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And here we go, FingerGate begins But seriously what's up with the SUBepidermal reading claims if this can be hacked with simple visual pattern scan?
Despite that 5c is taller, wider, 20% thicker and heavier than 5?
It's not far from 4 digit pin guessing - just 5x more complicated. Still 4 digit pin password is considered weak?
Ok let's rephrase it. The finger is going to be compromised for a lifetime, not the phone
I was implying that a match can be found randomly assuming a hacker has a big enough pool of (stolen) iPhones and big enough number of people to check them against.So that means a person who's iphone is hacked would be random too. Would it be considered as a successful hack?
According to http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5949 The problem here is that once a 1 to 50,000 match is found, the phone is going to be compromised for a lifetime.
Whoever got lucky and was able to buy 5s at apple store today, please download geek bench 64 bit app and post the results to their site. It is still showing ipad 4 as a top result with no records of 5s: http://browser.primatelabs.com/ios-benchmarks
 Unfortunately, times when competitors were "not even visible in a rear view mirror" are long gone.5S is barely in top 3 for this benchmark:http://blog.gsmarena.com/the-first-benchmarks-scores-of-samsung-galaxy-note-3-are-in/Galaxy Note 3 is way ahead with 68 fps.Seems like Apple did not use the next gen PowerVR Rogue tech in this iteration?
Usually:$199 on contact = $650 off contract$99 on contact = $550 off contractSo base 5c is likely $550 before sales tax
This seems not to be a Windows emulator but just a remote access - one of many available on App Store
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