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These kinds of posts remind me corporate-wide updates getting sent by an upper management in my company. If AI is down to the details of middle management shuffling at Apple (or corporate policy changes related to charity or any other HR crap) there must be a really slow day today.
  I wonder if Samsung would want to raise component prices thus offsetting lawsuit losses as well as potential future losses that will come from banning, licensing, and/or getting rid of popular features from their devices.
  Right, this is the only way. Also you won't see that person's puppies posted on the wall, neither life status updates, time he or she took last shower or more crap like this.
  Actually 56% of internet users are still on your side:   http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/facebook.com
  I do not hate Facebook. Just do not give a $hit on what kind of app they just released. Will never have an account and not going to be their product. I prefer to hang out with real friends in real life.
The fact that iPhone-5 has a smaller screen at the same time with a thicker bezel compared to S3 is just killing me.
  Facetime can be too. Just click on your favorite Home button :)
  Facetime has a voice part which competes with AT&T voice.
  I just posted a complaint stating something like this:   "AT&T is forcing me to buy a more expensive plan to use FaceTime video-call service over cellular connection. AT&T is blocking FaceTime on my existing Data plan despite the fact that I pay monthly for a 3GB data allotment and only intend to use FaceTime within the limits of my plan. I believe this is a  violation of the network neutrality rules"   Guys, I encourage all of you to do the same.
  I doubt T-Mobile will give me 45mbs as I am I getting on my iPad 3.
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