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Two ugly monsters with the right one even more uglier as it wastes so much real estate. If the iPhone screen to size ratio is really going to be like the one on all of the latest mockups, it will be really shameful for Apple - iPhone 6 is going to have the same size as Nexus 5 but with smaller display. And it was kind of hypocritical for Cook to say that large Android phones are hard to use with one hand. Apple better wait with this size increase till they could build the...
Feel bad for engineers. But if they made their wearable using kick starter money, they would have been probably already sold for a few billions to some Shmoogle/Assbook. Instead they ended up being laid off from a big fat ass company.
 But but at the same time didn't Kuo predicted bezel-less display (at least on a side)?  What we see here is notoriously the same waste of space. These bezels along with the Home button are becoming "iconic" features of the iPhone.
 I think I know what is going on. Samsung hired Kuo to seed wrong expectations...And now everyone is upset that not even a fraction of a millimeter of a bezel was actually removed. This is just dumb scaled out version of iPhone-5.I remember Cook was saying that Androind phablets are full of compromises. But this ugly monster just goes beyond that.
On macrumors someone pointed out that this thing will have a larger case at the same time with smaller display than nexus 5. Wow Johnny, really? PS I hope this mold is for 5.5 model
 No home button finally? Touch id is built into the sapphire screen?  I think I am dreaming.
  It is called MacBook Air powered by OS X.
What an ugly name. They must be thinking that their target customer base are all Halo fans.
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