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 Idiots are those who going to ship $120 annually for "nothing".
I hoped he picked the one with minimal admin overhead and not scammers like this: http://www.businessinsider.com/small-amount-of-money-from-pink-nfl-merchandise-goes-to-breast-cancer-research-2013-10
We proudly announce android pay. And now you can pay without having to open any apps using a fingerprint sensor... And this is one more way we make a world a better place... Long round of applause...
Just a guesstimate :)  I think it is very overestimated :)
Yeah, I guess AI ran out of Apple Watch news for today :) . Seriously too much attention lately to something that only 1% of apple user base have any interest in...
So 44% is apple hardware but only 24% is Apple apps. Something don't add up. I understand that a few people may completely ignore Apple maps or iTunes music, but almost half of Apple customers???
Finally the end of the home button is coming. This will give more screen real estate in a smaller form factor.
China is going to be heaven for smartphone smugglers.
 Just buy Watson with all its IP and related tech.
 Oh really? Didn't BB have an ecosystem of their own? Like email and messaging system pretty much all top Fortune companies embraced. Did not help them much.
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