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Don't get me wrong. I think he is operation genius, but he lacks vision. He bets on a company which was in its decline. And their streaming service was a total failure. If not saved by Apple, Beats would just die by slow death.Steve would never invest into the past.
 I guess you are one of the rare members of this forum who has a deep trust in Wall Street :)
Someone will have to bear responsibility for this Beats non-sense. If Tim thinks that Apple users will rush to buy overpriced streaming subscriptions to add to the pool of the existing 110k Beats customers, he is deeply mistaken.  I am thinking Cook is going out in 2-3 years.
 Exactly, network should be disabled all time. All extra dictionary and bundles could be just installed along with an app - not after.
WOW. Who on earth would install a 3rd party keyboard after seeing this warning?Apple should have designed a much better way of making sure that anything typed stays in the phone - for example by preventing network access for custom keyboard apps.
 I expect most of these $3B will simply be written off in one of the future quarters.
Hah. 110k paid users ~ $30,000 per user.  Nicely done, Tim! And good to know where my money go when I decide to upgrade my smartphone next time.
They are just crazy if they think they could sell home/surveillance products. They must set up an entity so that know one knows it is them, maybe they will have a better chance then.
110k subscribers for $3B is about $27,000 per ONE subscriber paying $10 a month and after payout to studios bringing like $3 a month?    
 Here if you missed it: http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/18/apple-details-in-display-fingerprint-sensor-tech-in-patent-filing-from-authentec-cofounder
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