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I do. One of my most frequent use cases is dialing a webex meeting passcode from email or calendar. I have to either memorize it entirely or switch back and forth between dialpad and email. Such a pain! There are many more others (e.g. FaceTime, youtube, notes, and so on)
And who prevented Apple from doing this back in old downloadable iTunes times?What does it have to do with beats, shmits, or streaming?
Too bad it is not available on iPhone 6 Plus.
 I believe music will never have its golden age of 80's and 90's again. It is the emergence of the Internet (web browsing in particular) as an entertaining media that fundamentally shifted consumer interests. Same happens now with television. 50% of household paying for streaming music is a wishful thinking. 
Apple Music was the most boring part. Beats-1 is such a BS. And Connect? Do Twitter/Facebook already provide a way for artists to reach fans (and not just Apple consumers)? This is going to end up like Ping.
 So free advertisement by "word of mouth" is bad.Burning cash "like crazy" is good.
 Idiots are those who going to ship $120 annually for "nothing".
I hoped he picked the one with minimal admin overhead and not scammers like this: http://www.businessinsider.com/small-amount-of-money-from-pink-nfl-merchandise-goes-to-breast-cancer-research-2013-10
We proudly announce android pay. And now you can pay without having to open any apps using a fingerprint sensor... And this is one more way we make a world a better place... Long round of applause...
Just a guesstimate :)  I think it is very overestimated :)
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