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Although I think 3.5" is just too small for a modern smartphone, I would choose my iPhone-4 over galaxy's shovelness and la-a-ags anyday.
how about results of the poll of 66k participants most of them likely current iPhone users?http://9to5mac.com/2012/03/23/imore-...r/#more-155037 Only 13% with you. So it is not "out-of-my-ass" but rather right into yours.
Nevertheless this is exactly what they need to do to make everyone happy: users, developers, press. And how about 2x mode for iPhone apps running on iPad? Was it a workaround or solution?
I hear this "phone not a tablet" argument over and over again which is not an argument really if the form factor is kept the same. I guess for you special 10-15% people who love their small screens apple could do full screen option easily turned off?Seriously what would you people really miss with wide / edge-to-edge screen? Is the that really all about the archaic home button?
You nailed it!
Not all apps need a single thumb and not all apps need full/wide screen. But different kinds of apps may happily coexist in a single device. If I use a dial pad, 4.6" screen would be an overkill so I am fine if it is confined within 3.5" area. However if I watch hd video, 3.5" is silly. I would also prefer to browse with as much real estate as possible.
Most of the people here seem to associate bigger screen with a bigger phone. But givingi Phone edge-to-edge screen would make it possible to fit 4.6" even keeping the same round corners! Sure the home button as we know it has to go.
Ok, let's bookmark this post and reveal it when Apple does it, I feel it would be much sooner than forever.
No one wants iPhone size increase. It is only about screen and getting rid of the home button (or moving it to side). As I posted in the different thread: Calculations show that by making display edge-to-edge wide (2 1/4 inches instead of just 2) and round-corner-to-round-corner long (4 inches instead of 3), the diagonal would be square root of (4^2 + 2.25^2) = 4.58938994 which is in line with the previous rumor. Without making screen width edge-to-edge the maximum for...
Thanks, but I will stick with my 2+ year old iPhone-4.
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