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  Not until iPhone-5, unless a pocket is deep you won't be able to fit it without top (or bottom) side being exposed.
I think I am going to pass for at least couple more years. Refuse to upgrade until fat bezels and the home button are gone. I wish that case size is back to normal (hate the fact it wont fit a pocket of a shirt) but that might never happen.
What was the point of the change if the world moves to the wireless everything including charging? Another disappointment in the design besides longer case and fat bezels.
  Is this new kind of trolling? People came to AI to make first posts claiming non-existing features (NFC, 3D) to raise our expectation and make us pissed off after release?   There will be no NFC! Period. This has been confirmed by the source that was not mistaken once (http://www.loopinsight.com/2012/08/28/nfc-on-the-new-iphone/ ) so stop BSing here.
Because they are stuck with the home button. Also the back camera need an entire case depth as it won't fit behind the LCD in such a thin space.This is partly a reason why Motorola phones look so ugly as they are always thicker at the top nevertheless they claim thickness by the bottom.I hate the longer form factor more than i like a taller screen.And I think I am passing upgrades for next couple of years
Do you realize that wider screen means wider phone? If you really need a shovel phone go with galaxy note.
  I am afraid that the infinit stream of money set Apple to rest on their laurels. It's been a couple of lazy years and looks like they are going to do it for a couple more.
  No, bigger screen please within the same 4S case!
    Does NOT look like 7.6mm to me. More like from between 8 and 8.5.
    Not sure what it means. Galaxy Note 2 possibly offering 100% more real estate than iPhone 4s, does not mean it is usable. The thing that matter most is the screen to case ratio. Does the Razr M has a comparable case dimensions? If so 40% of more usable real estate would sound impressive.
New Posts  All Forums: