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Next quarter they might approach or cross $150 billion mark. I think it is just unprecedented. And most of the money is a return on an original investment into the iPhone. Could have been much better for Apple today, if they simply bought out all the multi-touch related patents before the original iPhone release. When they were cheap, when it was obvious for Apple how big this disruption is going to be, and not so obvious to anyone else.
My local Costco sells some Samsung Tabs no one seems to be interested in. Funny thing is they are stacked against rows full of iDevice accessories, but not a trace of a single iDevice in store. Wonder whether I should just quit my membership as this situation starting to piss me off.
  The home button is an archaism. The era of edge-to-edge button-less design is coming and nothing can stop it.  
Android is moving to edge-to-edge screens with soft buttons. I do not think the home button has a long life to live as it occupies priceless real estate preventing from further screen size increase. What apple might do is to put the sensor on the back side of the iPhone...
  73% of iOS-6 users can't be wrong by NOT turning on Facebook integration:   http://techcrunch.com/2013/01/04/how-many-mobile-users-does-facebook-have/ "only 27.5 percent of devices have turned on Facebook’s iOS 6 integration"
What a freaking useless feature for the useless product from the useless company. Target audience - wasted teenagers and soccer moms.   But how does it make the world better? How does it increase the efficiency?
Low cost means a cheap unsubsidized phone without a contract and obligation to pay X amount per month. Usually prepaid users pay some cheap rate per minute (e.g 3c) or per MB and sometimes their money never expire even if the service is not used
Wow, rounded edge-to-edge screen is a holy grail of smartphone design. Hope apple is first on the market.
Is it 3G only? What about LTE?
  I wish the next iPhone is waterproof like this one. Very very cool feature - no more special camera/case needed for snorkeling, waterfall, or extreme sports shots.
New Posts  All Forums: