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 I guess you are one of the rare members of this forum who has a deep trust in Wall Street :)
Someone will have to bear responsibility for this Beats non-sense. If Tim thinks that Apple users will rush to buy overpriced streaming subscriptions to add to the pool of the existing 110k Beats customers, he is deeply mistaken.  I am thinking Cook is going out in 2-3 years.
 Exactly, network should be disabled all time. All extra dictionary and bundles could be just installed along with an app - not after.
WOW. Who on earth would install a 3rd party keyboard after seeing this warning?Apple should have designed a much better way of making sure that anything typed stays in the phone - for example by preventing network access for custom keyboard apps.
 I expect most of these $3B will simply be written off in one of the future quarters.
Hah. 110k paid users ~ $30,000 per user.  Nicely done, Tim! And good to know where my money go when I decide to upgrade my smartphone next time.
They are just crazy if they think they could sell home/surveillance products. They must set up an entity so that know one knows it is them, maybe they will have a better chance then.
110k subscribers for $3B is about $27,000 per ONE subscriber paying $10 a month and after payout to studios bringing like $3 a month?    
 Here if you missed it: http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/18/apple-details-in-display-fingerprint-sensor-tech-in-patent-filing-from-authentec-cofounder
Well iphone 5 was already too long and could not fit a shirt pocket unlike iPhone 4. But this freaking monster is even longer. Just get rid of the bezels and make the finger print sensor built into the screen, and if the tech is not ready, keep the current screen size.
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