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  See I am censoring myself :)
  Not if the *** button removed.
  Stop sarcasm. You know it that it is A. logical B. obvious
        Actually, that's exactly what want (as I outlined in my previous posts):  4"+ screen in the OLD short case.   I hate the "fact" they increased the length. It does not fit my shirt pocket. It is harder to use single-handed.
  Ironically, the red arrows point to the corners of an ideal screen. If it was an iPhone-4 case, it could be in between 4" and 4.5". In this elongated case maybe up to 5". (No comments on the Home button)
  Well, I guess it is time for Apple to consider an additional category - iPhablet   to put in the middle of this list: iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad. Personally, I would never buy such a thing but many people (likely with giganto-hands) here seem to dream about a shovel-like iPhone.
  We can switch phones every year.     We can switch carriers, even to t-mobile soon.     Well, why would one do that? Cause they all produce sucky products?
200% agreement on both.A phone that requires two hands is not a phone.Wishing design change for a sake of change is stupid.Personally I hate certain aspects of the current design and want it changed for specific reasons.
Why reading it somewhere if you can always see for yourself?Try one handed grip of the iPhone 4(s) and see if your thumb can reach the entire bottom area. Likely yes. Try the same with top area up to the imaginary line after which rounded corners start. Likely you can do it too.And that's the extra inch!
  Wrong. 4.5" assumes edge-to-edge screen horizontally (in portrait orientation) and rounded section to rounded section vertically in the existing iPhone-4(S). I banned myself from commenting on the Home button on this forum, but there is plenty of space for speakers and cameras. (Just look at the back panel of the iPhone-5 photos to get the idea)
New Posts  All Forums: