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There is always Microsoft for that.
It is more likely that 50% of people proactively turned OFF auto-subscription. Which I think is surprisingly high considering it was ON by default and how deep it was buried in the Settings. Would be interesting to see when the first bills start coming how the remaining "paid" user base would react.
It is not discrete. Try next time to open notes, then draw a lot and then pick an eraser tool. It will smoothly adjust erasing radius based on your pressure level.
Once you try Mac you're not going back.
So what is a number of paid Apple Music subscribers? Has Apple released that yet?
 The difference is significant if CPU is under load, and that was repeated and verified by at least 4 groups.Being a frequent mobile gamer, I would pick TSMC version any time of the day. For non-gamers (with what Apple identifies as a "normal use") indeed it would not make a difference.
This is bs. The real reason of the switch is likely to be exactly 0 customers (outside of googleplex) having android phones.
As IOS9 is claimed to have only 1GB footprint, Apple should also sell 8GB version for $550 - $600. Also would be nice if they have bundled Apple Music subscription with the 50GB tier iCloud plan for the same $10/month price.
There is iPad for it. It is the dev tools what is missing on iOS
 Good points. It IS hard. However, one thing Apple could do is to add more restrictions into apps, like Network access (except user-entitled iCould store). Many of the apps really do not need one. Like Pocket Scanner which in the list of the compromised apps, it does not really need broad Internet access. Most of the apps can really work with a single domain which Apple may require to be set up front.So once an app is explicitly asking for Internet access permission, you...
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