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Since when is 0.71 inches / 1.8 cm considered "Extremely thin" ? I mean in pre-mba/ultrabook era this kind of thickness was a norm for laptops.
  Rare combination for a troll: Facebook and Google all together.
Exactly. Social graph is a cancer of society!
  It is ugly because it is longer and reminds a tv remote. It will only fit deeper pockets. And according to the leaked front panel parts it still has a huge bezel and a tiny screen compared to the entire panel area.
  Why not to just get rid of it in favor of pure wireless interface? Inductive charging, air play, BT play. The phone jack is obsolete too. This would also make it easier for waterproof design. But instead Apple is stuck with the new connector for another decade.
"Occupy Foxconn" is sponsored by... :)
  Buttonless phones with 90+% screen-to-body ratio is the future. It seems like you and Apple are going to get stuck in the past.
  Large screen is not the issue. Larger case is the problem! Apple, welcome to the world of shovel-phones!  
  I do not need a longer phone. We need a bigger screen!    
When are we going to see flexible iPhone from Apple? Likely never :(  They won't be able to make the Home button flexible.
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