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  I wish the screen matched the central back panel in dimensions. That alone would've been a killer feature as the diagonal of the back panel is likely 4.5"+.
4SS ?
It is very sad that the screen does not have dimensions of the center back panel. Only if Apple managed to do that, the screen would've been measured as at least 4.5" or maybe close to 5". (Yes, you know I hate the Home button, wish it is gone for good, or at least got squeezed at the bottom). From the design point of view, do not like the asymmetry between the screen and the center back panel either.
  If so, this is going to be the end of Apple as we know it...
    Do you always pick on comments taken out of context?
  Yeah right, please spend 10B for even more "Tweet this and Tweet that" instead of investing them in say battery or camera tech.
Do not misinterpret him. By catastrophe he means what Microsoft is going to do to with Steam if they force all apps to be distributed via Windows Market Place.
  This is even more amazing in the context of Microsoft's last earning where they posted a loss and still managed to get stock price up. Although they showed it $6.2B write-down on unsuccessful acquisition, what I think really happened is that they accumulated this over many quarters of over-reported earnings. The trick is going to be repeated I guess with Skype in a few years.
26M iPhones which is lower than most of the pessimistic predictions. If the next quarter they sell 20M it will be a success.
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