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It is not 4S that caused their profits drop! It is pretty much due to a consolidation of Android user base under a single brand (Samsung).  I guess they don't have guts to admit that they are failing to compete in their own house.
It will only get worse in q2 and q3 unless they are back to June release cycle.
My @me.com account created a few months ago never worked consistently for me. I often I get error messages when I check email on my iPhone that email cannot be accessed on that account. Can't switch from gmail because of this.
Something is wrong in the fact that Apple products are sold in Crapmart but not in Costco. Either Apple is crap (which we all know is not a case) or Costco is more of a crapstore than Wallmart itself
If only Apple released a 4"+ same-case phone this October, that 37m would be pretty much dwarfed.
I think most of these money came in a form of incentive for a carrier from Microsoft. They already lost count of money they spent promoting WP so extra 150m wont be even noticeable.
Surely they can make some money on Office for iPad. But letting iPad cruise the enterprise means much smaller market for the future Windows 8 tablets. Do they really want to make it DOA?
Sounds like nonsense.If Office is that important for Apple to crack the enterprise market, why would Microsoft release it on iPad? Better keep it for Windows 8?
Ok, so 5" iPhone is due 2013? See you then Apple.
Android users most likely use Google's Picasa. If iPhone was a camera of choice there, it would mean something. Although I do not have the stats.
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