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Agree, 4+ edge-to-edge screen and 720p would have been a killer feature. I am really tired of 3.5" display of my iPhone 4, so much real estate wasted on the bezel and useless home button. Now all these Androids coming out with HD screens will make me jealous for at least 12 more months before iPhone-5 (6?) arrives.
Well, after the day Netflix pissed their customers off, Wall Street was very happy too bringing NFLX shares to the record high levels. Now we all know how it ended up. You just can't be so arrogant to your fans... What the hell were they doing for 16 months? A5 existed since iPad-2 launch, casing is the same, same old dwarf screen... So 16 months to add a fifth lens to the optical system? REALLY???
If only 4s is coming this year, Apple is not going to lead. Only 11% of existing owners plan to upgrade compared to 50% in case of iphone5 release. Siri integration is way oversold. Most of the users will probably dump this feature after a few frustrating attempts to request something that the assistant will misunderstand.
How much do magazines or newspapers usually give to retail? 30% seems to be decent cut.
I have to admit that Microsoft lately acts like Google as we used to know it, and Google with its commitment to Flash, copying, stealing, refusing to innovates is getting more like Microsoft Time to switch Google search to Bing and Gmail to me.com? I think it is.
I was talking in a context of completely substituting iPhone (voice+data) with iPod-3g(VOIP). If a would-be 3g-iPod has a terrible battery life (like the old generations) and you are away from home, your battery ran out of juice, you can't call and can't be reached at a time when you need it most, it is not usable. It can happen with any mobile phone (especially smartphones) of course, but they are made to last at least a day in stand-by mode. I doubt the 3g-iPod would be...
You do not need a mobile device for that purpose. For instance, I have Ooma and it's a completely free service.I guess you never owned one. It is substantially thinner and lighter mostly because of reduced battery. If you browse Internet on it or facetime, it dies much faster than the iPhone. =
The thing is that neither Apple nor carriers do not want a VOIP substitution of iPhone. If that happens, a lot of people would switch to prepaid data only plan with cheap phone # and service provided by Skype, Ooma, TextFree, GVoice, you name it...
The only problem with it will be a battery life while 3g is on. No way it's going to last for more than a few hours, thus you would not be able to use it as a skype/facetime "phone" available to receive calls round-the-clock.
And what about UI widgets and cloud streaming. Is this gonna be in iOS5 as well?
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