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Always knew having so many sales attendants per square foot is just not sustainable
  Just wonder, where it is written that 2.25% is NOT reasonable? What is the definition of a "reasonable royalty"?
  I think you put too much value on MS-Office. MS needs its office on iPad way more than Apple does.  
    Does the surface have inertial scrolling and rubber banding? I can't imagine these tiles usable at all without inertial scrolling.  And if it does have it, then it is not just a "black rectangle" anymore.
  Same for me. I usually have to blow the connector to make it more responsive. Although it is a feature that makes iPhone distinct, I believe it is time for Apple to let it go. I takes a huge space otherwise would have been taken by the screen and being a mechanical part it breaks often.
I love the thin factor but hate the bezels. The screen is still perceived as a tiny window compared to the entire front panel :(
  Based on what source? I think you are confusing with the global market.
  Did not think by that much...
  Very interesting numbers:   2011:   Samsung:  12M units and $4B revenue Apple: 32M units and $20B revenue   First half of 2012:   Samsung:  4.5M units and $1.5B revenue Apple: 19M units and $12B revenue   Means Apples has been outselling Samsung in the US:   by 2.7x in units and by 5x in revenue in 2011. by 4x in units and by 8x in revenue in 2012.   Ouch!
  That's how iPhone-5 would have looked like if Apple managed to fit a screen of the same dimensions as the center back panel :(
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