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  It would be just like iPhone, all-in-one solution: a car, a stereo system, Siri-based navigation, an autopilot. Unfortunately it is not Apple who is really building the car, but the Evil Empire (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdgQpa1pUUE)
With $100B in pocket and much expertise in Li-Ion battery chemistry and management they can certainly disrupt the auto industry too.
Product is the king, not a store that sells it.
          Apple please do not make it larger!
  I feel the same too but due to opposite reasons: They had a chance to keep the same form factor but they are going to enlarge it. They had a chance to ditch the Home but it will be there. They had a chance to fit 4.5" display but it is lousy 4"   I am afraid that 4" will be the final size that won't change ever again. And 0.5" is just to little of an improvement.
Now Microsoft/Nokia if quick and smart enough can come up with the best smartphone commercial ever and push it on TV instead of the stupid "Beta Testing" campaign.
  Hmm, no bezel?
Why stopping at 2015? If it quadruples every 2.5 years then it will value: At $8000 by middle of 2017. At $32000 by 2020 At $512000 by 2025 And by 2030 todays share (not taking future splits into account) will worth $2 Million!!! So get on while it's cheap!!!
  This is quickly going to be thing of the past unless Apples improves the screen.      Then put that freaking hardware 'out' on the edge along with volume and power buttons! Don't spoil the priceless real estate.
  While 3.5" is good for dialing numbers it is way too small and outdated for surfing the web, watching video, and playing games. I am sure Apple can keep the dial app small enough to fit all hand sizes. But to stay relevant they have increase screen size to 4" ideally to 4.5" without changing the form factor. Basically they could make the entire case a big screen leaving short space for the camera and speaker. And no home button please.
New Posts  All Forums: