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When are we going to see flexible iPhone from Apple? Likely never :(  They won't be able to make the Home button flexible.
  It might make sense for those who live in FB (like fb whores having 500+ friends, or whoever update their status every minute, or post pictures of their puppies, etc). It does not make sense for me at all.  How much more of valuable flash space iOS will take for FB dedicated functions that I will never use? How many new FB-related menus will I see in the UI even though FB is going to be completely disabled? (Just like Tweet this, Tweet that even though I do not have...
    Nah, the new long design was inspired by the Lost series:
  Yes, that was exactly my point. With this design iPhone will be taller than Galaxy shovel-phones with substantially less screen area. What a shame. Just cannot stand it.
  If it is not a problem that let's get back to BBs. They are the best at using half of the panel area for a hardware keyboard. IMHO the holy grail of smartphone design is the one that has screen occupying 90+% of the front area with the rest of the space left for camera, speaker, and proximity sensor and nothing else.
  Yes, and the new panel is not bigger then the old. :)
  Are you in a reality distortion field? 
If this is not a fake, then it would make the most idiotic design decision ever. We don't want a bigger phone, we want a bigger screen. So instead just of making bezels thinner they enlarged the whole thing. Absurd!    Also the new design will not help much reducing screen to body % area. iPhone 4s is already one of the worst in this department:      
For the best social integration they could add hardware Facebook button on the left from the Home button, and Twitter button on the right. :)
    Modern meaning of FBI acronym: FaceBook Interface
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