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Usually:$199 on contact = $650 off contract$99 on contact = $550 off contractSo base 5c is likely $550 before sales tax
This seems not to be a Windows emulator but just a remote access - one of many available on App Store
I've been using WinAdmin as a remote Windows desktop which works pretty good for me and it was only $8 one time fee. So $80 per year is just insane if you only need to access Windows remotely.
So he expects 46.7 million iPhones vs 47.8 million a year ago for the holiday quarter.
Apple may have lost $1b by not keeping ARM. But it have lost much more by not buying out all 3rd party multi-touch patents and ip before 2007 release of iPhone. Without multi-touch Android would have been far from where it is now.
  I thought Oprah is all but sold to Microsoft and its RT Tablet, she even tweeted about it to the world from her iPad. :)
With a convex home button Apple won't be able to claim true 7.6mm thickness, otherwise they gonna put themselves in line with the rest of the manufacturerers who discount camera bump from overall thickness of their devices.
  That would make perfect sense. So many more gestures would open up for both OS and app developers. Also, integrating the sensor into the Home button will make the road to a zero bezel way longer than I anticipated. :(
So why does it impact older Samsung products only as many sources are reporting now? Doesn't S4 use multi-touch?
Exactly my thoughts. I've been patiently waiting for physical bezels and home button removed and replaced with a soft virtual bezel. Not gonna happen especially if the fingerprint sensor integrated with the home button (on iPhone first then ipad) and not with the multi touch screen.
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