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This is a product that makes sense unlike Pebble or the rumored iWatch with a miniature screen. It must be something so light like this wrist band or a necklace that you do not feel and forget that you even wear it.
The only trade-off to make is to get rid of the Home button and use 5" of the available space for the screen without even changing the case.
iWatch is a mistake, loss of focus, and will surely flop spectacularly.
  Look at this article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/investor/2013/04/18/three-apple-charts-you-need-to-see-now/   The guy is basically saying that if Apple reports badly next week it may hit $200 (see the chart) which is almost below the cash reserves. 
  Explain me this, if on the largest three US cell network operators (with addition of t-mobile now it is likely on top 4 now), iPhone has more than 50% smartphone share (on AT&T it is actually close to 80%), how come iPhone's market share is less than Androids (52% vs 39%) according to Comscore... ? 
  Wait, what about $2000 some of the "respectable" analysts were projecting?   http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/05/09/apple_stock_seen_hitting_2000_by_the_end_of_2015
The day Apple puts facebook in the home page (or even slight hint of it) is going to be last day I upgrade iOS or buy a new iPhone/iPad.
Apple will anounce the Anti-social Network along with iOS 7 and Samsung will quickly copy the feature in galaxy s5.
A few months later - a few hundred more news readers in app stores. :)
  That would be a terrible way of wasting hard-earned money. Just buy out Wolfram Alpha, Yelp, Sharp, and TSMC to secure future operations. Also ask IBM to let Watson technology to get added to Siri stack. Yeah, and kill f@cking Google.  
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