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 The test video actually shows both resolution and bit rate. When it switched from 720 to 1080, bit rate grew from 3000kbps to 4500.Perhaps my eyes are not able to distinguish.
 yup. i think ai swallowed the plus sign :)
Just checked "Netflix" test video and saw no difference between 720 and 1080 on my ip6 plus.
 If you have iPad Air 2 in mind, note that only a few will be available - this is just a bait so they could make you visit the store and buy some obsolete crap they could not sell during the year.
 Is this even not supposed to be possible for non-jailbroken iPhone?
If it really makes night pictures so awesome, such LED array should be just built into a back panel as a standard feature.
It probably sends whatever it hears to Amazon 24/7 (for better "targeting" its users) from where it is likely directly accessed by gov
Just install it, rate it one star, and unistall. That simple.
If it is true that would be really exciting. 3D done right and that "just works". In the meantime I am shopping for 3d goggles compatible with iPhone 6 plus. Appreciate if someone could recommend something that does not suck.
$1.29 songs are killing iTunes. Labels now pay for being too greedy.
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