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  Although not mentioned in the article, the same analyst is saying the multiple iPhone-6 prototypes are floating around including the one with 4.8" screen and no home button (fully gesture controlled): http://www.businessinsider.com/iphone-6-with-a-big-screen-being-prototyped-says-jefferies-2012-12   TS, you can save your time by not posting how the hardware out is so important :)
IMO Apple made a mistake by not going after holders of every multi touch related patent in attempt to buy them before the original iPhone release, when no one had a clue.
At the same time amazon is allowed to hold "single click" buy patent and another patent troll is sueing everyone for in-app purchases.
I wonder if this is a reason why the stock is falling lately...
I guess you did not get my point. Apple needs a second iPhone line to address Europe. This starts smelling like Mac vs PC of 90s except for the fact that iPhone is down to platform choice #3 in some countries. Not good.
So Tim Cook's promise last year to "fix" Europe failed epically. I guess Europe needs a cheep cutting edge phone (not a 1 or 2 year old models) I believe s3 is sold around $350 unsubsidized there and that's almost 50% difference for people living in the economically struggling countries.
$2000 for 40-55"? In what universe does he live in?
Wonder how costly it was for HTC to settle and how much they will pay per phone.
I am so glad I will be able to call my friends and relatives without having to be at home or office... I guess my FCC complaint (along with complaints from many others) has been finally heard.
  How about not being to able to browse while on a call out of wifi access?  
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