under microscope it would still stay Retina...
Please not so ugly as in the mockup
So unlike fingerprint sensor iris scan requires phone to be pulled out of a pocket. Or I guess it is not a problem for Galaxy, as it would not fit a pocket anyways.
 I would say this is odd. Walmart targets customers who barely make their living between paychecks.Not the kind of customers Apple targets. I would bet that average Costco member's income per household is much higher than Walmart.
The same study also shows apple now is behind windows phone in many Europe countries...
Wow! 300k people working on iPhone... 600 people per assembly pipeline... iPhone 5S must be in Guinness Book as a most hand-made product in the world. Seriously though, why is it not automated?
Wonder what it would take for Apple to "move" iPad into PC category. Perhaps iOS version of XCODE would stop this "media tablet" nonsense from the research firms.
Does that apply to the older devices only that Samsung does not sell anymore?
$1B is probably less than the entire inventory Apple sold in Italy which is a country known to be not very iOS friendly.
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