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$1.29 songs are killing iTunes. Labels now pay for being too greedy.
Apple should stop distributing dividends and use available money to buy back shares ideally buying out the whole company and take it private. I believe before they started dividends they had enough cash to cover about half of the capitalization.
You kidding me right? First of all I've been doing this for 15 years and my credit rating is kinda OK: 800+Second, I don't care what my interest rate is because I do not keep anything after due day.Third, if I ever wanted a credit I can open home equity line for real cheap.
If you pay off your statement balance on a due day, there is no interest.
 Are you saying that you keep $150 in your checking and get $1200 in rewards or you have a quite large amount of money to get interest like this? - in the latter case this is NOT technically a benefit but just return from your investment. We spend $40k+ annually on a credit card that gives 2%+ cashback.We get around $1k back just by using this card for purchases. Interest on checking/saving/capital investments is a completely different story.
"Your store without the iPhone in it is shit." To all android trolls - piss off and forget the road to your local t-mobile store :P
No need to do that as it is already has a solid one star rating.Better just remove the entire Apple product line from Wal-crap. Anyways it is not a store where an average Apple customer usually goes to :)
It was a joke. Seriously, gadgets are slowly getting killed by phones (first PDAs and dedicated music players, now point and shoot cameras and fitness tracking devices to name just a few). GoPro will eventually be there too.
Wake me up when it will be capable of making phone calls
Dear Tim, release an iPad tied to features such as multi-user touch ids and split-screen multi-tasking and you will see "the mother of iPad upgrades".
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