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It is going to get a lot uglier without Steve and more competitive iPhone nowhere near for around a year.
I have to admit, the new menu item "Tweet" in Camera Roll and Safari bookmarks is quite annoying. Like cancer it penetrated through the entire IOS 5.0 Unfortunately there is no way to turn it off.
WOW, this is a corporate idiocy in its purest form. American corporations must be run by morons People are moving away from disks because streaming is much more convenient, because they don't need to keep stacks of disks at home. So why offer them in the first place? And how come disks are more profitable? They have to produce them, ship, give a wholesale cut to retails. Instead of paying all that cost related to disk production and retail, they could simply provide...
I believe iPhone's screen can be made larger without changing the form factor. There is just too much real estate wasted at the top and the bottom.And this could be done even by keeping all applications compatible just by adding extra top and bottom bars. For example, the extra top space could be used for notifications, signal strength, battery life, etc. And the extra bottom space could be used for multitasking gestures, favorite app list, most recently used apps, etc. ...
It has practically the same ppi (320 vs 326) with perhaps 50% more viewing area which is going to give absolute killing browsing and video experience.Maybe I am wrong, but early iPhone screens were still larger than anything else. Needless to say about capacitive multi-touch and fluid UI.
Sorry for confusion, it was summer 2010. I do not think this kind of screens existed back then.
Not true. I bought iPhone 4 last summer because believed it was truly revolutional.
You are not taking into account one simple point. Every previous release Apple did not have even a trace of competition. Every product was indisputably superior to anything existing on the market. And now for the first time Apple is playing catch up and not even able to match in some aspects. And Apple is going to drag for another year while competitors will have LTE, 4.5" 720p screens, NFC within a month. I am so pissed off.
I guess Nexus Prime is going to put it on test. Single phone, single carrier.
I am not a fandroid (I have iPhone-4) and not a troll, but I think 200k on a first half-day is not something to be excited with. Google reports 550k android activation each freaking day. And after initial enthusiasm dries out, the sales may very well fall like a rock.
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