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 Are you saying that you keep $150 in your checking and get $1200 in rewards or you have a quite large amount of money to get interest like this? - in the latter case this is NOT technically a benefit but just return from your investment. We spend $40k+ annually on a credit card that gives 2%+ cashback.We get around $1k back just by using this card for purchases. Interest on checking/saving/capital investments is a completely different story.
"Your store without the iPhone in it is shit." To all android trolls - piss off and forget the road to your local t-mobile store :P
No need to do that as it is already has a solid one star rating.Better just remove the entire Apple product line from Wal-crap. Anyways it is not a store where an average Apple customer usually goes to :)
It was a joke. Seriously, gadgets are slowly getting killed by phones (first PDAs and dedicated music players, now point and shoot cameras and fitness tracking devices to name just a few). GoPro will eventually be there too.
Wake me up when it will be capable of making phone calls
Dear Tim, release an iPad tied to features such as multi-user touch ids and split-screen multi-tasking and you will see "the mother of iPad upgrades".
I am getting error while trying to add my Citi credit card to Apple Pay: "Card Not Added. Contact your card issuer for more information".   Anyone else have problems registering credit cards?
Teens have no interest of watching their health which is a major sale point of the product.
 Let's stop here. Doesn't the bankruptcy mean Tim Cook can now say kiss good bye to his $500M?
8.0.2 works for me in my Leaf. Neither 8.0 had any problem.
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