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What's the point in buying a newer phone for yourself, staying in a huge line, the phone that looks the same as the previous one (in the culture where image is everything), the phone with the main feature not even supporting the native languages of the country? There is none. You just get iPhone-4 instead.
There is no way Apple could repeat or exceed sales (35M) of this quarter in the next one.And please, do not overestimate capacity of the $700+ phone market in China.
Well, according to the recent rumors we won't see the next iPhone until fall. The next three quarters Apple will have sequential decline in iPhone sales back to 15-20m.
In the context of the Stock Market, short term outlook DOES matter. Also in case of Apple, seasonality is somewhat artificially induced. People are ready to buy cutting edge cell phones any time of a year but Apple delivers it only once. What do you think happened in the quarter prior to 4s release. If it was not a slowdown then what? The same will happen in the first calendar quarters of 2012. And if iPhone LTE is not released by summer, sales will drop big time. The...
Not sure which argument is more foolish mine or yours. Holiday season is not over yet, thus no sign of slowdown...
The problem is that the subsequent quarters are not going to be that great. That's what the Street is perhaps afraid of. 4s holiday demand will run out of juice and then Apple will be left in the vacuum for 2-3 quarters in a row until iPhone 5 is out.
The problem with unlocking "myself" is that I have to jailbreak to unlock. And the problem with jailbreak is that I have to un-jailbreak while installing IOS updates. Then re-jailbreak again.Between unjailbreaking and rejailbreaking my wireless service (the reason the phone was unlocked in the first place) won't be obviously available.This is just way to much hassle.What I don't get is why there is still no class action against AT&T.
I do not really care as I switched to @me.com. @gmail.com will serve as a spam box from now on. Hopefully, Apple's upcoming maps will also make Google's ones as useless as this native gmail app.
Sorry, guys. This tv thing for $2-3k sounds like a complete crap. I just could not resist:
The real test will come after the initial enthusiasm of 4s sales (mostly to iPhone 3G/S upgraders) dries out. Most of the iPhone-4 owners will not upgrade and will wait for iPhone-5, potential newcomers will have a choice between HD/LTE android phones and iPhones with the same old dwarf screens.
New Posts  All Forums: