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A few months later - a few hundred more news readers in app stores. :)
  That would be a terrible way of wasting hard-earned money. Just buy out Wolfram Alpha, Yelp, Sharp, and TSMC to secure future operations. Also ask IBM to let Watson technology to get added to Siri stack. Yeah, and kill f@cking Google.  
Yet another social network built on top of the stolen private user data...
At least when you stare at smartphone, everyone can see that you are not paying attention. With glasses, no clue.
Not until google start subsidizing tablets so heavy that the will be almost free to get.
  Spotify is not a radio last time I checked. You can select pretty much any song you like. Most likely free Spotify would kill Pandora. 
  Not if they get rid of the home button. In that case it would fit the exiting casing.
  "Recuperation in demand for luxury watches post recession, robust demand from developing markets especially Asia-Pacific and rising popularity of fashionable, vintage and innovative models are forecast to drive market growth."     If Apple was interested to satisfy 0.1% of the population (most reach people on the planet), iPhone would have been golden plated with the diamond Apple logo on the back.
Well the world is getting rid of watches. An entire generation of people is growing up who never ever worn them. I don't see apple can reach a sizable market with such a product.
$1b is apple's entire r&d spending in 2011.
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