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+1. I am fine with it as long as it can be completely disabled and invisible.
It's like saying that playing games or watching movies on 3-4 inch screen is absurd gimmick. People, you just don't get it, do you? Actually, it's personal mobile devices where 3d makes more sense because relatively stable viewing angle makes it possible to have it glassless.
I heard the same about introduction of full internet, 3g, mp3, and any new tech into phones. Imagine iPhone 5 3d bundled with some of Disney/Pixar 3d content? Or watching Avatar in 3d. Or recording/viewing 3d photos and videos? Or facetime in 3d?
So no rumors on 4G and/or glassless 3D? No putting them in iPhone-5 will mean that Apple is going to be at least one year behind some of the Android competition.
There is something I do not understand in the world of retails. Crappy pcs at Costco and iPads in Walmart.
Is there non flash version anywhere?
There is no need to oversize iPhone. There is plenty of space to make screen larger. Here is how iPhone Nano and iPhone 5 may look like:
That is not correct. These are prices after subsidies. And if the nano is ever going to be released, the Retina display will be there.
Let's hope for something like this (iPhone Nano and iPhone 5 )
It's not just luxury. After using the Retina display for browsing on iPod Touch 4 it is impossible to get back to the previous version. Apple will never eliminate retina displays and gyroscope for the sake of defragmentation. Instead they will likely phase out the smaller resolution devices this June.
New Posts  All Forums: