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  Will it support LTE iPhone?
  The point is that I have a limited 2GB plan. And I still can't use FaceTime even within 2GB I paid. Same for tethering.
M@#$ers! If I upgrade to a new iPhone this year, it is going to be Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile whoever will give me FaceTime over cellular data service I already paid for.
  Yes I was talking about 10" iPad but I do not see how it matters differently. Of course, both the mini and the full iPad would benefit from thin physical and soft virtual bezel.
  Sorry dude, I was way ahead of you here :)   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/143184/pictured-sharp-lcd-panel-claimed-to-be-retina-display-for-apples-ipad-3#post_2041296
  I am glad you changed your mind after calling me crazy here:   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/143184/pictured-sharp-lcd-panel-claimed-to-be-retina-display-for-apples-ipad-3#post_2041305
Always knew having so many sales attendants per square foot is just not sustainable
  Just wonder, where it is written that 2.25% is NOT reasonable? What is the definition of a "reasonable royalty"?
  I think you put too much value on MS-Office. MS needs its office on iPad way more than Apple does.  
    Does the surface have inertial scrolling and rubber banding? I can't imagine these tiles usable at all without inertial scrolling.  And if it does have it, then it is not just a "black rectangle" anymore.
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