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Too bad iphone6+ was left without a8x, 2gb and likely split screen multitasking. Many benchmarks show gpu performance is underwelming on 6 plus due to too many pixels to handle. And Split screen is likely out because of 1gb limitation.
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 That would be a perfect idea for a commercial against Apple :)
 I love how easily you count yourself as a part of some 99 or 90 percentile user group without providing a single fact or reference to an existing study.  "Confidence is food for the wise man but liquor for the fool"
 I used to keep my phone on a desk. Why would I have to grab and hold it?
 Do you think I care how much a case would cost? I just don't use them and do not like an idea of forcing them.
Some people are definitely morons if they think they represent 99%.
Quote: Who cares about Moto X?
Just got my 6+ delivered by UPS from t-mobile. My worst fear realized - it is not stable on a surface while typing :( I still believe that was the most stupid design idea from Apple ever to save 0.5mm and make camera protrude instead of just using a bigger battery and slightly thicker case.
 Right, with the same outcome as Ping iTunes integration, and for the same money as spent for Beats.
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