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Is LCD of any kind actually a dead end? OLED seems to be the future as it does not require backlight and allows much thinner and lighter design...
How about 40" iTV but weighing less than 10 pounds that could also work as a table multi-touch computer?
Have you heard of BT or earpods? LOL
Dear Apple!   1. Please do not increase the case size again (iPhone-5 is already too big as it does not fit a shirt pocket!) 2. Get rid of the Home button finally (replace with gesture control, maybe utilizing the back side)  3. Make the screen edge-to-edge  (IGZO should come to the rescue) 4. Above would be sufficient to make the screen as 5" in diagonal, 1920x1080 (as usual, center the legacy apps in the middle until they adapt)
It is all fine as long as Apple's app store is on top of search results on Google. So the more the competitors promote the term "AppStore", the better for Apple.
I wonder why it took them so long to realize that Motorola produces utter crap.
South Europe, Latin America, and Eastern Europe are all looking ugly. Not sure why Cook does not understand that cheap customers today locked into Apple ecosystem would be his lucrative customers in future. And almost everyone buying cheap WP and Android today is likely lost by Apple for very long time. P.S. link to the full stats: http://www.kantarworldpanel.com/dwl.php?sn=news_downloads&id=111
Unless Apple is going to introduce something disruptive like flexible panels hangable on a wall, or glasses-free 3d, or something else as jaw dropping as the original iPhone or iPad, they really should not bother with TV at all.
Anyone is still betting on $2000 valuation? http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/149970/apple-stock-seen-hitting-2-000-by-the-end-of-2015#post_2107667
  Although not mentioned in the article, the same analyst is saying the multiple iPhone-6 prototypes are floating around including the one with 4.8" screen and no home button (fully gesture controlled): http://www.businessinsider.com/iphone-6-with-a-big-screen-being-prototyped-says-jefferies-2012-12   TS, you can save your time by not posting how the hardware out is so important :)
New Posts  All Forums: