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    Once the technology allows, these will surely fit at the top rounded portion of the case, just look at the back panel of the iPhone-5 and imagine that the center panel is a display. Wasted space would be minimal. Unfortunately not this time.  
Who cares. Will never happen. Not because it has 30% bezel ratio, longer case, or lacks NFC, but simply because every exponential growth comes to an end.
  I have no problem getting the orientation just by touching physical volume or power buttons which reside on edges.   There is really no need to keep the Home button at the front and eat literally 15% of the potential display space at the bottom. Overall the top and bottom bezels will occupy around 30% (87mm/124mm) of iPhone-5 front area which is a marginable improvement over the 35% (75mm/115mm) of iPhone-4.   The future of smartphones is edge-to-edge screens with no...
  Curved back? You won't be able to use while it lies on a table.
So summarizing of what to expect in 11 days:   The Good: -------------- LTE Scratch resistant glass 18% thinner (7.6mm / 9.3 mm) 18% larger screen (1136/960 assuming same pixel size)   The Bad: ------------- 8% longer case (124mm/115mm) No NFC   The Ugly: ------------- Fat bezels (a lot of wasted space at the top and bottom) The sticky hardware Home button just does not go away (is this a "crisis of design" right here?)   Worth...
  In my opinion, it's not about screen size but screen to case ratio. The next iPhone is a little improvement in this department but falls far short compared to some of the Android phones. I would very much prefer if the case length stayed the same but screen got larger with the bezels squeezed or even eliminated. Unfortunately because LCD screen is thicker than AMOLED, Apple is probably not able to put the back camera behind the screen, thus we will see that fat ugly...
What about Apple defense with the 4g patents acquired from Nortel?
These kinds of posts remind me corporate-wide updates getting sent by an upper management in my company. If AI is down to the details of middle management shuffling at Apple (or corporate policy changes related to charity or any other HR crap) there must be a really slow day today.
  I wonder if Samsung would want to raise component prices thus offsetting lawsuit losses as well as potential future losses that will come from banning, licensing, and/or getting rid of popular features from their devices.
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