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Surely they can make some money on Office for iPad. But letting iPad cruise the enterprise means much smaller market for the future Windows 8 tablets. Do they really want to make it DOA?
Sounds like nonsense.If Office is that important for Apple to crack the enterprise market, why would Microsoft release it on iPad? Better keep it for Windows 8?
Ok, so 5" iPhone is due 2013? See you then Apple.
Android users most likely use Google's Picasa. If iPhone was a camera of choice there, it would mean something. Although I do not have the stats.
Well, so you really like iPad for reading e-books (simple, not magazines, not interactive) more than e-paper devices such as Kindle Touch, Nook Touch? Any reason why?
What is the deal? Anyways, iPad excels in everything except being an e-reader. As e-reader it totally sucks - heavy, big, unusable in sunlight. This is on the contrary to what Tim Cook said at the last keynote about iPad being a favorite device for reading books. I guess he is not good at lying and field-distorting as Steve used to be. I guess bad day for news today...
Still hope that Apple will come up with some magic as they did with every prior release.Otherwise what would be the "magic" feature of the next iPhone? I do not think LTE alone can be considered as one nowadays.
The way to discredit the poll as biased in favor of SMALL screen is to note that it does not even have an option where iPhone has the same size, but the screen is 4"+ which is geometrically feasible up to 4.6".
Although I think 3.5" is just too small for a modern smartphone, I would choose my iPhone-4 over galaxy's shovelness and la-a-ags anyday.
how about results of the poll of 66k participants most of them likely current iPhone users?http://9to5mac.com/2012/03/23/imore-...r/#more-155037 Only 13% with you. So it is not "out-of-my-ass" but rather right into yours.
New Posts  All Forums: