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Nokia was on top and now it is second? This is kind of a mega BS.   What about these stats? Symbian is so near 0% that it is not even funny.
  Now they just need to add support for voice calls (the phone app) and fandroids will shut up forever... 
Is fandango still around? Are there people who pay over the retail price for movie tickets when you can get them in Costco discounted by a third?
  Soft bezel is the solution. Would you really need a bezel if you do not hold the tablet (e.g. while watching video or play a board game) ?
  Then open short AMZN and long on APPL. 
  Wall Street obviously believes that the days of making money on hardware will soon be over. They want to see a recurrent revenue model (this is why they LOVE Google and especially Amazon with 1300+ PE ratio ).  Maybe they are right but they are betting on it too soon I think. In the mean time Apple should think how to spend their billions to turn the ecosystem into a money making business.
  It depends on the service charge they will choose. They could obviously tune it in such a way that service + principle + interest = VZ/ATT fees.
  And it won't even end up with this. Eventually I believe Google will even pay you to get a phone or a tablet (for example in a form of free or discounted Data access, Amazon does it already though Kindle's price is still above $0)
  For the consumer, there is no much of a difference between a subsidy and a partial credit (what T-Mobile seems to want to do) besides a choice to pay outright with lower monthly fees or get it cheap and pay more every month.
Next quarter they might approach or cross $150 billion mark. I think it is just unprecedented. And most of the money is a return on an original investment into the iPhone. Could have been much better for Apple today, if they simply bought out all the multi-touch related patents before the original iPhone release. When they were cheap, when it was obvious for Apple how big this disruption is going to be, and not so obvious to anyone else.
New Posts  All Forums: