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So 44% is apple hardware but only 24% is Apple apps. Something don't add up. I understand that a few people may completely ignore Apple maps or iTunes music, but almost half of Apple customers???
Finally the end of the home button is coming. This will give more screen real estate in a smaller form factor.
China is going to be heaven for smartphone smugglers.
 Just buy Watson with all its IP and related tech.
 Oh really? Didn't BB have an ecosystem of their own? Like email and messaging system pretty much all top Fortune companies embraced. Did not help them much.
Yeah right. Blackberry customer base is all but a proof.   And Sony used to have a lot of loyal users too.   PS: Apple better fix Siri and add more languages to it. For most of the people in the world where iPhone is sold it is still unusable.
Cnet is known to be biased towards pc. Here is what a more reputable resource is saying:
 Because of the huge signal delay between Earth and a planet (like Mars) I do not think it is going to be useful at all.Better applications: 3d-modelling, gaming.
 Who said I am fan of MS? :)
 I thinks MS is doing right things by finally trying to innovate and not just follow.
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