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Why do you think the zero-bezel is a Sci-Fi? Samsung and LG already make TVs with bezel as small as 1mm. The tech is surely there.
I really hoped for something edge-to-edge like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=9s2oYUy_cVY No home button, software enabled virtual bezel... Perfect gadget! Still, LTE and HD is good enough upgrade for me anyways.
Yeah, right. Let's force every Apple customer signup to some social crap website, or better to all them together.
Ha-ha. That's funny. Whoever made home video and some bedroom pictures on their iPhones, do not be surprised to get exposed on adult web sites.
Well, if they have been doing this already and even plan to grow, this seems like a proven success for them. It is opposite to our experience - after dealing with Indian outsources, what we are left with is a bunch of unmaintainable, poorly designed code only good to be thrown away.
I do not think Apple has a ground on the last three patents in the list.Apple's implementation of auto-correct is a joke and not even worth copying.Can be easily worked around.Must be a prior art. Where the heck the patents that truly define the iPhone experience? -Inertial scrolling -Capacitive touch screen -Multi-touch gestures like pinch-to-zoom, rotate -Screen transitions on a mobile device as way to work around display size limitations
Whoever made the auto-correct feature (and apparently patented it) must be smoking some very good stuff http://damnyouautocorrect.com/
Virtual bezel is a solution. Not only it could be turned off, it can be also adjusted to comfortable thickness depending on user's thumb size.
You're kidding, right? What about Smart-cover use cases (video, picture frame, you name it) or do you use the Smart-cover just to well cover?It's the home button that makes apps getting quit accidentally.
Well, I was hoping for an edge-to-edge display in a bezelless and buttonless design, with the virtual bezel switchable on and off, and the home button replaced with gestures. Would be cool for board games and other apps benefiting from max real estate. My 20 month old toddler keeps accidentally clicking on a home button when she solves puzzles so the home button going away would be nice as well. If both LCD and back panel have the same form factor then it won't happen this...
New Posts  All Forums: