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I don't see a smartphone with 30% bezel getting sold to a quarter of billion people nowadays. Just won't happen.
  Oh Man! These fat bezels look so ugly and outdated that I am still hoping this prototype is a joke. You can do better Apple.
I hope these f@kers will run out of money litigating with Apple.
The Empire strikes back. We are in the midst of the "thermonuclear" one. 
  Well at some places I have 45Mb down on my iPad 3. Just unreachable for HSPA+ 
  Nevertheless we have exactly the same situation with Cable and Internet monopolies for many years and the government is not willing to do anything, and perhaps never will as long as lobbying money keep coming.
  Will it support LTE iPhone?
  The point is that I have a limited 2GB plan. And I still can't use FaceTime even within 2GB I paid. Same for tethering.
M@#$ers! If I upgrade to a new iPhone this year, it is going to be Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile whoever will give me FaceTime over cellular data service I already paid for.
  Yes I was talking about 10" iPad but I do not see how it matters differently. Of course, both the mini and the full iPad would benefit from thin physical and soft virtual bezel.
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