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 I think I know what is going on. Samsung hired Kuo to seed wrong expectations...And now everyone is upset that not even a fraction of a millimeter of a bezel was actually removed. This is just dumb scaled out version of iPhone-5.I remember Cook was saying that Androind phablets are full of compromises. But this ugly monster just goes beyond that.
On macrumors someone pointed out that this thing will have a larger case at the same time with smaller display than nexus 5. Wow Johnny, really? PS I hope this mold is for 5.5 model
 No home button finally? Touch id is built into the sapphire screen?  I think I am dreaming.
  It is called MacBook Air powered by OS X.
What an ugly name. They must be thinking that their target customer base are all Halo fans.
 Although sapphire would be tough to scratch I wonder if the coating layer itself is visibly scratchable. And if so then what's the point?
 Punishing Russia by not selling something, is like a girl punishing her boyfriend with pregnancy abortion for breaking up with her.
 I believe Siri can play songs you ask via Bluetooth connection, not sure about shuffle, but pretty much anything Siri can do, should work in a bluetooth enabled car.
IMO, the whole carplay UI is a freaking rare misstep for Apple.  Just total shame. Where the f@ck did the "Eye-Free" concept go?  There should be freaking NO visual interface between iOS and the driver. Everything should be voice enabled, from navigation up to a choice of a radio station.   P.S. Actually, I almost get I what want already today without carplay just by connecting my iPhone to the Bluetooth system. The only thing that bothers me is having to long click...
New Posts  All Forums: