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When people like this call it disaster, we can call it failure.http://www.loopinsight.com/2015/07/22/apple-music-is-a-nightmare-and-im-done-with-it/ Also Apple Music stopped playing new songs for me after a week of use. I can only play whatever I listened to in the first week, every new song now redirects me to "Come play with us... Join Apple music". (And when I click join nothing happens of course)
Should have been done for iPad first.
It's good. Demand on $10k Edition series is so strong that Apple can't keep up.
This data shows that most the sales were to early adopters and fans who buy everything no matter what.Now that this stream is depleted it is only going to get worse.
5k watch purchases a day compared to about 500k+ for iPhone. Someone needed data to back 1% apple user base interest in watch. http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/186273/html-parsing-quirk-allows-hidden-email-content-viewable-only-on-apple-watch#post_2723682
 You are confusing me with someone. So don't waste your time.
I could not care less about Samsung. I know that while I am typing on my iPhone 6+ while it rests on a table, it is wobbling left and right.I would much prefer to have extra battery filling the space stupidly saved for fake thinness.
That's bad. I was hoping for protrusion no more.
My 67 year old mom, 40 year old wife, and 5 year old daughter all use iPads exclusively. Mom never used computers before. Wife switched from PC and never looked back. True they are not power users, don't create content, but there are many more consumers than creators, and iPad perfectly addresses that market. So your single opinion is not representative.
Especially those who "follow" someone or something in social networks.
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