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"99% of us want thinner phone..." (c) sog35/s
 Good god... 6+ horizontally has more space than 2 iPhones vertically.  Never came up to you that sometimes you want to keep chatting while doing something else without having to switch apps back and forth? Or FaceTime and Safari at the same time while talking about a web page?  "Must have happened to 99% of us" (c) Sog35
Yeah yeah just like it does not make sense ha have a split views that Apple already introduced into builtin apps on6+, right?And here we go AGAIN "99% of us who..." No reference, no study just plain out of ass opinion.
Too bad iphone6+ was left without a8x, 2gb and likely split screen multitasking. Many benchmarks show gpu performance is underwelming on 6 plus due to too many pixels to handle. And Split screen is likely out because of 1gb limitation.
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 That would be a perfect idea for a commercial against Apple :)
 I love how easily you count yourself as a part of some 99 or 90 percentile user group without providing a single fact or reference to an existing study.  "Confidence is food for the wise man but liquor for the fool"
 I used to keep my phone on a desk. Why would I have to grab and hold it?
 Do you think I care how much a case would cost? I just don't use them and do not like an idea of forcing them.
Some people are definitely morons if they think they represent 99%.
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