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Teens have no interest of watching their health which is a major sale point of the product.
 Let's stop here. Doesn't the bankruptcy mean Tim Cook can now say kiss good bye to his $500M?
8.0.2 works for me in my Leaf. Neither 8.0 had any problem.
 Sog35 claimed that "99% of us" want thinner phone so protruding camera is OK compromise.Judging by number of likes in this video, many more people like this satire, so we can assume they hate the protrusion too :)
 Fixed it for you :)
Did you forget sarcasm mark /s  ?
 I did, see my earlier post:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/182553/going-big-a-review-of-apples-new-4-7-iphone-6-vs-the-5-5-iphone-6-plus#post_2609011 And you forgot about gaming. Like it or not holding iPad while playing a game is tiresome. And smaller screens are not much fun.iPhone Plus fixes that completely.
 4.7" screen would actually fit into iPhone 4 chassis if/when Touch ID-in-screen tech is ready.
 I find iPhone 6 Plus an almost ideal solution for me.  1. Do not have to carry two devices2. Book reading - this is actually an ideal spot - iPad mini is to heavy and large for books, the smaller iPhones are not even usable IMO.3. Video/movie watching - maybe iPad has an edge, but see #14. Games - again 5.5" is a sweet spot, i find iPad is simply too large for gaming and the smaller iPhones are too small.5. Portability - fits in all of my front pockets ,and again see...
 and substantially better battery life.  Ok, I will fix it for you: but those features are likely not deal breakers for most users, especially when put up against the fact that 6 Plus can be used as a tablet and a phone at the same time, which in most cases eliminates a need in iPad. iPhone 6 Plus 64GB = $850iPhone 6 64GB + iPad Mini (cellular) =  $1,279+
New Posts  All Forums: