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No physical (side) buttons => waterproof finally?
This is a subject of prior art dated as early as 3/1/12 :-)http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/144963/purported-ipad-3-front-panels-show-identically-placed-home-button-and-camera/30#post_2060263
While Apple holds a steady US position which is not likely to change any time soon, Apple seems to completely give up Europe:   http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/06/25/idc-apples-iphone-sheds-european-marketshare-in-q1-pushed-out-of-top-5-in-india   Not even funny. Cook promised to "fix" Europe a couple of years ago, we see now how good he is with his promises.
Despite of my hate of Samsung , to be honest, their Ativ book laptop with 3200x1800 display, more powerful cpu options,12 hour battery life, and comparable thickness, makes the new MBAs immediately outdated. Was saving money for a 13", guess will have to wait for another year
Well when it come to the US, I see pretty much the same places are highlighted for both Android and iPhone, you just need to turn on one category at a time.
Would be cool if that was combined with a 41 megapixel sensor...
+1iWatch is just too big to be a usable wearable and/or health monitoring device with the potential addressable market of the current iPod nano customer base which is big but shrinking day by day.
As far as I know 4S a "world phone", but is it sold unlocked there? Can I use it in t-mobile or any other GSM network simply by swapping a sim card?
Or better make the screen itself finger sensible with endless possibilities for new ui or game interactions.
  Are you are not interested in futuristic 3d tablets shown in the movie Avatar? I thought it looked cool.
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