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 Punishing Russia by not selling something, is like a girl punishing her boyfriend with pregnancy abortion for breaking up with her.
 I believe Siri can play songs you ask via Bluetooth connection, not sure about shuffle, but pretty much anything Siri can do, should work in a bluetooth enabled car.
IMO, the whole carplay UI is a freaking rare misstep for Apple.  Just total shame. Where the f@ck did the "Eye-Free" concept go?  There should be freaking NO visual interface between iOS and the driver. Everything should be voice enabled, from navigation up to a choice of a radio station.   P.S. Actually, I almost get I what want already today without carplay just by connecting my iPhone to the Bluetooth system. The only thing that bothers me is having to long click...
 I don't understand use use of this product combination either.
They forgot to mention that although it will last half as long on a full battery charge, that should never be a problem for real Summy users who always have a spare battery with them.
  Not gonna happen :) Apple would have a pricing problem with iPad branding of the 5.6" phablet.  With 8" iPad Mini Retina is only $399, they can't possibly sell an "iPad Nano" for $649+
The lack of symmetry and all that space wasted on the bottom bezel makes this prototype uber ugly.
Hey Cary, a payment web app running in Safari isn't good enough, huh?
Injunction would not have happened in the first place should Samsung have accepted Apple't licensing terms.
Wow, this thing is ugly and probably useless too.
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