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I could not care less about Samsung. I know that while I am typing on my iPhone 6+ while it rests on a table, it is wobbling left and right.I would much prefer to have extra battery filling the space stupidly saved for fake thinness.
That's bad. I was hoping for protrusion no more.
My 67 year old mom, 40 year old wife, and 5 year old daughter all use iPads exclusively. Mom never used computers before. Wife switched from PC and never looked back. True they are not power users, don't create content, but there are many more consumers than creators, and iPad perfectly addresses that market. So your single opinion is not representative.
Especially those who "follow" someone or something in social networks.
No Home button -> more screen estate -> smaller form factor! I've been waiting for this for many years. Seems like the tech is almost here.
I guess a sole purpose of this is trying to make Connect work. I doubt it will though. Artist already have their social channels set with Facebook, tweeter and YouTube
Well they bought Nest. I don't see how they can't buy this crap and connect it to their brillo platform.
It's a $3 freaking billion station!
I guess the last statement indicates sarcasm, but I still want to add :) - NO to dividends- YES to more share buybacks- YES to buy Wolfram Alpha - YES to buy Tesla and put Musk in charge
Oh no! I guess bye bye uncarier and hello 10% rate hikes every year.
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