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These guys are not morons. They are actually smart guys who take advantage of the moronic class action system which is based on everyone opt-in by default. People are lazy - they don't open envelops, or take any actions. And the only ones who actually profit from this are lawyers. If it was opt-out by default, these bloodsucker would not even exist.
It simply does not work! I do not really want to sit and wait for an app developer to discount it to 0. I want to try now and buy it if I like immediately. By the time they deign to offer it for free my interest mybe long gone.
This is explainable. Freemium model is the only way for the iOS users to "try it before you buy it". Every app that still asks for money upfront should be considered as a potential scam.
 Lol. They don't seem to know who they are targeting really. It is usually other way around. People start with Windows first, than once introduced to Mac nirvana, they never look back.
I bet LA Clippers will never accept Apple Pay :)  Ballmer will have to wait for some half-assed solution from Microsoft coming in Windows 12.
I really don't want the world to switch from Java to Dart after that
Won't help me as i usually spend all of my 3GB ahead of time.
 GPUs are horizontally scalable, so they should follow Moore's law of doubling performance every two year (linearly to number of transistors) until the law itself is over (probably not within a decade)
  IDC appeared to be overly optimistic on iPone world wide share for 2015. Isn't it really something like 10% now?One of the things that went terribly wrong with their prediction was Android vs Windows Phone distribution.
Assuming the same rate the flyovers are being added, our distant descendants may be able enjoy the Earth fully mapped.
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