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Mine was just delivered. OMG! What a beauty. So thin and so light. Makes my old iPhone-4 look kind of ugly. One problem though, using my usual one-handed grip I have a hard time reaching the top corners for the "back" and "next" buttons during the setup process :(
  I doubt that Anand did not take care of eliminating influences of "other" apps while running these tests. As for the frequencies, I believe they both have 1.4GHz. Seems like browser tests are utilizing multi-cores somehow but they are not type of scalable linearly. 
  Can you then explain why 4-core international S3 is significantly faster than US (AT&T) version with 2-cores ?
Someone explain me please, why things like iPhone can't be assembled on automated factories, here in the US. It's like in the "Campaign" movie, Apple could save a lot on shipment costs. :-)
AT&T site (upgrader purchase flow) was not functioning for me from midnight to 2:30am, after that I just gave up trying.   Was able to order from AT&T at 6:30AM Pacific through my company employee discount program.     Got conformation e-mail: "Your iPhone has been reserved and should arrive as soon as Sept 21, 2012."
  Well Verizon/Sprint iPhone-5 seems to be more like LTE-world phone than AT&T's version.   AT&T uses LTE frequencies no one else is using while Verizon's version share the same with the rest of the world.
  Well, I live in Bay Area, LTE is pretty much everywhere, if what you are saying is that I am not be able to use voice with data even on AT&T (not just Verizon)  then OOPS! No iPhone-5 for me.
  Another point of confusion. Is iPhone-5 a regression as a world-phone compared to 4S? Doesn't it support same 3G GSM bands as 4S?
  This is confusing. What does it mean?   Verizon and Sprint iPhone-5 users will not be able to access LTE on call Verizon and Sprint iPhone-5 users will not be able to access data at all (even 3G) on call All iPhone-5 users (including AT&T) will not be able to access LTE on call but AT&T users will be able to access 3G?   Can anyone clarify? I am contemplating to switch from AT&T to Verizon (for free tethering and facetime) but being able to use data on call (at...
New Posts  All Forums: