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Nice excuse. So what makes it so difficult to put that damn home button on the edge of the device along with power and volume buttons?
Calculations show that by making display edge-to-edge wide (2 1/4 inches instead of just 2) and round-corner-to-round-corner long (4 inches instead of 3), the diagonal would be square root of (4^2 + 2.25^2) = 4.58938994 which is in line with the rumor Without making screen width edge-to-edge the maximum for the current form factor issquare root of (4^2 + 2^2) = 4.47213595
This is achievable in the current form factor by eliminating/squeezing the home button and moving camera/speaker to the edge.They can execute it with ease and no pain for developers and users. All existing apps just run in the same resolution. Top/bottom screen areas may stay off or get used by OS notifications, multi-task controls etc.The new apps that wish to utilize full screen (like browser, video players) just use new APIs to access the full wide display. Very very...
http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/...one-camera.ars Main benefits: -Noise reduction -Loosless zoom -Better color reproduction Too bad this tech will be soon available on WP but not on iPhone.
Seems like it's too late to choose components for a product release in just 5 months. They supposed to have assembled prototypes in testing already. Most likely they are talking about iPhone 2013.
iPhone 4 - Antenna-gate iPhone 4s - Battery-gate iPad 3 - Heat-gate?
Actually, I bought 3GB plan for $30 for occasional youtube and tv watching while I am out of WIFI access.
This is the way it is supposed to work. Any of the LTE versions were stated to be compatible with world-wide GSM 3G networks. So by definition, Verizon iPad should work with ATT's 3g. In the meantime I just measured LTE speed with my brand new AT&T iPAD. And my jaw has dropped: FREAKING 35 mb per second! This is 3x faster than my cable provider.
Wonder who sponsors them. Is it Googorola?
Do not see how that was Apple's motivation. Especially when they are going to start serving HD movies online.
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