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  If we define a retard as being one of Facebook's DAU, then there are 526 million of them:   http://andrewchenblog.com/2012/05/16/quora-has-facebooks-daumau-always-been-50/
  Facebook phone could make sense in theory:   Contacts = Friend list Apps = Facebook apps Messages = Facebook messages Calendar = Facebook events Video Calls = Skype Notifications Center = triggered by messages, news feeds, wall posts, friend status changes, etc     I can imagine for people who literally live their lives in FB (having all friends and relatives signed up too, constantly updating their status and posting pictures of themselves or their puppies) this could...
At 2:20 is this the new iPhone? Seems like non-metallic finish and significantly thinner.
  There is nothing special in Siri and what you observed.    Even IBM claimed at least 10 years ago that 99% of challenge was making machine recognize 1% of speech scenarios humans would not have problems with.     After iPhone 4s release I said that Siri is gimmick and most of the users would probably dump this feature after a few frustrating attempts to request something that the assistant will misunderstand.
  The mid-term future of smart phone designs is going to be button-less and with edge-to-edge screen.  Regardless of whether you like it or not, it will eventually happen with iPhone, WP, BB, and Android (actually already happening) 
http://************/2012/05/22/likely-next-generation-iphone-with-3-9-inch-display-1136-x-640-resolution-in-testing/   Yes!!! Finally!  Now please remove the Home button in iPhone7 and make the case shorter. That would be the final destination.
      I do not see any point in increasing size without increasing resolution. The only reason I need my screen bigger is to have more information available (less zooming and scrolling in Safari, more details and no black bars for HD content)    And I just can't believe Apple will do such a gimmick move that is "You needed a bigger screen here it is... It's not as sharp as on iPhone-4 but still qualifies for Retina". It is not Apple-like at all.
  You can either call by full international number including country code or by e-mail address associated with Facetime account. Works both ways at least between USA and Russia. Although you can't see if someone is online but it is no different than just calling. Also some of my Skype contacts hide themselves as being offline, so I still have to call them before knowing if they there or not.
  Try video call in FaceTime and compare it to Skype between the same iOS devices under the same conditions/networks. You will discover that Facetime video quality and sound synchronization is by far more superior than Skype's.
That would awesome if it is true. I will not have to run Skype 24/7 which drains too much power.
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